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86.51% of children’s programming learners improved their logical thinking From Walnut programming released the “10 breaker report”

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In April 2021, walnut programming, the leader of children’s programming education industry, officially released the “post-10 breaker report” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), which is the second big data report for post-10 young learners after the “new post-10 coder observation report” in 2020. The report makes in-depth observation and analysis from three dimensions: new “face”, “new” strong “state and new” perspective “, Reveal the growth and characteristics of post-10. It is worth noting that the report has been recognized and sent by Wei Kunlin, Professor of psychology at Peking University, Chen luofan, a contemporary Chinese science fiction writer and winner of Galaxy award and Nebula award, and Hao Jingfang, the 74th Hugo Award winner.

It is reported that the report is based on the big data of more than 3.2 million paid students and hundreds of thousands of research data, and has been produced through in-depth research and analysis for three months. The report shows that more than 50% of the post-10 students have participated in the interest class of programming and logical thinking, of which 70.55% are children’s active choice; And 86.51% of parents think that learning children’s programming can strengthen children’s logical thinking.

“Aborigines” in the age of artificial intelligence: using smart phones at the age of 2

As the “aborigines” in the era of artificial intelligence, the post-10 generation have stepped onto the stage of the times. They were born in the era of the popularity and rapid rise of smart phones, artificial intelligence and robots, and are experiencing the growth of digitization. The report shows that: 59.36% of the post-10 people will take photos with smart phones from the age of 2, and 31.33% of the post-10 people will understand the whole earth with iPad from the age of 3

The post-10s not only touch the Internet earlier and have intelligent devices, but also more and more teenagers are curious about the logic behind intelligent devices and intelligent applications, and are more used to learning by using the Internet and AI products. Programming is an important language for people to talk with computers, which has become one of the important factors for children to choose programming after 10 years.

Compared with the results, parents after 10 pay more attention to the improvement of comprehensive quality. Wei Kunlin, a psychology professor at Peking University, said: “sometimes we have to go back to the essence of education. What do you want to teach children? What we want to teach children is to let them better adapt to the future. We need to acquire the super power and computing power of machines to help us better create and understand the world. “

As a technology company focusing on improving the quality of young people, walnut programming not only focuses on the cultivation of programming skills, but also pays more attention to the cultivation of young people’s core literacy and comprehensive quality. It always adheres to the mission of “let every child love to learn and be able to learn, and make high-quality education within reach”, and is committed to promoting programming education by means of science and technology, Relying on the first AI man-machine dual view teaching mode, we can teach students in accordance with their aptitude on a large scale.

50% of them have participated in programming interest classes, and 86.51% of them have improved their logical thinking

In the era of artificial intelligence becoming increasingly dominant, children’s programming education has not only received high attention and support from the national policy, but also greatly improved parents’ cognition of it. The report found that more than 50% of the post-10 students had participated in the interest class of programming and logical thinking, of which 70.55% were children’s active choice. Not only that, more than 80% of parents hope that their children will gain more growth in addition to their achievements.

Children’s programming can not only improve children’s independent ability, but also effectively improve their logical thinking ability. According to the survey, 86.51% of parents think that children’s programming can strengthen children’s logical thinking, 71.07% of parents say that learning children’s programming can cultivate children’s carefulness and concentration, 61.56% of children’s problem-solving ability has been improved, and 49.86% of children build self-confidence through learning children’s programming.

At the same time, it is an important way for parents to evaluate the learning effect to participate in the public recognized grade examination and national competitions. It is worth noting that walnut programming students shine in the major national events. In 2020, there will be more than 30000 winners of walnut programming national competition, with a year-on-year increase of 143%. Among them, in the Ministry of education white list competition NOC competition, nearly 400 walnut programming students won all the level awards; In 2020, the passing rate of walnut programming students is more than 85%, ranking first in children’s programming industry; In the CSP of the Information Science Olympiad, the 9-year-old student broke the national record of winning the first prize of the advanced level at the youngest age.

Students have achieved good results repeatedly, and continue to provide experience for “science and technology enabling education inclusive”. Since its establishment, walnut programming has been exploring the idea of “teaching students in accordance with their aptitude on a large scale through science and technology”, smoothing the educational information gap with technical means, and realizing the universal benefit of quality education. Data show that as of March 2021, walnut programming paid students have exceeded 3.2 million, which is recognized as the largest children’s programming education institution with paid students. Read more: Walnut programming is recognized by national high-tech enterprises, continuously investing in AI technology to promote quality education and inclusive, focusing on science and technology research and development, Helping inclusive education walnut programming: “all in education technology” walnut programming creates inclusive sample of science and Technology Education: Children’s programming industry pioneers AI dual teacher teaching “children’s programming incorporated into primary and secondary school curriculum” and other favorable policies frequently appear walnut programming improves 2 million children’s learning ability Tiktok, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries in CCFA:2019, China’s top 100 Demand Gen: manufacturers have converted the number to the sales and marketing report fruit: wine brand 2021 Q1 Industry Research Report Amazon cloud technology report: 2021, Q1 revenue exceeded 13 billion 500 million dollars, up 32% over the same period. Kwai live 4.12-4.25 with the data of the fruit set: China National cosmetics brand 2021 Q1 social media marketing analysis report Horowitz Research: the US ground broadcasting antenna penetration rate increased by 38% over the same period last year. The director of the open source atomic resources foundation, Yang Tao, attended the digital China software open source sub Forum and made a speech: “Lamer La Mer little red book data analysis report”

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