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How to get through wechat’s ecological ability and stimulate more creativity for the video number that just turned “one year old”?

How to further stimulate the trust between merchants and users with the wechat payment points on the 2nd anniversary of the launch?

How to further stimulate the potential of wechat apps in the fourth year and help the growth of business transactions?

How can wechat help enterprises to provide better customer service?

Today, with the theme of “inspiring webuild”, the 2021 wechat open course Pro officially opened in Guangzhou.

2020 is a special year. Affected by the epidemic, new consumption habits and demands are emerging. Therefore, more and more enterprises begin to embrace online services through digital tools, and public services such as government affairs, education and medical services are also accelerating the digital transformation.

As a result, there are more things that we want to share in the six ecological products of small program, wechat payment, enterprise wechat, souyisou, small game and video number

The annual transaction volume of small programs increased by more than 100% year on year;

More than 400 million wechat users are connected and served by enterprise wechat;

The number of wechat payment sub users exceeded 240 million;

The realization of small game business increased steadily to 20%

There are also more business capabilities, business practices and future plans——

Inspire · open small program

The average annual dau exceeds 400 million, and the annual transaction volume increases by more than 100% year on year

“In 2020, small programs will actively integrate into the” front line “of the war epidemic, play a more important role in connecting users and serving users, and have become a multi industry service infrastructure.”

In the field of government affairs and people’s livelihood, the app health code has served more than 800 million users and displayed more than 20 billion times; the social security payment app has helped more than 160 million people not to go out to participate in the insurance online.

In the field of commercialization, by the end of 2020, there will be more than 100 million people shopping in shopping malls and department stores; with the help of small program pre-sale + offline self pick-up mode, more than 300 million users will purchase fresh fruits and vegetables in wechat.

At the same time, the trading ecology of small programs has maintained a positive and rapid development. In 2020, the average annual dau of small programs will exceed 400 million, and the annual cumulative transaction volume will increase by more than 100% year on year.

On the client side, more meta applet services are accepted by users. Thanks to the popularity of applets in retail scenarios and the accelerated penetration of high-end customers in service scenarios, the number of applets per capita increased by 25% year on year in 2020, and the per capita transaction amount of applets also increased by 67%.

On the developer side, the trade ecology of the industry is gradually full, with an overall growth of 75% in the number of active small programs on a year-on-year basis, and a substantial growth of 68% in the number of small programs with transactions on a year-on-year basis. In travel, tourism, government affairs, education and many retail sectors, the growth rate of the number of small programs in trading places is far higher than that of the whole number of small programs.

In 2021, the wechat applet team said that it will help businesses in various industries and volumes continue to expand the trading ecology and optimize the user experience of the app.

Inspire · trust wechat payment

To make trust easier, wechat payment has more than 240 million sub users in two years

“When we make wechat payment, we hope to break the trust barrier between users and merchants and make trust easier.

Based on the three product capabilities of “free recharge, free deposit, enjoy before pay”, wechat payment builds a trust platform between businesses and users.

It’s the second anniversary of the launch of wechat payment, and the wechat payment team also showed its transcript in the live broadcast: the number of wechat payment sub users exceeded 240 million, the number of daily use reached tens of millions, saving more than 200 billion yuan of deposit for users every year.

In various industries and merchants, wechat payment score has also been “praised”. At present, wechat payment has covered more than 1995 businesses in five major industries, including sharing rent, shopping and entertainment, transportation, life service and accommodation reservation.

At present, wechat payment service has been connected to many industries. Among them, in the e-commerce industry, wechat payment sub “use before pay” supports users to place an order of 0 yuan, confirm the receipt before payment, and also provides priority refund ability for users who reach the score threshold. Users can quickly receive a refund after submitting the return logistics information; in the express industry, wechat payment sub “send before pay” service has been used by more than 10 million users.

Wechat payment gives users a more convenient product experience, and also helps merchants to increase efficiency and reduce risks. For merchants in industries such as goods leasing and unmanned retail, access to wechat payment points can receive payment in time and reduce the risk of bad debts. In 2020, the bad debt rate of merchants in the power bank industry and online car Hailing industry will be reduced by 67% and 60% respectively after accessing wechat payment.

In the future, the wechat payment team will continue to polish and optimize the product capabilities of wechat payment points, continue to explore the landing of more security services in different application scenarios, help wechat payment users eliminate deposit and prepayment, escort every enjoy before pay transaction, and help merchants who access wechat payment points to really improve efficiency and increase income.

Stimulation and service enterprise wechat

More weight! Enterprise wechat customer base increased to 500


As a digital tool, enterprise wechat is helping more and more enterprises directly connect with consumers and provide professional and warm services.

As the exclusive connector for enterprises, wechat released the latest data on the 2021 wechat open class Pro: so far, the number of real enterprises and organizations on wechat has exceeded 5.5 million, the number of active users has reached 130 million, and enterprises have served more than 400 million wechat users through wechat.

In order to help enterprises precipitate and serve customers more efficiently, the wechat customer base of enterprises has been comprehensively upgraded, and the maximum number of customers has been raised to 500. With the increase of the upper limit of the number of group chats, enterprises can make comprehensive use of the community management capabilities such as customer group anti harassment, anti advertising, group sending assistant and chat toolbar to better maintain the community customer resources and improve service efficiency.

Enterprise wechat has also launched the red envelope function of customer group, which is convenient for enterprises to activate the group atmosphere, improve the participation of group members, and build a popular and warm community under the scenes of group members’ welcome, new product launch, live broadcast reminder, activity lottery, daily operation and maintenance.

