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Amazon cloud technology launches Amazon EBS io2 block express storage volume

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O2 storage volume runs on the next-generation block express architecture. It is the first San (storage area network) built specifically for the cloud, which can meet the performance requirements of customers’ I / O-Intensive and business critical applications

Customers such as epic system, Amway and OKTA have used Amazon EBS io2 block express to store volumes

Recently, Amazon cloud technology announced that the Amazon EBS io2 block express storage volume was officially available, realizing the San (storage area network) function in the cloud for the first time. EBS block express is a new generation of storage server architecture, which provides ultra-high block storage performance without purchasing, expanding and maintaining expensive local sans. By running io2 storage volumes on block express, customers can achieve sub millisecond latency and configure a single io2 storage volume up to 256000   IOPs, throughput of 4000mb / s and capacity of 64tb increase the performance, throughput and capacity of existing io2 storage volumes by 4x. Io2 block express storage volumes are ideal for very large, I / O intensive and mission critical deployments such as Oracle databases, SAP Hana, Microsoft SQL server, InterSystems databases, and SAS analytics. There is no Prepaid Charge for using io2 block express storage volumes, and customers only need to pay for the storage capacity used. To start using io2 block express to store volumes, visit: 。

Io2 storage volume (the latest generation of IOPs volume) has 99.999% (5 9S) data persistence, and IOPs is 4 times higher than general-purpose EBS storage volume, so it has become the first choice for many customers to run their critical and performance intensive applications. Some applications require higher IOPs, throughput, and capacity than a single io2 storage volume, while requiring lower latency. In order to solve the required performance, customers usually stripe and combine multiple io2 storage volumes; More demanding applications require more io2 storage volumes to be striped, but customers do not want to manage these storage volumes. For these demanding applications, many customers used to use locally deployed SAN storage (a set of disks accessed through the local network) to meet their technical requirements. However, San has many disadvantages, such as high procurement cost in the early stage, complex prediction to ensure sufficient capacity, complex and difficult to manage, and also consumes valuable data center space and network capacity. When customers use more capacity than a single SAN storage can provide, they have to buy another complete SAN storage, which requires more upfront costs and forces customers to pay for unused capacity. Therefore, customers want to use San function in the cloud, and now this idea can be realized.

Io2 block express storage volume redefines block storage to provide customers with the performance they expect from San storage architecture. At the same time, it has the elasticity, unlimited scale expansion and flexible pay on demand of Amazon cloud technology, and its cost is as low as half of a typical San. Io2 block express storage volumes are designed for high-capacity IOPs, high throughput, high durability, high storage capacity and low latency applications. For example, use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud  ( Amazon EC2) r5b instance and io2 block express storage volume, SQL server runs three times faster on Amazon cloud technology than the second fastest cloud service provider. Customers can also stripe and combine multiple io2 block express storage volumes to achieve better performance than a single storage volume. Block express helps io2 storage volumes achieve high performance by completely redesigning the underlying EBS hardware, software, and network stack. By decoupling computing from storage in the hardware layer and rewriting software to take advantage of this decoupling, block express achieves a new level of performance and shortens the innovation time. At the same time, block express greatly reduces latency by rewriting the network stack to take advantage of the high-performance scalable reliable datagrams (SRD) network protocol. The price of io2 block express storage volume is the same as that of io2 storage volume, and there is no prepayment. These improvements enable customers to deploy and expand capacity without high upfront costs and the typical idle capacity of local sans.

“For decades, customers looking for the best performance for their throughput intensive workloads have been forced to adopt local sans, which are not only expensive, but also difficult to manage due to complexity and resource intensity.” Mai LAN tomsen bukovec, vice president of Amazon cloud technology storage, said, “io2 block express storage volume is a game changer. Customers can expand their capacity by several petabytes in a few minutes at half the cost of a typical San, and the storage is managed by Amazon cloud technology. The performance is the same or better than many leading SAN storage products, and there is no need to purchase, expand and maintain the local San in advance. “

EBS io2 block express storage volumes have many important San features, including multi attach and elastic volumes. Support for other San features will be added in the coming months, including fast snapshot restore. The io2 block express storage volume can be used for r5b instances, that is, Amazon EC2 instances with the highest EBS bandwidth. It is applicable to all regions where Amazon cloud technology currently provides r5b instances, including the eastern United States (Ohio), the eastern United States (Northern Virginia), the western United States (Oregon), the Asia Pacific region (Singapore) Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Europe (Frankfurt) regions. Support for other EC2 instance types and regions will be added in the coming months.

Epic systems is a global leader in electronic health record software“ Through the combination of io2 block express and Amazon cloud technology r5b instance, the scalability is improved by 125% compared with the previous Amazon cloud technology single database configuration. ” Doug Hernandez, server system engineer of epic systems, said, “our customers use intersystem’s enterprise cache protocol (ECP) to horizontally expand their operational database architecture in the public cloud for the first time to achieve further expansion.”

Amway is the largest direct selling company in the world, producing and selling nutrition, beauty, personal care and household products, and selling them exclusively in 100 countries through Amway independent business owners“ We run an Oracle database based application. For our customers, high performance is absolutely essential during the peak processing at the end of the month. It currently runs on dedicated computing, network and Vmax storage, and transaction throughput depends on very low write latency. ” Lee Beyer, Amway technical director   Said, “it is unrealistic for us to completely re architecture, but we hope to be able to take advantage of scalable infrastructure during peak processing and realize global deployment. With the performance of io2 block express storage volumes, we expect to meet transaction throughput and write latency requirements, enabling us to take advantage of a more resilient and scalable infrastructure to lay the foundation for future modernization based on cloud native services. “

OKTA is a leading independent identity authentication provider dedicated to providing simple and secure identity authentication for people and organizations around the world“ In OKTA, we use MySQL as the back-end storage for our main application and some microservices. With the growth of data storage demand, the demand for throughput, IOPs and data storage capacity is also increasing. At present, to solve the limitation of disk size and throughput of each volume means to strip several volumes together, but at the same time, it increases the complexity of our setting. ” Darren Cassar, senior manager of OKTA site reliability engineering, said, “we are very happy to test the io2 block express storage volume. A single io2 storage volume has 64tb capacity and 4000mb / s throughput. It is a huge improvement compared with the previous 16 TB and 1000 MB / s, which can help us reduce the storage volume management overhead.”

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