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Amazon cloud technology launches a new phase of “diagnostic development plan” and plans to allocate 12 million US dollars in 2021

The following is the Amazon cloud technology launches a new phase of “diagnostic development plan” and plans to allocate 12 million US dollars in 2021 recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

The diagnostic tools supported by cloud computing are very important to fight against COVID-19.

It has supported 87 organizations in 17 countries, including China, and plans to allocate US $12 million in 2021

On April 13, 2021, Amazon cloud technology announced the launch of a new phase of diagnostic development plan. Diagnosis development plan is a global project launched by Amazon cloud technology in March 2020, which aims to help organizations around the world use the power of cloud to accelerate disease diagnosis research and development. Through the program, Amazon cloud technology promises to provide us $20 million of computing quota and customized professional knowledge support from professional service team to help promote diagnostic innovation. So far, Amazon cloud technology has provided 8 million US dollars to enterprises and research institutions including China, and the remaining 12 million US dollars will be allocated in the new phase. At the same time, the scope of funding in the new phase will be expanded to three new areas: 1) identifying disease outbreaks at the individual and community levels through early disease detection; 2) better understanding of disease trajectory through prognosis; 3) supporting global viral genome testing through public health genomics.

In the first phase of the program, Amazon cloud technology has helped 87 organizations in 17 countries, including China, including non-profit organizations, research institutions, start-ups and large enterprises. The diagnostic projects supported include: molecular testing of antibodies, antigens and nucleic acids, diagnostic imaging, wearable devices, and virus detection using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies Data analysis tools, etc.

In the new stage, Amazon cloud technology will continue to give priority to the COVID-19 project and will also assess other infectious diseases. From April 12 to the end of 2021, all kinds of interested organizations around the world can apply for the program, but Amazon cloud technology will give priority to applications received before July 31. Interested organizations can ask the following link to apply  。

“From machine learning driven X-ray image analysis to fast, high-quality and direct detection for the public, we have seen many revolutionary innovations in disease diagnosis in the past year.” Amazon COVID-19 responded to Dr. Vin Gupta, chief medical officer, who said: “these innovations will continue to take place, constantly improving our ability to respond to future outbreaks. The diagnostics development program has produced a number of encouraging results. We also expect that by helping more organizations and communities make better use of cloud computing technology, we will be able to identify and respond to possible future outbreaks more quickly. “

Examples of phase I highlights

Amazon cloud technology diagnosis development plan accelerates several projects that have a direct effect on the detection of new coronavirus, bringing more possibilities for medical diagnosis. These projects not only help the medical community to respond quickly to COVID-19, but also support many important work to deal with other infectious diseases.

Here are some typical examples of the projects supported by Amazon’s cloud technology diagnosis development plan.

Jingtai technology promotes screening for new use of old drugs

Headquartered in Shenzhen, with branches in Beijing, Boston and Shanghai, xtalpi is a digital and intelligent technology company driving drug R & D and innovation. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the company quickly scanned nearly 3000 drugs that had been approved by the FDA, and more than 10 thousand kinds of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, and successfully found 183 drugs that might have potential therapeutic effects on COVID-19. After that, Jingtai technology ranked the activities of these drugs, and through more accurate computational chemistry methods, it identified 38 potentially effective drugs and shared them with partners. The rapid completion of a large number of drug screening is attributed to its intelligent digital drug discovery and development (ID4) cloud intelligent drug R & D platform. On this platform, Jingtai technology realizes large-scale model training and parameter optimization through its self-developed machine learning framework based on GPU computing instance. In the early stage of AI model research and design, the scientific team of Jingtai technology realized the rapid verification of models and parameters through Amazon sagemaker service, and its friendly interactive interface accelerated the efficiency of algorithm research and development. With the support of accurate prediction and massive computing resources, the ID4 platform of Jingtai technology has accelerated the research and development of more than 100 pipeline drugs, and is promoting the drug discovery of more than 30 new drugs in parallel.

“ID4 intelligent drug R & D platform has served dozens of pharmaceutical enterprises so far, and its advantages in speed, accuracy and safety are increasingly recognized and favored by pharmaceutical innovation enterprises. This is inseparable from Amazon cloud technology’s powerful computing, storage, artificial intelligence, machine learning and many other services. We hope to use ID4 platform to provide a powerful drug R & D engine for pharmaceutical enterprises, to be a strong partner on the road of pharmaceutical enterprises’ innovation and R & D, and to further promote the intelligent process of drug R & D with obvious R & D services. ” Liu Yang, CTO of Jingtai technology, said.

