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A survey report on the health of young men and women in 2021 From Okamoto & Tencent News

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On April 9, Okamoto, together with Tencent News, jointly released the “go against the volume – 2021 survey report on young men and women’s health” aiming at young people’s physical health, mental health and gender health. Involution refers to the phenomenon that human society stagnates or cannot be transformed into a more advanced mode after it reaches the saturation stage. At this time, because the supply of social resources exceeds the demand, people get more resources through competition. In the post epidemic era, the emergence of the concept of “Involution” seems to find the appropriate internal cause for the anxiety and busyness of young people. When they consider how to “meet the students at the beginning”, they also pay attention to their own health needs. This time, Okamoto and Tencent News joined hands, based on the in-depth analysis of big data, to have a comprehensive insight into the health and gender issues faced by young people, and to establish a correct concept of health and gender for young people through jointly carrying out online and offline integrated communication. Okamoto, as a leading brand of high-end condoms, has a precise insight into the brand audience. With its unique technological strength, Okamoto has always implemented the brand tenet of “product effect integration”.

An analysis of physical and mental health and sexual relationship among Chinese youth

“Going backwards – 2021 survey report on young men and women’s health” (hereinafter referred to as “the report”) starts from the three aspects of gender health, physical health and mental health. Through the collection of more than 10000 data samples, it deeply analyzes the health status of Chinese youth groups, and reveals the physical and mental health and intimate relationship problems faced by contemporary young men and women

#More than 80% of young workers have worried about sudden death#

Long term irregular diet, overtime stay up, lack of exercise, young people’s growing health anxiety reflects their “heart deficiency” of their working state and lifestyle. According to the report, nearly half of young men and women are afraid to see their physical examination results and lack confidence in their own health. The report also shows that more than 60% of young people in the workplace work more than 8 hours a day, more than 20% work more than 10 hours a day, and more than half of young people in the workplace don’t even get a weekend. More than 80% of young workers have worried about their sudden death, and only 18.1% have never worried about it. Among them, when you see the news of sudden death, stay up late, and physical discomfort, it will trigger more young workers to worry about their sudden death.

#The post-90s feel the most pressure and fatigue; the post-95s feel the most lonely#

When “neijuan” has become a buzzword of the young generation, it is the phenomenon of fierce competition that exists in the current society, and it is the psychological pressure of young men and women for work and personal development. The report shows that 89.1% of young men and women (18-35 years old) feel stressed, 87.3% feel tired and 71.2% feel lonely. Among them, the post-90s have the highest perception of stress and fatigue, while the post-95s are the most lonely generation.

#40% of young men and women live asexually; after 85, they have the strongest fighting power#

According to the report, nearly 60% of young men and women in the workplace said that work stress would seriously affect their “sexual interest”, and 40.7% said they had no sex life. Among the people who had sex, 22.7% had sex every 3-7 days. Under the pressure, they are in no mood. Under the overload of work, they are lack of sexual interest. Contemporary young men and women have become “low-frequency hot youth”, which makes the topic of whether “low-frequency sex life” should be included in the category of “industrial injury” hotly debated again. The data in the report also show that the willingness to have sex still depends on economic strength: lack of time and money makes young men and women less willing to have sex, while those with money and leisure have the strongest willingness to have sex after the eighth five year plan.

#The higher the income is, the higher the proportion of purchase of sex goods is#

The report shows that the consumption of interest has increased for three consecutive years, and more young people are trying to improve the quality of their sex life through interest products. Condoms, men’s delay and airplane cups have become the most popular sex toys. At the same time, the survey found that the higher the income is, the higher the proportion of buying erotic products is. The so-called “when you are still struggling for food and clothing, how can you think about love?”

#The proportion of high-frequency sex life in Inner Mongolia topped the list in 2021#

In the report of a large number of sample surveys, the proportion of high-frequency sex life of young people in Inner Mongolia ranked first in 2021, followed by Liaoning and Fujian.

This year’s survey report once again reflects that bad living habits and work pressure not only do harm to young people physically and psychologically, but also have a great impact on their gender relations. Okamoto hopes that through the research and discussion of a series of physical and mental health problems of Chinese youth groups, youth groups will pay attention to their own health and gender issues, and establish the concept of healthy life, so as to realize the double cycle of health promotion of themselves and both sides.

Theme Salon of the press conference of “going against the roll – Health Survey Report of young men and women in 2021”

The health survey report conference focused on five topics. First of all, Xin Siyue, the planning director of Tencent South China Medical Group, issued the report of 2021 young men and women health survey, and introduced the origin of the report and the process of data collection. Zhang Miaomiao, deputy director of Jingdong health medical device department and head of family planning products department, shared the development trend of big health category. Later, Wu xiaopiao, a famous popular science and interest major, and Zeng Juan, the founder of Shengmen art, made personal interpretation and sharing of the relationship between the sexes in the white paper. On the same day, Liang zeliang, CMO of Okamoto brand e-commerce business division, also attended the press conference to share with the guests the blueprint of integrated marketing plan for adult family planning industry, which is deeply rooted in the Chinese market.

“Okamoto has always been committed to the development of China’s youth market, focusing on the gender, physical and mental health of Chinese youth groups. In the report of health survey of young men and women in 2021, we try to restore the health status of young people in China and get a lot of inspiration from it. Adhering to the corporate social responsibility as a health brand, we hope to truly achieve the ultimate goal of improving the health status of young people through the popularization of health and gender knowledge and continuous upgrading of products, “said Liang zeliang, CMO of Okamoto brand e-commerce business division.

Zhang Miaomiao, deputy director of Jingdong Health Medical Devices Department and head of family planning products department, also said in the sharing: “go backwards – 2021 young men and women’s health survey report accurately analyzes many pain points in the physical, psychological and gender relations of Chinese young people, which are also the current situation we have observed in the digital market catalyzed by the post epidemic era. We hope that through this health survey report, young people and even the general public will attach great importance to physical, mental and gender health. “

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