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Amazon cloud technology announced the establishment of digital empowerment Center for life and health industry in Shanghai

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Amazon cloud technology is the first industry digital enabling center in China, committed to accelerating the digital transformation and innovation of China’s life and health industry

On May 12, 2021, Amazon cloud technology announced that it would cooperate with Shanghai Xuhui District government to set up a digital enabling Center for life and health industry of Amazon cloud technology in Shanghai. This is the first industry digital enabling center set up by Amazon cloud technology in China. The center will integrate Xuhui District’s regional advantages in the life and health industry, Amazon cloud technology’s global leading cloud technology and services, its solutions in the life and health industry, its global expertise and best practices in life science, health, genomics and other fields, as well as global partner network resources, and cooperate with domestic Amazon cloud technology partners, Promote the implementation of industry digital solutions in China, accelerate the development of local industries, and solve industry pain points through multiple dimensions to empower the life and health industry.

In the presence of Zhong Xiaoyong, deputy secretary and head of Xuhui District Party committee of Shanghai, and Ling Qi, general manager of enterprise business development of Amazon cloud technology in Greater China, Yu Linwei, member of the Standing Committee and deputy head of Xuhui District Party committee of Shanghai, signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Ding Chengzhi, director of Regional Development Department of Amazon cloud technology in Greater China

Amazon cloud technology digital empowerment Center for life and health industry includes collaborative service cloud platform, Innovation Exhibition Center, industry club and global cooperation plan. It aims to help enterprises better understand cloud computing and make use of advanced cloud computing technologies and services such as high-performance computing, data security compliance management, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Accelerate innovation; At the same time, it helps enterprises or institutions in the industry better connect with each other and achieve higher and further development in symbiosis and collaboration.

Group photo of leaders at the signing site

Xuhui District is one of the most important life and health industry hubs in Shanghai and even in China, gathering nearly 1000 life and health-related enterprises and institutions. Amazon cloud technology has a strong team and rich customer application practice in the field of life and health. Amazon cloud technology has established a professional team in the field of life and health in the world for more than nine years, and its members have an average of more than 17 years of senior working experience. Amazon cloud technology’s cloud services have obtained compliance certification in more than 35 life science fields around the world. 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world are using Amazon cloud technology, and dozens of members of Amazon cloud technology’s partner network have also passed Amazon cloud technology’s healthcare and life science capability certification. In addition, Amazon cloud technology has provided more than 40 public data sets for health care and Life Sciences, providing great convenience for scientific research in the field of life and health.

Ling Qi, general manager of enterprise business development in Greater China region of Amazon cloud technology, said, “the establishment of industry digital enabling center is an important measure for us to better serve industry customers. The life and health industry is one of the nine key industries we focus on in China. The outbreak of COVID-19 has also accelerated the pace of cloud computing in life and health fields. Xuhui is a gathering area of scientific research resources and industrial resources, and is building a digital model city driven by digital technology innovation. We are very happy to cooperate with the Xuhui District government to set up a digital empowerment Center for the life and health industry in Shanghai to conform to and boost the development trend of this industry. “

Amazon cloud technology enables enterprises and institutions in the life and health industry to improve patient care, promote precision medicine, and popularize new treatment methods faster while meeting strict industry safety, compliance and regulatory requirements. Leading and innovative life and health enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, such as Johnson & Johnson, Merck, nanopore, harbour Biomed, tiger medicine, Shangyao kangdele, are taking advantage of Amazon cloud technology to speed up the pace of innovation, tap data potential and explore personalized medicine.

Mr. Wang Nan, head of information technology of MSD China, said, “I’m very glad to see Amazon cloud technology set up a digital enabling Center for life and health industry in Xuhui District. As a life and health enterprise operating in Xuhui District, as well as users of Amazon cloud technology, the establishment of this center will bring us more integrated resources and provide powerful assistance for our business innovation. ” Read more: Amazon graviton2 with self-developed processor landed in China Amazon cloud technology rich in ecological diversity AWS Technology Summit 2018 Shanghai station set sail, it is expected that more than 50 technical forums and more than 6000 professionals will attend, Create the most advanced AWS technology summit in China Amazon cloud technology launched new machine learning services in China to create a comprehensive and in-depth AI and machine learning tool set Amazon cloud technology launched predictive maintenance service for industrial equipment based on machine learning Consolidate cloud priority strategy “troika” promote business development Amazon cloud technology revitalizes China strategy Amazon and red hat announced the launch of red hat openshift container platform hosting service based on Amazon cloud technology Amazon cloud technology released China business strategy Zhang Wenyi announced the troika to accelerate customers’ global business expansion Amazon e with self-developed processor Amazon graviton2 C2 x2gd can fully use Amazon cloud technology’s self-developed cloud native processor to provide cost-effective computing power for graffiti intelligence. Amazon cloud technology announced to provide Amazon EFS with low-cost storage level. New F1 insight supported by Amazon cloud technology helps racing fans understand the instant decisions on the track. Amazon   Personalize personalized recommendation is launched in Amazon cloud technology China. Walt Disney uses Amazon cloud technology to support Disney + global expansion. Amazon cloud service (AWS) expands the circle of machine learning and touches every AI worker

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