Yitikang serves primary medical care with remote ECG diagnosis

Yitikang focuses on telemedicine services and provides products and technical support for many medical and health service institutions. During the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the remote ECG service in COVID-19 broke the space restriction of the check end and the diagnostic end, providing timely ECG diagnosis for the new crown pneumonia patients in the isolation ward, and also allowing many patients in the primary hospitals to receive professional heart disease initial diagnosis and triage in large hospitals to reduce or suspend the general disease reception, thereby reducing the number of patients. The possibility of novel coronavirus pneumonia infection is caused by close contact. In 2020, the ECG diagnosis center built on Amazon cloud technology will support more than 110000 cases of remote ECG diagnosis in more than 1000 primary medical institutions. Amazon cloud technology greatly improves the efficiency of training and updating the AI model of Yitikang, and reduces the cost of data storage.

“Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been demonstrated in medical field in medicine. The hope is that we can train a set of prediction models separately through the Amazon cloud technology machine learning service and prove that the correlation between QT and the coronavirus induced diseases. Zhao Junlin, Vice President / CTO of Yitikang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Figure 1 and Figure 2 Yitikang remote ECG service supporting primary medical care

Stanford University School of medicine develops a diagnostic “alarm system” based on the smart watch. Researchers at the medical innovation laboratory of Stanford University School of medicine have developed a smart watch application to accurately mark the signs of an individual’s immune system’s resistance to potential new coronal infections. The application detects the change of individual resting heart rate and steps by algorithm. The early results were encouraging. In a pilot test, the application successfully issued a possible infection warning 10 days before the symptoms were found in a new infected person. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is now being used in the new phase of research. The team of Stanford University is recruiting participants to achieve 10 million participants in order to improve the ability to detect signs of pneumonia in the new crown. This early detection system based on smart watch is built on Amazon cloud technology. In the process of application construction, Amazon cloud technology professional service team cooperated with researchers to help expand the data processing pipeline in this research.

Figure 3 COVID-19 wearable research, developed by Stanford University medical school, App

“We hope that continuous screening with wearable devices can provide scalable diagnostic solutions to overcome existing detection barriers. At the same time, by extending data access to a wider range of researchers, we hope to promote more new discoveries and improve human health. We also look forward to using cloud computing to bring more new research possibilities. ” Dr. Michael Snyder, professor and chairman of genetics at Stanford University School of medicine.

Helix popularizes high sensitivity new crown detection in the United States

Helix is a genomics startup whose entire software platform is built on Amazon cloud technology. Helix is rapidly expanding the use of high-sensitivity molecular crown testing to help health systems, employers, governments and other organizations across the United States achieve next sunrise results. The Helix novel coronavirus pneumonia detection solution has been authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use. The company is expanding to handle up to 100000 new crown tests per day in the United States, making it one of the largest new crown testing laboratories in the United States. Helix provides an end-to-end, highly scalable solution, which can easily achieve self collection of samples through nasal swabs, and support unsupervised or supervised on-site sample collection to detect new coronavirus infection.

“Novel coronavirus pneumonia technology is not only able to build a new crown pneumonia detection solution in a short time, but also enables Helix to expand rapidly to meet the demand for surge in last winter. Its role is very huge. As the epidemic worsens, we can help thousands of communities and millions of lives across the United States on the basis of Amazon cloud technology. ” Jim Chou, vice president of engineering at helix, said.

Centro diagnostics Italiano and Bracco imaging created an open source image archive project

The alliance of novel coronavirus pneumonia and Centro Imaging Italiano, a medical and research organization alliance led by the Centro Diagnostico Italiano and the Bracco Imaging, has created a AIforCOVID image archive. Several research institutions in the alliance have developed three machine learning methods to analyze these images and clinical data on Amazon cloud technology. For novel coronavirus pneumonia, the alliance developed a model that can predict clinical outcomes in patients with new crown pneumonia through chest X ray images and clinical data. All the data collected by the aiforcovid network is on the project website( ), for members of the international science and technology community to download.

Fig. 4 chest X-ray of patients with new crown of alforcovid project. The AI marking (red) on the infected area is very close to the manual marking (green)

“In the management of new crown patients, radiology plays an important role in diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to the machine learning power brought by Amazon cloud technology and professional support, we have been able to quickly understand the large amount of data generated by diagnostic imaging and clinical analysis. We are trying to provide practical resources that hospitals and organizations around the world can use to increase understanding of diseases, promote their own diagnosis and improve patient treatment. ” Sergio papa, director of imaging diagnosis and stereotactic radiosurgery at the Italian diagnostic center, said.

“By working with Centro diagnostics Italiano and Amazon cloud technology, we have begun to explore the potential of applying AI to clinical data. We realize that this revolution has just begun. Healthcare is rapidly moving towards a new way to integrate and interconnect data with clinical practice and patient management. ” Fabio tedoldi, R & D director of global imaging division of Bracco, said. More reading: Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries Focus on the brief history of data science in online search advertising business (1962-2012) 13 pictures to see the debate on the concept of data science in the past six years IBM uses big data to solve big problems through supercomputer 10 things for you Wall Street Journal: 10 things the beverage industry won’t tell you Google glasses: three ways to change the future of medicine what’s the healthiest way to eat? Experts and you think not the same, eat happy best! New York Times: manicurists fall victim to toxic cosmetics, and US regulation falls behind

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