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Amazon cloud technology helps Dagao technology reduce operating costs by 20% and improve operating efficiency by 40%

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At the same time to meet the strict data security requirements of customers

Amazon cloud technology continues to help the innovation and development of start-up enterprises. Recently, it has successfully helped Beijing Dagong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dagong technology”) to establish a technical framework of flexible expansion, cost-effective and agile innovation. Through the adoption of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) M6G cost-effective example, plus the combination of spot instance payment methods, and a number of Amazon cloud technology’s powerful cloud services, Dague technology has achieved 20% operation cost saving, 40% operation efficiency improvement, and the speed of application iterative update has been improved several times. At the same time, based on the technical architecture of Amazon cloud technology, Dagao technology has won the trust of key customers and used its advanced AI image processing technology to process precious pictures for customers.

Dagong technology is a company focusing on the research and application of AI image processing. It brings disruptive technologies to the old photo repair, image quality enhancement and other industries. Its two apps “you me that year” (domestic) and “Remini” (Overseas) for individual users have become popular “phenomenal” applications in many countries and regions. In the enterprise market, Dagong technology serves many domestic and foreign film factories, TV stations, film and television post companies, and other companies with image processing needs.

The reason why Dagong technology chooses Amazon cloud technology is to solve the problem of computing power. Yuan Quan, vice president of Dagou technology, said that in February 2020, the number of APP users of Dagou technology increased sharply, and the computing power met the bottleneck. After moving to Amazon cloud technology, Amazon cloud technology had sufficient computing power to quickly solve the urgent problem. After using Amazon cloud technology, Dagong technology has established a good relationship with the customer team of Amazon cloud technology. In the following time, Amazon cloud technology customer team helped Dagao technology improve its knowledge system and constantly improve its technical architecture.

A typical example is Amazon EC2 M6G, which is supported by Amazon graviton2 processor. Amazon graviton2 is a chip developed by Amazon cloud technology and originally designed for the cloud. It is the second generation processor based on ARM architecture launched by Amazon cloud technology. Compared with the same configuration of X86 instance, the cost performance of Amazon EC2 M6G, c6g and R6G instances is improved by 40%. In order to facilitate calculation, Dagong technology uses Amazon c6g instance and Amazon ec2c5 instance based on x86 processor to compare the business scenario of generating thumbnails. Using the former C5 instance, it can process 20 2K * 2K resolution images in one second, while using c6g instance, it can process 26 images of the same size in one second, with 30% performance improvement. According to the cost of processing 2.5 million images, the cost of using c6g is saved by 38.6%. Dagong technology also uses Amazon EC2 auto scaling group + spot instance to realize automatic elastic expansion based on the characteristics of explosive growth of its traffic, basically realizing zero operation and maintenance, without full-time operation and maintenance personnel.

Dagong technology also uses a number of Amazon cloud technology hosting services to improve the efficiency of application development, such as Amazon rekognition, an out of the box AI service of Amazon cloud technology, to detect the compliance of pictures shared by users, and Amazon trusted Advisor and Amazon guardduty detect vulnerabilities, and so on, which makes Dagong technology’s application iteration update speed several times faster. Finally, based on the technical architecture of Amazon cloud technology, the operation cost of Dagao technology has been saved by 20%, and the operation efficiency has been improved by 40%.

When Dagong technology talks about a project with a company in Israel, customers require that its image resources be highly confidential, and Dagong technology also hopes that its algorithm model be highly confidential. In order to enable both sides to control their own information assets and carry out the project smoothly, Amazon cloud technology provides Dagong technology with an integrated solution of Amazon organizations and Amazon resource allocation management (RAM). Both sides can specify the central configuration, security mechanism and resource sharing across accounts, while meeting the data audit requirements of both sides. The Israeli company is also a deep user of Amazon cloud technology and has high trust in Amazon cloud technology. The rich technology combination of Amazon cloud technology, together with the mutual trust of both sides in Amazon cloud technology, helped Dagong technology reach a project contract and realize cooperation.

Yuan Quan, vice president of Dagong technology, concluded, “looking back on our history, we find that we have several major bottlenecks that were broken through with the help of Amazon cloud technology. When we encounter the constraints of computing power, Amazon cloud technology has sufficient computing power and a new generation of high cost-effective examples, and the spot example brings us substantial cost-effectiveness, which provides us with sufficient guarantee. When we are faced with the complex and diverse business needs of enterprise customers, Amazon cloud technology has perfect technical system and comprehensive functions, so that we can always find the right combination to solve the problem. In particular, as a start-up company serving overseas customers, when it comes to data security and other issues, customers’ trust in Amazon cloud technology is a very critical endorsement for us. So far, our team is still equipped with Devops, without full-time operation and maintenance personnel. When our knowledge system is vacant, the professional team of Amazon cloud technology can always give us timely guidance, solve our short-term problems, and make suggestions on our long-term plan. So with the support of Amazon cloud technology, we have no worries. “

In the future, Dagong technology will also consider introducing more Amazon cloud technology services, such as executing machine learning training tasks through Amazon sagemaker, and planning to use Amazon sagemaker’s user analysis model to provide guidance for Dagong technology’s advertising. Read more: the Tomcat game family of rihuo 40 million uses AWS cloud service to create “senseless” user experience. AWS China releases financial management service to let customers use cloud service more economically and efficiently. Amazon cloud service (AWS) cloud native self-developed processor is launched for the first time in China. There are nearly 400 kinds of “server models” of Amazon cloud service (AWS) equipped with self-developed processor Amazon Graviton2 instance landing in China Amazon cloud technology is rich in ecological diversity Amazon cloud service (AWS) fully supports the smart operation of more than 50 schools of world foreign education group. AWS releases Apple MacOS instance for Amazon EC2. Who is in charge of the 6 trillion Amazon Empire Amazon cloud service (AWS) announces the launch of Amazon route 53 in China Amazon re: invest global online summit grand opening Launch 43 new services and functions Amazon’s Q4 financial report in 2020: annual revenue of Amazon’s cloud service (AWS) reaches 45.4 billion US dollars. AWS announces the official launch of Amazon bracket quantum computing service. BMW group joins hands with AWS to drive the innovation of automobile industry with data. Amazon’s cloud service (AWS) officially launches two new file storage services in China More than 50 times Jassy talked about reshaping and accelerating enterprise cloud and digital innovation

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