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Amazon cloud technology announces low cost storage level for Amazon EFS

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Amazon EFS single zone storage class provides single zone storage, and the cost is 47% lower than the existing multi zone storage service

The new service has been launched in two regions of Amazon cloud technology in China

Recently, Amazon Web Services announced the launch of Amazon elastic file system (Amazon EFS) single zone storage class. Compared with the existing Amazon EFS, the storage cost has been reduced by 47% while providing the same features and advantages. Amazon EFS single zone storage class stores data redundantly in a single zone, especially for customers who want to choose cost optimized file storage for workload and application. They don’t need the availability and persistence of multi zone level Amazon EFS, and they don’t need to store data in multiple zones. When customers use Amazon EFS single zone storage, they only need to pay for the amount of file system storage they use, without minimum consumption and prepaid fees. The service has been launched in Amazon cloud technology China (Ningxia) region (operated by Xiyun data) and Amazon cloud technology China (Beijing) region (operated by Guanghuan Xinnet). For more information about Amazon EFS single zone storage, please visit

Customers usually use Amazon EFS as a simple, server free, flexible file system in Amazon cloud technology environment (including local use through Amazon direct connect or Amazon VPN), which is widely used in various workloads. Amazon EFS (including EFS standard storage class and EFS standard infrequent access storage class) stores data in multiple geographically dispersed zones in Amazon cloud technology region to provide the highest level of availability and persistence services. Some customers use Amazon EFS for business critical applications like sap and Oracle. However, there are some workloads, such as content management, developer applications, etc., which do not require Amazon EFS to provide high availability and persistence services in multiple zones. In the past, these customers either paid more for high persistence and availability services that exceed their application requirements, or chose to deploy self managed file systems for such workloads, resulting in higher total cost of ownership and more management time costs.

With the Amazon EFS single zone storage class, customers can now choose to run a simple, server free, fully managed file system in one zone. The cost is 47% lower than that of multi zone Amazon EFS. The cost of Amazon EFS single zone storage is as low as 0.3136 yuan / GB per month. At the same time, it can provide customers with higher availability and persistence services than self-management file system. Amazon EFS single zone storage class can not only achieve lower cost, but also provide the same flexibility and scalability advantages of Amazon EFS standard storage class and EFS standard infrequent access storage class, as well as life cycle management and other features. It is integrated with many computing services of Amazon cloud technology, including Amazon elastic container service (ECS) and Amazon elastic kubernetes service (eks), Amazon fargate and Amazon lambda. Amazon EFS single zone storage class is an ideal choice for developing class workloads (such as build and staging environments) and applications such as big data analysis, simulation and media transcoding. These applications do not need the high availability and persistence of multi zone level Amazon EFS. Amazon EFS single zone storage class is also suitable for storing data backup, the second copy of the customer’s local computer room data, various kinds of data convenient for reconstruction, and data storage scenarios with built-in replication and high availability of applications. Amazon EFS single zone storage class provides two storage classes: Single Zone storage class and single zone infrequently accessed storage class. Amazon EFS single zone storage file system supports life cycle management strategy, which can automatically and transparently move files that are used less frequently to single zone infrequently access storage class. Compared with single zone storage class, it can save 92% additional storage cost.

Wayne Duso, vice president of file storage, edge and data services at Amazon cloud technology, said, “when building Amazon EFS, we designed multi zone redundancy to provide the highest level of persistence and availability. We learned later from our customers that they wanted to offer lower cost file storage options for those workloads that require less resilience. Compared with the multi zone Amazon EFS, the cost of the newly launched Amazon EFS single zone storage class has been reduced by nearly 50%, providing our customers with a lower price file storage option to meet the needs of a variety of workloads. “

All Amazon EFS are designed to support 99.999999% (11 9S) persistence. Amazon EFS multi zone design supports 99.99% (4 9S) availability, and Amazon EFS single zone storage class design supports 99.9% (3 9S) availability. In order to enhance data protection, Amazon EFS single zone storage class supports automatic backup of Amazon backup, which can be recovered to any available zone within the zone, or copied to other zones.

Capital one is a very famous financial service provider in the United States. Andrew Peskin, director of software engineering at capital one, said, “Amazon EFS is simple and reliable, meeting the file system needs of our engineering team and focusing on creating an excellent customer experience. Amazon EFS single zone storage class will provide us with more low-cost choices in development, pre production and testing workloads, and help us focus our time, money and energy on developing innovative solutions for customers instead of managing file storage infrastructure. “

The regeneron genetics center, one of the largest human genome research institutions in the world, is working to accelerate the development of new therapies for deadly diseases. Jeffrey Reid, vice president of regeneron and chief data officer of regeneron genetics center, said, “the challenge we face every day is to make scientific discoveries as soon as possible to help solve some big health problems. Speed, simplicity and flexibility are crucial for our scientists to work with indigenous technologies to turn science into medicine. Amazon’s commitment to EFS delivery enables our team to accelerate research. In addition, the Amazon EFS single zone storage class meets many of the needs of our research work, helps us optimize the storage cost, and has the Amazon EFS features we rely on. “

Funambol is a leading provider of cloud solutions for mobile operators and other service providers. Its solutions are deployed in 50 countries, covering hundreds of millions of end users. “Funambol’s goal is to enable service providers to quickly enter the market through white label solutions for personal cloud, enterprise cloud, Internet of things and business intelligence.” “We deliver a wide range of services across a range of devices, from content management to computer vision, and we are trusted by our customers for reliability, performance and security,” said Stefano nichele, director of operations at funambol. We like the flexibility and simplicity of Amazon EFS, and the Amazon EFS single zone storage class provides the perfect feature set at the right price, enabling us to develop and deploy new media processing workflows and products for our customers. ” Read more: Amazon graviton2 with self-developed processor landing in China Amazon cloud technology enriches ecological diversity Amazon cloud technology self-developed cloud native processor provides cost-effective computing power for graffiti intelligence Dramaxchange: Global DRAM industry revenue growth of 9% in Q3, 2018 IDC: Japan’s storage market is expected to reach 143186 million yen CMR’s in 2021 India: Q1, 2017, Indian Consumer storage market shipment decreased by 52% on a year-on-year basis IDC: June 10, 2016, Japanese enterprises plan to increase storage budget Amazon cloud service (AWS) officially launched in China two new file storage services Star Alliance, the world’s largest aviation alliance, fully uses AWS Move all data, platforms and key business applications to AWS Amazon cloud service (AWS) announced the launch of Amazon route 53 in China. AWS announced the opening of three Amazon cloudfront sites operated by Western cloud data. Amazon Athena officially launched in AWS China (Ningxia). AWS China released financial management services to enable customers to use Amazon cloud service more cost effectively Amazon’s Q4 financial report in 2020: annual revenue of Amazon cloud service (AWS) reaches 45.4 billion US dollars

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