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2021 good doer starts official publicity and becomes a media for strategic cooperation

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On March 31, under the guidance of the National Bureau of rural revitalization, the “2021 Chengdu good walkers public walking” project, sponsored by China Poverty Alleviation foundation and Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, was officially launched to become a strategic cooperation media.

“Good doer” is a public welfare project launched by China foundation for poverty alleviation in 2014. It promotes the belief that “every step will bring change” by walking in teams, providing assistance for rural development and children’s education. Over the past six years, more than 30000 philanthropists participated in the project, raised nearly 50 million yuan, and supported more than 200000 poor people in different forms.

With the help of the flow advantage of the family large screen, we will actively take social responsibility, hand in hand with the “good doer” to pass on the concept of public welfare, and reach 120 million person times in 2020. In addition, in recent years, juhaohao has successively assisted various public welfare projects, such as “beautiful China”, “free lunch”, “orphan dream red envelope”, “Wuhan refueling”, “Da Ai Qingchen”, “marine protection”, etc., to give full play to the value of Ott platform and convey the concept of public welfare.

Jumeihao technology is a leading home Internet AI company of Hisense, and also the first and only Unicorn enterprise in Ott industry to be rated for two consecutive years. Under Hisense’s big display strategy, juhaohao provides ubiquitous full scene services for millions of families with its rich content ecology and self-developed AI technology. Read more: get together to create Ott marketing “sixianghui” innovative insight, guide the development of the industry to play hi! CCFA: in 2019, products such as colloidal gold detection kit and infrared thermometer of new coronavirus antibody of top 100 Lepu medical products in China supermarket have been supplied to demand Gen in dozens of countries Tiktok: the manufacturer has extended the number conversion to the sales and marketing report fruit set: beauty, skin care, food and beverage, home cleaning, daily life, mother and child four consumer Kwai, 3.22-3.28 Allied Universal (R) Baobao Shu, chief merger and acquisition officer and co director of strategic and investor relations, released the white paper on the investigation of Chinese autistic families: key words “little known” walnut programming creates inclusive samples of science and Technology Education: Children’s programming industry pioneers AI dual division teaching style, and the Tourism Department calls on fighting fish and station B: live broadcast of problems, offline illegal video, Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motor, opens the door Hydrogen energy strategy: hydrogen energy technology research and development has been in an important stage of marketization and industrialization. Accenture’s “intelligent operation, intelligent win the future” report: Chinese enterprises need to accelerate intelligent operation and enhance future competitiveness. The latest version of panorama of China’s network security industry is coming! Zhongfu information is listed on the list of four categories of first-class security field, with a huge amount of arithmetic mobile terminal online, insight into hot wind anytime and anywhere, Tencent smart retail and Bain jointly released the “white paper 2021 of smart retail private domain” to create a “private domain growth platform”

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