“We have also further optimized the ability of resignation, on-the-job inheritance and open communication.” The enterprise wechat team mentioned that the interoperability and opening ability includes four abilities: customer acquisition, precipitation, management and operation, so that developers can customize external service solutions for enterprises.

The enterprise wechat team believes that with the continuous promotion of digitalization, platforms, service providers, partners and even upstream and downstream suppliers will be integrated into the “symbiotic” ecology, and each organization will no longer be an isolated island. In the interconnected state, new growth vitality will be stimulated through industrial integration. The symbiotic relationship of mutual achievements with enterprise consumers and upstream and downstream is the future oriented enterprise organization mode, and in this process, enterprise wechat will strive to help enterprises realize this organization mode.

Inspire and explore

You can search with wechat! Users gradually develop wechat search habits

“Wechat search is a bridge to help high-quality content and services effectively connect user needs.

The prosperity of wechat ecology gives birth to more search demands, and also ensures the quality and diversity of search results. At present, the monthly live users of wechat search have reached 500 million, and users have gradually formed the habit of searching through wechat.

At present, in addition to the search of account number, article, circle of friends, expression and music, wechat souyisou also actively connects with developers to gradually realize the full open access of content, service and brand. Partners can choose their own open ability to access, or combine multiple abilities to undertake users’ search needs.

In the chat scene, in addition to the search box, wechat search also provides a variety of search experiences, such as search while chatting, fingertip search, number search and image search, to further reduce users’ search costs.

The wechat search team said that the algorithm mechanism of search is people rank, which attaches the value of “people” to the ranking results by desensitizing and protecting users’ privacy. Wechat search is a part of wechat ecology and is not an independent search engine. However, in the future, wechat search will create a general search through open connection to better meet users’ demand for “off site” content and services.

Exciting · vitality games

Mau reached 500 million, and the commercial scale increased by 20% year on year

“In 2020, wechat games not only make new contributions in serving epidemic prevention and control, meeting users’ entertainment needs, and creating employment opportunities for developers, but also enrich the connotation of the platform and make it radiate new vitality.

Wechat game team also appeared live to share new data and new plans.

In terms of users, in 2020, the number of registered users of small games will continue to grow steadily after more than 1 billion, and it will break through 500 million Mau for the first time.

Among them, the proportion of male and female users is 5:5, and the proportion of female users is more than that of traditional games, which provides fertile soil for women to provide game developers. At the same time, 66% of the users are over 30 years old, and more than 60% of the users are in third tier cities, which highlights the characteristics that small games can better meet the fragmented entertainment needs of users without downloading and playing on demand.

In terms of commercial realization, the commercial scale of mini games in 2020 has increased by 20% compared with that in 2019. Among them, a number of high-quality products with cumulative users and flow of more than 100 million have emerged, and even the cumulative flow of products is close to 1 billion. Among the products with internal purchase and Realization of Android props, a number of products have reached new heights in 2020, with a single category The scale of the project has reached 2 billion.

In order to help developers grow more easily in commercialization, the platform will be committed to building a more competitive business environment. In 2021, the basic rules for the flow sharing of small game advertising and Android props will remain unchanged, and the platform will provide more preferential policies than last year. “We will continue to upgrade the tools and services for small game testing and tuning, rapid growth, and scale operation.”

Wechat small game team also revealed that in 2021, small games will be combined with video number to produce a new way of playing game + live broadcast; and upgrade the relay ability of seamless connection between mobile terminal and PC terminal, analysis tools of advertising scenes, etc., so as to make the connection experience of small games and new scenes better and more efficient, and help developers.

Inspire · create video Number

Men, women, young and old love to watch, “like” becomes the annual expression of the video Number


Wechat video Number welcomes creators of all types and categories, and hopes that every creator can fairly find his own space in the video number.

WeChat video team first interpreted the operation rules: Video number is a platform for everyone to record and create, and also a fully open platform. At the same time, video Number links WeChat ecosystem’s ability to connect, and it can help the products that have been mature with the help of official account, search, look, small program, etc., and form the resultant force of WeChat’s ecology, so that high-quality content and services will radiate more people.

At present, wechat video number has iterated four major versions, and has successively supported the top column, forwarding circle of friends large screen display, long video, live broadcast reward, Lianmai and other capabilities. Many users have formed the habit of recording life through video number.

Wechat video number also launched the original plan, which not only encourages and protects the original, but also reduces the certification threshold of creators. In the past year, the wechat video Number team has cracked down on more than 250000 illegal contents such as induced praise fraud, handling and counterfeiting, handled 14614 infringement complaints, and protected the legitimate rights and interests of creators.

In 2020, in order to better help the creators of the video number to create, the wechat video Number team also launched the wechat video number creation camp, held special activities in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Heilongjiang, Wuhan and other places, and invited outstanding creators in various segments to share their creative experience in the video number.

During the live broadcast, the wechat video Number team also shared the interesting data of the last year: creators are more used to publishing and sharing content on Sundays, but the most active time for users to watch it is every Friday night. Among them, users in Huizhou, Guangdong like watching the video number the most, users in Lanzhou, Gansu like it the most, and users in Dalian, Liaoning leave the most comments.

In addition, in the past year, users love to search for Cantonese music content in the video number, and the “like” expression of thumbs up for high-quality content has become the annual expression of the video number. Many stars and KOL share their daily life in the video number, and the friendly and relaxed new experience also allows users to write “rounding is equal to adding XXX wechat” in the comment area.

Standing at the starting point of the new decade, wechat team hopes to continuously iterate on products such as small program, wechat payment, video number, enterprise wechat, souyisou and small games, so as to bring good experience to users and help stimulate new creation and imagination.

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