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Amazon and red hat announced the launch of red hat openshift container platform hosting service based on Amazon cloud technology

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Through this service, red hat openshift kubernetes cluster can be easily built, expanded and managed on Amazon cloud technology

Customers and partners such as Accenture, kochte and persistent systems are already using the service

Recently, Amazon and red hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise level open source solutions, announced the launch of red hat openshift (Rosa) based on Amazon cloud technology. The service is available through Amazon cloud technology console, which makes it easier for red hat openshift customers to build, expand and manage containerized applications based on Amazon cloud technology. Rosa enables customers to create kubernetes clusters using familiar red hat openshift console, features, and tools without manually expanding and managing the underlying infrastructure. Rosa simplifies the process of transferring red hat openshift workload to Amazon cloud technology, and can integrate more closely with other Amazon cloud technology services. Rosa enables customers to directly obtain billing and support from Amazon cloud technology when accessing red hat openshift, providing a convenient single vendor experience for customers running red hat openshift on Amazon cloud technology. There is no need to pay in advance to use Rosa. Customers only need to pay for the container cluster and nodes they use. To start using Rosa, please visit:

It turns out that containers are very popular among Amazon cloud technology and red hat customers. They improve the efficiency of developers and the portability of applications. At present, Amazon cloud technology provides a wide range of container technologies in the cloud, including Amazon elastic containers service (ECS), which helps customers to easily manage containers and deeply integrate with Amazon cloud technology services, and Amazon elastic kubernetes service (eks), which helps customers run kubernetes. Customers can also use Amazon fargate to run the serverless container without having to manage the underlying server or cluster to get the serverless experience of the container.

Red hat openshift is used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and many organizations. It is red hat’s enterprise level kubernetes platform, which extends the basic kubernetes function built for cloud production stack, and supports container applications running the same common foundation and tools in any environment. Many customers manage red hat openshift clusters on Amazon cloud technology. Facts have proved that Amazon cloud technology’s flexibility, scalability and security are very popular among red hat openshift customers. However, self-management of the cluster requires additional work and costs, and customers must also manage the support and billing between the two suppliers. These customers are required to provide Amazon cloud technology hosting service for red hat openshift, which can work seamlessly with other Amazon cloud technology services on a large scale, and integrate support and billing into Amazon cloud technology user experience.

Rosa enables customers to use the familiar red hat openshift API and tools to quickly and easily create kubernetes clusters, and seamlessly access the extensive and in-depth services of Amazon cloud technology, all of which can be implemented in Amazon cloud technology console. Rosa brings red hat openshift a flexible and pay as you need pricing mechanism, which is realized through a new red hat ordering mode. It eliminates complex, multi-year contract requirements, and allows customers to match their red hat openshift consumption in Amazon cloud technology with business requirements. With Rosa, customers can now visit red hat openshift to order, get billing and support directly through Amazon cloud technology, enjoy the convenient experience of a single supplier, and liberate customers from the complex work of managing the procurement and operation relationship between two independent suppliers. In addition, Rosa supports critical compliance verification, including soc-2, iso-27001, and PCI.

“Customers are increasingly turning to containers to improve application development speed and portability, and they are increasingly relying on technologies like red hat openshift and Amazon cloud technology to make it easier to deploy containerized applications.” Bob wise, general manager of Amazon cloud technology kubernetes, said, “Rosa enables customers to seamlessly run containers on Amazon cloud technology using the familiar red hat openshift API and tools, and integrate extensive and in-depth Amazon cloud technology services to build, expand and manage their workloads.”

“Red hat openshift provides a universal, open and enterprise class kubernetes platform across a mixed infrastructure environment, from customers’ physical data centers to their IT assets operating on Amazon cloud technology.” “Rosa provides a streamlined process for organizations that want to extend red hat openshift functionality in Amazon cloud technology without having to manage separate technology flows, enabling it teams to focus on delivering value without managing underlying infrastructure,” said sathish Balakrishnan, vice president of red hat’s hosting platform

Accenture’s cloud priority departments, including Accenture’s Amazon cloud technology division (AABG) and IBM red hat team, have extensive experience in the overall strategy, design and implementation of container solutions. “Our deep skills and extensive experience in building and running large-scale, mission critical red hat openshift clusters, both in-house and in the cloud, have established a unique position for Accenture to work effectively with Amazon cloud technology and red hat.” Andy tay, global head of Amazon cloud technology services at Accenture, said, “as a fully hosted service, the launch of Rosa is the next step in the evolution of openshift. This means that Accenture can take advantage of the value of our cloud hosting services to our customers. “

Cognisant is a multinational technology company providing business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. “With Rosa, gaozhite’s customers can run the workload in openshift platform on Amazon cloud technology and enjoy the integration experience.” Raghuraman chandrasekharan, senior vice president of kochte, head of service delivery and Amazon cloud technology affairs, said, “kochte’s openshift solution on Amazon cloud technology can now use Rosa as a landing area for customers who want to focus on core business needs and delegate management of infrastructure and platform services to third parties.”

Persistent systems is a trusted global solutions company providing digital business acceleration, enterprise modernization and next generation product engineering services. “As a partner of red hat and Amazon cloud technology, many of our customers have used openshift to modernize key software on Amazon cloud technology.” “It’s easier for them to deploy the solution directly from the industrial console of Amazon jistanis,” he said

Energie data services Netherlands (edsn) develops and operates energy data centers in the Netherlands on behalf of Dutch transmission and distribution system operators. “It’s our daily job to adapt to changing customer needs, which requires modern applications and a Devops approach that can be delivered on a large scale.” Arwin Scholten, chief technology officer of edsn, said, “by getting red hat openshift service in Amazon cloud technology, edsn’s service is ready for the future. We don’t have to worry about constantly improving the platform, managing the underlying infrastructure or operations. The team can focus on providing greater innovation and value to our customers. ” Read more: Amazon cloud technology announced to provide Amazon EFS with low-cost storage level and Amazon graviton2 with self-developed processor. Amazon cloud technology in China is rich in ecological diversity and Amazon EC2 with self-developed processor Amazon graviton2 X2gd is fully available. Amazon’s Q4 financial report in 2020: annual revenue of Amazon cloud service (AWS) reaches 45.4 billion US dollars. Amazon personalize personalized recommendation goes online in China region of Amazon cloud technology. Amazon cloud technology self developed cloud primary processor provides cost-effective computing power for graffiti intelligence. AWS Technology Summit 2018 Shanghai Station sets sail It is estimated that more than 50 technical forums and 6000 professionals will attend the conference, creating the red hat of AWS technology summit in China: annual report on the state of enterprise open source Amazon cloud technology releases China’s business strategy. Zhang Wenyi announces the troika to accelerate customers’ global business expansion. AWS announces the opening of three Amazon cloudfront sites operated by Western cloud data. AWS announces the launch of a new regional platform in Hong Kong Currently, it has provided 64 zones in 21 regions of the world. Amazon cloud technology announced that Amazon lookout for vision is officially available. Economist: how far can Amazon go? “Cloud” duel: the fourth China US internet war between Alibaba and Amazon Fortune magazine: what does Amazon fire mean to apple

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