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2021 the second Asia FMCG Industry Innovation Summit

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2021 the second Asia FMCG Industry Innovation Summit (future FMCG 2021) is sponsored by CDMC decision makers think tank and will be grandly opened in Guangzhou from May 13 to 14, 2021. The summit aims to “return to humanism” With the theme of “reshaping growth”, it focuses on brand strategy, new consumer groups, consumer insight, sustainable development, channel change, digital change, content marketing, digital marketing, private operation, Omni channel integration, o2o, live delivery, community group buying, product & experience innovation, health and safety trend, personalization and loyalty, flexible supply chain, supply chain transformation and smart warehousing And so on. We are looking forward to looking forward to future consumption, broadening our cognitive vision, examining emerging trends, and Rethinking industry practice with you FMCG people.

The fast moving consumer goods market in China and even Asia is undergoing subversion and remodeling at an unprecedented speed. Brand business can’t survive only by loyalty. Millennials are gradually optimistic about the value and innovation of new brands, while more z-generation consumers are attracted by the “new” and “interesting” of “small” brands. On the other hand, today’s customer relationships are digital centric, with consumers spending nearly six hours a day on digital media. The past value creation model of FMCG industry has been tottering. How can we reshape it? Has the epidemic changed consumer behavior and habits forever? With the rapid growth of new local brands, what are the common characteristics of successful brands? Focusing on the future, future FMCG 2021 is looking forward to exploring with you the long-term value and sustainability of FMCG Brand in the turbulent and changing new consumption era. At that time, more than 350 guests from domestic and foreign FMCG brands, supermarket chains, e-commerce platforms, distributors, B2B platforms, chambers of Commerce / associations, technology companies, investment institutions, consulting companies and other institutions will attend the event.

What is happening in the FMCG market in China and even Asia? Welcome to future FMCG 2021, from which we can see the future pattern and development of FMCG industry.

Highlights of the conference

Global vision and Practice

Future FMCG Brand night

Deep dialogue and social interaction

Flash in exhibition area

Enterprise zone

Innovation case sharing

Five hot topics

Three high-level closed door meetings

Two one-on-one interviews

2 creative salons

Future FMCG annual innovator list and award ceremony

Agenda of the conference

May 12 pre conference activities


Special closed door meeting: innovation revolution of local daily chemical brands — new demand, new scene and new trend

– brand enterprise case sharing

– group discussion and summary

For daily chemical brands, product / marketing / it / e-commerce / channel departments, please register in advance to reserve seats.

Welcome dinner (invited guests only)

May 13 the first day of the conference


Opening Forum: return to humanism and reshape growth

Macro environment and trend · brand strategy · new consumer groups · diversification and sustainable development · digital intelligence transformation · organizational change

Theme 1: innovative marketing mode

Consumer insight, content marketing, social empowerment, digital marketing and digital interaction

Annual innovator awards ceremony

VIP social lunch


Theme 2: winning the channel war

Omni channel integration · o2o / Omo · live delivery · community group purchase · home · sinking Market

Future FMCG Brand night: talk show and dinner

Issue the top 30 of future FMCG annual innovation brand list; 3 brand leaders of new FMCG tell the story of brand growth. If you want to share, please contact the organizer to register!

May 14 the second day of the general assembly


Theme 3: embracing consumers in the new era

Brand value proposition, personalization and loyalty, product & experience innovation, health and safety trend, Z generation, silver consumption

Theme 4: building intelligent supply chain

Flexible supply chain, rapid response, smart upgrade and shared storage

VIP social lunch

Simultaneous closed door activities: FMCG Ka channel digital high level sharing meeting (only for invited guests; please register in advance to reserve seats.)


Theme 5 (parallel creative salon): how can a new brand quickly achieve strong interaction with consumers and create a private domain?

– new brand case sharing (shared by 1-2 enterprise representatives)

– free discussion and summary

Theme 6 (parallel creative salon): how can FMCG brands enter the community group buying war?

– brand / group buying platform case sharing (shared by 1-2 enterprise representatives)

– free discussion and summary

Simultaneous closed door activities: smart cloud enabled brand growth Seminar (only for invited guests; please register in advance to reserve seats.)

