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2021 China Digital ecological hero meeting held

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On May 8, the 2021 China Digital ecological hero conference, a grand event in the field of digital ecology, was held in Beijing. With the theme of “wisdom gathering, ecology and future enlightening”, this summit closely follows the pulse of the times of “accurately grasping the new development stage, deeply implementing the new development concept and accelerating the construction of a new development pattern”, and discusses how to promote the healthy and rapid development of China’s digital ecosystem and promote the development of high-quality digital economy.

This summit is hosted by B.P. business partners, CO sponsored by China Digital ecological hero club, B.P. digital ecological business school, B.P. digital Ecological Research Institute, digital ecological industry and finance alliance, and B.P. digital ecological accelerator. Boya think tank, Boya data, Boya cloud map, and economic reference newspaper are the strategic cooperation support units.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering   Wu Hequan

The conference is divided into two parts: morning sub forum and afternoon main forum. Many distinguished guests were invited, including Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Li Ying, Dean of the school of emergency management science and engineering of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the economic policy committee of China Policy Science Research Association, Hu Jianbo, chief engineer of the Chinese Academy of information technology, and dozens of well-known enterprise leaders and ecological leaders in the digital industry. More than 30 media including central media, portal media, science and technology media and financial media attended the conference.

Jointly build a new stage of Xinchuang development

2021 is the first year of the 14th five year plan. Under the background of the new era of “adhering to the core position of innovation in the overall situation of China’s modernization construction and taking scientific and technological self-reliance as the strategic support for national development”, this summit held the “2021 China information and innovation ecological development seminar” in the morning. This seminar gathered representatives of leading enterprises, research institutions, enterprise users and other parties in the field of information and innovation, and earnestly discussed and exchanged the development and insights of information and innovation industry, such as talent training, ecological construction, technology research and development, application development, and market promotion.

In addition, as one of the important contents of “China Digital ecological hero Association”, the 2021 China Digital ecological industry finance cooperation forum “is committed to rapidly docking the strategic capital and profound market resources of industrial giants for scientific and technological innovation enterprises and good projects with the common support of many industry leaders of China it ecological hero club and digital ecological high-end alliance, At the same time, it also builds an ecological cooperation strategic investment platform for large listed enterprises.

Grasp the new opportunities of digital economy development

It is pointed out in the outline of the 14th five year plan that we should accelerate the development of digital economy. At the main forum held in the afternoon, Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the economic policy committee of China Policy Science Research Association, deeply interpreted the new global pattern and new opportunities for China during the 14th Five Year Plan period. He pointed out that among the five major development opportunities during the 14th Five Year Plan period, industrial upgrading and digital economy development are an important one, including agricultural modernization, industrial modernization and service industry modernization, It will involve digital economy, intelligent transformation and promote the upgrading of traditional industries.

In addition, Hu Jianbo, chief engineer of China information and Communication Research Institute, also pointed out the key directions to promote the development of digital economy, including: first, speed up the construction of new digital infrastructure and consolidate the important carrier of double cycle; Second, enhance the competitiveness of the industrial chain supply chain, and enhance the power of dual cycle development; Third, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and lay a solid foundation for double cycle development; Fourth, further promote the digital transformation of the industry and improve the quality and efficiency of the dual cycle; Fifth, promote digital consumption in an all-round way and cultivate new kinetic energy of double cycle; Sixth, we should continue to expand international cooperation and expand the space for double cycle development.

Grand release of “2021 China Digital ecological hero list”

As an important content, this year’s China Digital ecological hero association also officially released the “2021 China Digital ecological hero list” after several months of selection, in recognition of outstanding practitioners who have made outstanding achievements and contributions to China’s digital ecological construction in the past year.

“2021 China Digital ecological hero list” has set up more than 10 sub categories of awards, which are selected from ecological construction, business role, solution, product and technology, industry, region, achievement, special field and other dimensions. At the same time, the number of partners, proportion of ecological revenue, ecological empowerment, ecological activity, ecological satisfaction and many other indicators are investigated, Finally, the winners of this heroes’ meeting were selected.

In addition, the summit also specially planned a series of creative and novel features. For example, “ecological reception hall” is a special bridge for cooperation between ecological partners in the field of digital ecology. Through the ecological platform of the sponsor, it provides “one-to-one” communication opportunities for ecological companies to find potential partners, which can quickly promote the achievement of cooperation between the two sides.

Listen to the insights of experts, share with leaders, and work with ecological partners to promote the development and growth of the overall digital ecology, and jointly move towards a new era of prosperous digital economy. Read more: in the field of network security, welcome Xinchuang “Dongfeng” to see how Zhongfu information builds “big security” line of defense. 2020 China Digital ecological hero month – blockchain industry reception hall will be held soon. B.P business partner B.P business partner China Digital ecological hero month SaaS forum will be held soon. 2020 China Digital ecological hero month – cloud computing ecological forum will be held soon. B.P business partner demand Gen: Manufacturers expand digital conversion to sales and marketing report CCFA: Top 100 Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold test kit, China supermarket in 2019 Infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries’ Zhongguancun regional planning and office building status quo — Zhongguancun office building market status quo alicloud data Zhongtai heavy upgrade plans to support more than 1 million enterprises’ digital transformation. Alicloud data Zhongtai announced to upgrade products from 2 to 4 and launch four major industry solutions. Gree strongly entered the IVD industry subsidiary Gree real estate’s 1.726 billion yuan acquisition section Gartner: in 2018 Q1, the global PC shipment volume dropped by 61.7 million units, the consumption classification remained unchanged, and the quality was upgraded. Netease koala and Yiguan released the trend of “savoring life”. Amazon cloud service (AWS) helped Toyota Internet China’s Internet of vehicles service fully implement the “white paper on the value of massive engine short video advertising”: helping the brand’s long-term growth from a new source

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