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Google, AdMob and Facebook are always involved in the cash flow of overseas developers’ advertisements. However, another high cash flow method is rapidly popular among overseas developers – interactive advertising cash flow.

According to Daniel Shao, China optimization director of “zhuanka” pubspin, an overseas interactive advertising trading company, “zhuanka will be instant.” Win’s play method is similar to that of domestic tweets and DOUMENG. It can be understood that it integrates big turntable, integral, doll machine and scraping card into the environment, and makes overseas consumers get benefits. Besides earning more than ordinary advertisements, pubspin does not conflict with traditional advertising space. It is the increment and expansion of realization. Zhuanka platform has thousands of overseas coupon advertisers, and it is also connected to Google, pubmatic and other incentive video advertising networks. The whole pubspin is based on H5, and its access is very simple. It does not need to implant SDK, and it can be realized quickly with only one URL link. “

In the form of interactive games, pubspin has accumulated thousands of forms, and pubspin integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence into the realization mode to automatically match the optimal interactive mode and improve ECPM. Now pubspin has adapted the algorithm to North America, India, Mexico, Russia and other countries to provide a URL link access.

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