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2021 Shanghai Auto Show – BBA Shanghai auto show new car lineup exposed

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The 19th Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center will be held on January 28, 2024. As China’s auto market continues to pick up, Chinese and foreign auto companies attach great importance to the Shanghai auto show, attracting a total of 1000 enterprises to participate, including six major domestic auto groups and mainstream independent brands, as well as auto brands represented by Germany, the United States, Japan and South Korea. They all participate in the exhibition with high specifications, and the total exhibition area is expected to be 360000 square meters.

Among them, the three German luxury brands with high growth in 2020 revealed the exhibition lineup of this year’s Shanghai auto show in advance.

Mercedes Benz: bring a number of first models, new energy station C

Mercedes Benz officially announced its new car lineup to be released at 2021 Shanghai auto show, including EQ series, new Maybach S-class, new domestic C-class long axle version, new CLS, etc. Among them, a number of Mercedes EQ family products will be released or launched in advance on the eve of Shanghai auto show.

Mercedes Benz brand 2021 Shanghai Auto Show



Listing / release


Fuel vehicle

New Maybach S-class

Domestic listing

The new car is based on the S-class of Mercedes Benz, which is the flagship car of Mercedes Maybach brand

New domestic Mercedes Benz C-class long axle version

world premiere

Brand new appearance design, equipped with S-class central control large screen

Medium term change CLS

world premiere

China is the largest single market for cash CLS

New energy vehicles


First in China

Mbux hyperscreen system will be the main attraction of Mercedes Benz’s first large luxury pure electric car


First in China

On the basis of GLA and GLB SUVs, the two new cars are added to the family design of Benz’s “EQ” series and updated to pure electric power. Both models will be launched domestically in 2021


world premiere

Plug in hybrid electric vehicle

E 350 eL

Domestic listing

Based on the modified Benz E-class long axle model, the pure electric NEDC has a endurance of 120km

Concept Car


First in China

This concept car draws a lot of design inspiration from the movie “Avatar”, full of science fiction

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BMW: led by BMW IX, bringing many special models

BMW officially announced its new car lineup at the Shanghai auto show. Among them, the new m3 thunder version, the new M4 two door coupe thunder version and BMW x2 Yao Ye version / sharp version will all be on the market, and BMW IX will usher in the domestic debut. Mini, the new mini three door version, five door version and mini convertible version will also be available. In other aspects, BMW will also bring five concept cars and art cars, including vision m next concept car and BMW Hommage 328.

In addition, BMW also brings a number of concept cars and art cars, including the vision m next concept car released in 2019 and the 328 Hommage concept car released in 2011.

Audi: bring nearly 30 models and display the domestic models of two joint ventures

Audi will bring nearly 30 models to this year’s Shanghai auto show, including four of the world’s first models, according to official sources. According to the news of all parties, Audi will show the domestic Audi models made by the two major joint ventures and the products of the newly established Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. for the first time for Chinese users, including a7l, new q2l, new q2l e-tron, e-tron GT, new q5l, Q4 e-tron, etc.

Expected exhibition lineup of Audi brand 2021 Shanghai Auto Show



Listing / release


Fuel vehicle


First round

SAIC Audi’s first model is positioned as a large size car

Medium term modified q2l

More stable appearance, equipped with 1.4T four cylinder engine

Medium term change q5l

world premiere

Positioning luxury B-class SUV, the appearance is basically the same as q5l Sportback

Electric vehicle

Medium term modified q2l e-tron

Some changes and upgrades have been made in appearance and configuration, and ternary lithium-ion battery pack has been assembled

New class C pure electric concept car

world premiere

Based on the PPE platform, it will be sold by FAW Audi sales company in the future

Q4 e-tron concept car

First round

Technology configuration is the biggest highlight, including Audi’s new augmented reality head up display, a new generation of steering wheel with touch operation and 11.6-inch MMI multimedia display

e-tron GT

Equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 93kwh, the range of wltp is more than 488km

High performance vehicle

Audi R8 coup é

Audi’s high performance vehicle matrix will also make a strong debut

Audi RS Q8

In addition, Audi R8 coup é and RS Q8 will make a strong debut, and all the star products of Audi A-Series matrix, Q family and R family will also appear.

Source: China Automotive Industry Information Network

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