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Integrating multiple resources such as AWS technology and market, accelerating AWS partner as ISV to provide customers with modern application, realizing differentiated value and creating win-win situation with AWS

On December 21, 2020, Amazon cloud services (AWS) launched the Re: the latest AWS Partner Program released at the invent global conference announced the launch of a new accelerated win plan for ISV (independent software supplier) in China, integrating the resources of AWS from technology to market, providing a series of support for Chinese ISVs, helping them continuously improve their competitiveness based on the technology and experience of AWS, and realize the long-term development of win-win with AWS.

At present, it has become a new normal for enterprises to speed up cloud access. ISV provides modern application services for enterprises, and it also needs to accelerate transformation and innovation to reshape itself. This needs to change the delivery mode, operation mode and customer acquisition mode, and improve cloud computing and cloud service skills. AWS The new ISV accelerated win program covers a series of measures in four aspects: taking a number of technical and consulting measures to help China’s ISV quickly and efficiently build modern applications and realize the transformation of its business to the cloud; providing multiple market expansion channels so that China’s ISV can reach millions of AWS customers around the world; carrying out a number of performance growth plans, through diversified business expansion channels At the same time, it creates a number of training and certification, enabling and endorsing the ability of Chinese ISV.

“Throughout the new accelerated win program of AWS ISV, we can see three unique values that AWS provides to AWS partners as ISVs. First, the advanced technology. AWS takes the lead in the global cloud computing industry. With deep and extensive cloud services, global coverage infrastructure, mature and rich business practices, and leading the industry’s security and compliance concepts and practices, AWS partners can enhance their competitiveness. Second, customer sharing. AWS shares customers with AWS partners as ISV. AWS’s customer team, partner team and technical team work closely with AWS partners to serve customers well. Third, a game of chess in the global market. Global ISV partners can better serve Chinese customers through AWS, and Chinese ISV partners can go to the world through AWS. ” Zhang Wenling, global vice president of Amazon and executive director of AWS Greater China, said.

To help China’s ISV quickly and efficiently build modern applications, realize the process of cloud ready, cloud optimization to cloud native, and quickly realize the transformation of its own business to the cloud. The cloud native modern application uses technologies such as microserver architecture, containerized deployment, Server-Free, Devops development, operation and maintenance integration, and makes full use of the advantages of cloud to realize agility, resource elasticity, rapid iteration and innovation. For ISV, SaaS delivery model is becoming a trend. With the SaaS factory program launched by AWS in 2017, AWS can help ISV partners speed up the delivery of SaaS solutions on AWS. SaaS boost is just launched at the re: invest global conference. It is an open source, immediately available reference environment that can help ISVs quickly transform their solutions into SaaS services on AWS. AWS also provides ISV solution optimization services. For AWS partners in key industries, AWS architects will work with AWS partners as ISV to optimize configuration and limit test of application solutions on the AWS platform, so as to improve resource utilization efficiency, improve application performance and save costs. The application modernization support program provides professional advice to a wider range of AWS partners as ISVs.

Provide market expansion channels, so that Chinese ISV can reach millions of AWS customers around the world. AWS provides a variety of solutions and case demonstration platforms for ISV partners, and opens a variety of online and offline market channels, so as to bring the solutions provided by China’s ISV to the market and end users. For example, through the AWS marketplace, ISV solutions can be directly presented to millions of AWS customers around the world for them to find, deploy and test in the digital catalog, and help ISV expand new markets. In addition, AWS will also support AWS partners as ISV to launch online and offline promotion activities.

Carry out a number of performance growth plans, diversified business development channels to help ISV improve performance. Through ISV accelerated win program, AWS will carry out joint sales with AWS partners to jointly recommend excellent solutions for users. Through a series of partner incentive mechanisms, we can bring better returns to AWS partners. In the sinking market, AWS can help ISV partners use advanced cloud technology and services through authorized value-added promoters of AWS in China, and help customers to go to the cloud with high quality. AWS consulting partners can cooperate with AWS ISV partners to develop customers more efficiently. ISV can also be purchased offline for solutions that are online to AWS marketplace, and then deployed on the cloud easily in AWS marketplace.

To create a number of training and certification, enabling and endorsing the ability of Chinese ISV. AWS has launched industry certification for AWS partners to provide best solution practices for industry users. AWS technology certification can cultivate and verify the cloud technology capabilities of AWS partners. At the re: invent global conference, AWS launched a new AWS ISV path program, which cancels the requirement of certification level, so that all ISV partners can immediately participate in the most relevant AWS partner program and obtain relevant rights and interests after registration, which helps to accelerate the cooperation process between AWS partners and AWS. AWS can also provide special training for ISV partners to quickly improve the capabilities of ISV partners in all aspects.

Chengdu Xilian Software Co., Ltd. is an ISV dedicated to the development and project implementation of business intelligence retail chain management information system software. Through the AWS SaaS factory plan, AWS helps Western Union software to transform its SaaS delivery mode in terms of SaaS multi tenant isolation, customer online process automation and multi tenant identity platform, and realizes the SaaS delivery of West Point Cloud · smart retail solution, West Point Cloud · new retail solution and West Point Cloud · remote collaborative office solution. Wei Yong, chief technical officer of Western Union software, said, “the AWS SaaS factory program provides us with best practice experience and blueprint for SaaS products. The program helps us conduct SaaS architecture reviews, address technical challenges under multi tenant conditions, and participates in the delivery process of our angel customers, helping to win customers’ trust in SaaS model. The AWS partner network (APN) helps us get ready to enter the market, provides us with a lot of suggestions for optimizing the development, testing and production environment on AWS, and carries out marketing activities together. In the future, we will continue to build and improve our products on AWS and deepen our partnership with AWS. “

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