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30 discoveries lead you to see the general trend of 2021 From Annual inventory of “voice of the general situation”

The following is the 30 discoveries lead you to see the general trend of 2021 From Annual inventory of “voice of the general situation” recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

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At the beginning of 2021, a large amount of arithmetic was planned to make an annual inventory of “voice of the general trend”, and three insight reports were launched jointly with authoritative institutions such as Kaidu, Nielsen and new weekly. They focused on the change of commodity consumption on the supply side, the value upgrading of content platform on the channel side, and the excavation of potential people on the demand side, respectively, to comprehensively analyze the core variables affecting the future business development. “Value reconstruction” is the voice we dedicate to 2021 in the general situation.

♠ Consumption

Reconstruct the new force of commodities and tap the new potential of the circle


The best seller is still the best seller

In 2020, many best-selling products have survived the epidemic. According to Nielsen’s data, about 80% of the best-selling products were also on the top 100 list last year, and excellent products still sell well. Tiktok also sees that the commodity ecology of the platform is continuously prosperous, not only expanding the scale further, but also improving the efficiency of explosive production. In January 2020, we selected the top 10% of product hits of each e-commerce target with the most fine-grained as their respective benchmark, and the products meeting this standard are excellent cases for research reference. We continue to observe the productivity of popular commodities, and find that even if the capacity of platform commodities continues to expand, the production capacity of popular commodities has not been diluted, and the opportunities for excellent commodities to go out of the circle are still expanding. In October 2020, the penetration rate of popular commodity cases will increase from 10% at the beginning of the period to 20%.


There is more than one chance to get out of the circle

Which consumer products have more potential to go out of the circle? Combined with the changes in the penetration rate of popular commodities and the sound volume of commodities, we can see that some “high potential growth” categories are running fast, such as “consumption upgrading” categories focusing on personal quality and home experience, such as mother and baby, furniture, etc.; some “stable development” categories are forging ahead, such as daily necessities such as clothing, underwear, beauty, etc., and special needs under personality scenes Although it is more difficult for us to increase the penetration rate of popular commodities, we still have opportunities in market segments even if we are under pressure. In 2020, there will be more than one opportunity for the birth of popular products, and the path of category competition will be reconstructed.


The birth of pop products is not as simple as locking in big names

In the case of live broadcasting and delivery of popular commodity cases, within 30 days after the commodity went online, most of the short-term intention traffic came from the head anchor live broadcasting room with high influence, and then gradually transferred to the waist and tail anchor. The head anchor of 500W + fans has a significant advantage in carrying goods in the first three days, and the traffic share is gradually stable in about 10 days. And the 1-100w fans anchor has a stronger advantage, especially the 10-50w fans segment anchor can bring large-scale long-term traffic.


The golden age of new consumer brands has come

Home furnishing products and the new consumer brands are analyzed. We find that the new consumer brands have played an important role in the 2020. Food, beverage and cosmetics are the main battleground of new consumer brands. Chaoyang positions such as mother and baby, small household appliances, household tiktok have sprung up. With the penetration of new consumer brands into more mainstream industries, the golden age of the development of new consumer brands has come.


The trend of breakthrough of four new brands

Through the excellent case study, we summarized four strategic directions of new brand breakthrough: first, leisure food and beverage, which have relatively single demand but high supply diversity, have strong innovation space. Second, the mature categories with diversified demand and supply, such as beauty, clothing and underwear, household daily use, need to find enough differentiated brand positioning. Third, with the help of the power of channels to transform traffic, to “people” as the center to create personal brand. Fourth, to meet the fine demand of regional echelons under the consumption classification, such as the refined life concept of high-speed cities and the original localized brand building of low-speed cities.

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