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Ali health launches chronic disease insurance plan and Zhongan insurance to launch the first million liver disease medical insurance in China

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“I will remember three years ago in December 15th. This is the day I diagnosed hepatitis B.” A young hepatitis B patient said that after that, he and his family would have to separate meals and laundry. One family lived two people’s lives, and the pressure of social discrimination, the monthly cost of medication and the regular special examination also made him just a little fed up with his work.

Usually, through scientific medication and treatment, hepatitis B disease can be effectively controlled, and once out of control, it is likely to develop into cirrhosis, or even liver cancer. 2020 China Health Statistics Yearbook “data show that China is the focus of global high incidence of liver cancer, of which 80% of liver cancer and hepatitis B related.

In June 11th, Ali Health announced the launch of the “slow disease protection program”, the first phase to join hands with Zhong An insurance, and Rui gene and Zhengda sunny, and jointly launched the first million medical care service (“hepatitis B insurance”) for the hepatitis B patients in the first place for hepatitis B patients. Health management issues such as insurance, make hepatitis B patients and their families truly realize the easy and safe use of drugs.

From now on, patients with hepatitis B who have the need to purchase medicine and protect their needs can search for good medicine insurance to enter the hepatitis B security service page in Taobao. There are many kinds of daily hepatitis B drugs that can be selected on demand. For hepatitis B patients, not only can they enjoy lower cost of drug purchase and annual liver function check allowance, and if the insured fails to turn to cirrhosis, the insured can also carry out free screening for liver cancer. Even after the unfortunate diagnosis of liver cancer, the insured will also receive expert consultation services provided by Ali health. And Zhongan insurance provided 1 million liver cancer medical expenses reimbursement protection.

That is to say, hepatitis B insurance is not only to provide patients with medication support and financial security, but also to reduce family burden for patients. It is to help patients’ families care about daily health management, obtain comprehensive health benefits such as preferential screening for liver cancer and disease surveillance, so as to meet the needs of hepatitis B patients with “medicine + medicine + protection” and achieve the whole course of disease protection. Compared with the traditional chronic disease insurance only “medicine”, hepatitis B insurance has created a new mode of health management around the disease.

Li Dongceng, deputy director of the Department of infectious diseases of Beijing you an Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, said the risks of deterioration, long-term high cost of medication and social discrimination are all problems that hepatitis B patients are facing. Providing health protection for hepatitis B patients, especially for the treatment of antiviral drugs, is an effective way to reduce the rate of deterioration of hepatitis B patients’ condition, and it will help patients and their families in terms of their quality of life and life extension.

“Hepatitis B is not only for the health management of patients, but also for the development of disease. We hope to make users healthier through insurance services.” Ali health vice president Chen Bo believes that Ali health and insurance companies and ecological partners, the use of a large number of scientific and technological innovation, such as medical data technology, high specificity genome detection technology and large sample clinical research, hoping to provide a cost-effective, professional innovative protection program for hepatitis B patients.

It is reported that hepatitis B is the first step in drug protection for Ali’s Health chronic disease protection plan. The late Ali health slow disease protection program will continue to introduce innovative products to cover more disease types and populations, and to protect patients and their families. More reading: annual performance of Ali health: net profit increased by 198.5% year on year. Annual active users of medical and health services exceeded 520 million. Ali health’s “safe on the code” platform: upgrade and build “electronic ID card” for clinical new drug research and development. Medical deer app opens door-to-door appointment channel for nucleic acid testing team. In the first phase, Ali health upgraded “rare disease center” to search for 20 million patients with rare diseases On the eve of 6.1, Alibaba Health launched a children’s severe disease relief platform to share the worries of children’s families, But business innovation has just begun. Ali health has launched “inch grass heart” service: door-to-door professional care for the elderly to share their worries for their children. Ali health has released the latest “women’s health consumption report”: nearly 80% of contraceptives bought by women have soared by 286.48%! What is Ali’s confidence in turning losses into profits? Quark joins hands with Yilu to upgrade medical search “content + service” and go deep into industrial ecology. Ali health publishes “sleepless report”: 30% of insomnia people or false insomnia. Ali health: 2017 annual health consumption report: post-90s become the main health consumer. Ali health: 2019 white paper on eating habits and oral health (with download) Ali health: 2018 environment Social and Governance Report (download attached)

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