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2021 the Third Asia Cyber Security International Innovation Summit

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With the increase of digital infrastructure, emerging technologies such as digitization, Internet of things and artificial intelligence make people experience the convenience brought by the Internet, but also increase the exposure of network security threats, making the difficulty and complexity of network security protection increasing. In China, “new infrastructure” has become the general direction of national development in the next few years; The core of the new infrastructure lies in the application of digital, 5g, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other new generation information technology. The premise and foundation of the steady development of these digital technologies is to ensure network security. In the world, most enterprises have put network security in an important position in the overall strategic planning of enterprises. PwC research shows that 55% of executives plan to increase their network security budget in 2021, while 51% of executives plan to increase their full-time network staff in 2021. In terms of market size, IDC predicts that with a CAGR of 8.1% during the 2020-2024 forecast period, global security spending will reach $174.7 billion by 2024.

The Third Asia cyber security summit in 2021 will gather 120 experts and executives from the Internet security industry at home and abroad to discuss how to ensure the network security of enterprises and improve the operation efficiency of enterprises on the premise of complying with the relevant regulations of network security. The topics of the conference will involve the network security regulatory problems encountered by enterprises in practice, regulatory analysis and technical discussion of data privacy security, cloud computing security, privacy computing, etc. at the same time, experts from medical, chemical, retail and other industries will also bring industry network security practices and case sharing.

Hot topics:

Network security and data security build the cornerstone of the development of digital economy

The guiding significance of “network security law” to the formulation of enterprise network security strategy

Practice of network security and personal information protection in online car Hailing industry

The important role of visual data security solutions

The commercial road of privacy computing in the era of digital rights

Countermeasures for the development of network security in medical industry

Network security in the context of smart retail

The importance of upstream and downstream security community to supply chain network security

Group discussion: network security “new normal” under epidemic situation

Network security challenges and opportunities of cloud computing


Summit time: June 17-18, 2021

Venue: Shanghai, China

Organizer: Shanghai Xiwei ECV International

We will provide:

Simultaneous interpretation equipment for 2-day conference

Paper journals, APP electronic voice materials

2-day buffet lunch coupon, tea break and all refreshments provided by 5-star hotel

For more details of the summit, please visit the official website:

contacts:   Ciking Zhao

Tel. + 86 21 8026 0707-803


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