Future FMCG annual awards ceremony

This award ceremony aims to commend the teams and enterprises with outstanding performance and innovation power in the field of FMCG, set a new benchmark for the development of the industry, provide high-quality cases for technological innovation, and lead new opportunities for business cooperation. It is an encouragement to the teams and enterprises who are determined to innovate and actively practice in the past year, which is conducive to promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

*Please contact the organizer to collect the award application form.

Top 30 innovative brands of future FMCG

Future FMCG annual innovation brand list is launched by CDMC decision maker Retail Research Institute. It aims to find excellent brands with outstanding performance and innovation power in the field of FMCG in the past year, and to select and commend innovative brands with outstanding performance and future potential in the field of FMCG, so as to set a new benchmark for the development of the industry, stimulate the innovation potential of the industry and create an innovative brand It’s the exclusive exhibition and exchange platform for newcomers. The organizing committee will comprehensively evaluate the innovation, growth and influence of FMCG Brand, and get the final result by combining basic data (accounting for 30%), expert advisory group opinions (accounting for 50%) and online public voting (accounting for 20%).

The members of the expert advisory group are from associations / chambers of Commerce, FMCG brands, investment institutions, consulting companies, industry media, University experts, etc. The evaluation dimensions are as follows:

Innovation investment

Innovation output

Innovation effect

The proportion of R & D investment in main business income; the proportion of innovation team number

Specific cases (product, technology, image, management and other innovative practices)

Market feedback data (revenue increment and proportion brought by innovation)


February 1 – April 16

Collection of innovative brand cases

April 19 – April 30

▶ Expert panel review

▶ Public voting

▶ Comprehensive score

May 13th

Future FMCG Brand night released the results of the list and presented awards

On the evening of May 13, future FMCG Brand night will release the results of the list and present awards. Innovative brand case collection channel has been opened, welcome to contact the organizing committee, get the innovative brand list application form, and strive for your honor!

Future FMCG 2021 is looking forward to sharing achievements with you and joining hands in the future!

Future FMCG Brand night

Future FMCG Brand night will be grand opening on the evening of May 13! At that time, the top 30 of future FMCG annual innovation brand list will be released on site. The theme of this year’s brand night is “changers”. How can a brand take the road of innovation? How to reshape user value? Who can keep right? Who can lead the way? Insight into the future, and actively change, welcome FMCG Brand, investment institutions, media partners attention and participation!

Process arrangement:

Issue top 30 of future FMCG annual innovation brand list

Three brand leaders of new FMCG told the brand growth story and interacted with the guests

Social dinner

*Please contact the organizing committee to reserve tickets for the dinner.

Enterprise zone: Innovative Technology & experience Theater

Opening hours: tea break on the morning / afternoon of May 13 and the morning of May 14

Innovation Technology & experience theater is a regular reserved project of CDMC decision makers’ retail and consumer goods series meetings. Future FMCG 2021 has set up a special zone for creating enterprises in the exhibitor area. Enterprises can enjoy special prices and get the opportunity to show innovative technologies or solutions during the tea break. The seats are limited, so we intend to speed up.

Future FMCG creative exhibition area

Innovation: the continuous driving force for the growth of FMCG industry

Categories of exhibitors

FMCG Brand category: beauty personal care, food, drinks and other brands or new products display.

Marketing service providers: marketing, big data marketing, brand creativity / design, etc.

Operation service providers: Omni channel, customer service, supply chain / logistics service, etc.

Infrastructure service providers: public cloud host, CDN, cloud storage and other IT infrastructure implementation services.

Management service providers: ERP, CRM, OA and other management information services in SaaS mode.

A wonderful review of the series of conferences

Abbott: this summit is very good. Thank you for hosting

Yili: “sharing of industry trends. Good

Weiquan: “it’s very good. The special closed door meeting is more valuable.”

Nivea: “the speech on industry recovery and consumer brand trend is very valuable. Good

Shinho Xinhe: “it’s very timely. Under the epidemic situation and the confused period of market recovery economy, gathering industry leaders to build an exchange platform for everyone has brought a lot of benefits.”

Wang Wang: “the views shared at the meeting are very valuable. Don’t just look at data. Some users need to go to the scene to discover their own insights. It’s rich in content. “

The 2nd Asia FMCG Industry Innovation Summit in 2021 will meet you in Huacheng! May 13-14, 2021, Guangzhou, China!

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