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Amazon cloud technology releases China business strategy

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Focus on Chinese customers, deeply cultivate local and overseas customers, take root in China, and Chinese customers successfully go to sea, “troika, go hand in hand”

Amazon cloud technology (Ningxia), which is operated by Western cloud data, will expand its capacity in phase II. It is estimated that the area of new plant facilities and the computing capacity it can support will reach 1.3 times of that in phase I

Amazon cloud technology (Beijing), which is operated by halo new network, will officially release the third zone in late 2021 to bring customers more flexible, reliable and more available infrastructure services

On March 25, 2021, Amazon cloud technology held a media communication meeting in Beijing today, officially releasing the China business strategy of “three carriages, go hand in hand” for the first time. Through the unique global advantages of Amazon cloud technology, giving full play to the strong support of Amazon’s global business system, and taking advantage of Amazon’s innovative culture and strategy, Amazon cloud technology has made great efforts to build a “troika” of its Chinese business, including allowing Chinese customers in China to enjoy the world’s leading cloud technology and services, so as to better cultivate their local business and overseas business Global customers maintain the consistency of global IT architecture and experience by using China region, and Chinese customers go out to the world through Amazon cloud technology’s global infrastructure and services. These three carriages integrate, cooperate and promote each other, and serve customers at home and abroad in a full range of business remodeling and digital innovation. In order to further promote the implementation of this business strategy, Amazon cloud technology also announced that the Amazon cloud technology (Ningxia) region operated by Western cloud data will be expanded in phase II, and it is estimated that the area of new plant facilities and the computing capacity that can be supported will reach 1.3 times of phase I. Amazon cloud technology (Beijing), which is operated by halo new network, will officially release the third zone in late 2021 to bring customers more flexible, reliable and more available infrastructure services. In addition, Amazon cloud technology also announced strategic cooperation with huami technology. Huami technology makes full use of Amazon cloud technology in the world and supports its strategic layout of “core cloud” covering more than 70 countries and regions.

Zhang Wenyi, global vice president of Amazon and executive director of Amazon cloud technology in Greater China

Zhang Wenyi, global vice president of Amazon and executive director of Amazon cloud technology in Greater China, said, “China is one of the most important countries in the global development layout of Amazon cloud technology. We have a long-term commitment to the development of our business in China. As the creator and leader of global cloud computing, Amazon cloud technology’s vision in China is to use its inherent spirit of innovation to enable customers to reshape, accelerate customers’ global business expansion, and strengthen local talent training, so as to promote industry transformation, help the development of digital economy, and benefit the whole society. The strategy of “three carriages, go hand in hand” reflects the unique advantages and positioning of Amazon cloud technology, and is the foundation of our sustainable development rooted in China. “

In recent years, Amazon cloud technology adheres to its long-term development in China and continuously increases investment. In September 2016, Amazon cloud technology (Beijing), operated by halo new network, was officially put into business. In December 2017, Amazon cloud technology China (Ningxia) region, operated by Western cloud data, was officially launched. In April 2019, Amazon cloud technology will be officially launched in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) region. As a result, China has become the only country with three regions outside the United States. Amazon cloud technology has also set up Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and Internet of things laboratories in Taipei and Shenzhen to empower Chinese customers through basic research and innovative product development.

With the acceleration of global digital development, Zhang Wenyi, global vice president of Amazon and executive director of Amazon cloud technology in Greater China, said: “we hope to become an innovation engine of digital economy, a reliable empoweror, a global technology bridge, and an active participant and contributor of digital economy and technological progress.”

Amazon cloud technology and huami technology reach strategic cooperation

In order to promote the development of regional business in China, Amazon cloud technology has put forward five measures. First, continue to take root in China, increase investment and provide better infrastructure for customers. Second, cooperate with Guanghuan Xinnet and Xiyun data to accelerate the implementation of global cloud services and functions in China. In 2020, Amazon cloud technology will launch more than 400 new services and functions in Beijing and Ningxia, with a year-on-year growth of 35%. In 2021, it will continue to accelerate. Third, integrate rich global and local customer practices to help traditional enterprises from all walks of life embrace the cloud quickly and drive the transformation of traditional industries; deeply cultivate the financial, manufacturing, automotive, retail and e-commerce, medical and Life Sciences, media, education, games, energy and power industries, and through Amazon cloud technology’s rich experience in end-to-end whole industry chain of various vertical industries, plus Speed up the landing of overseas customers, the transformation and innovation of Chinese local customers, and the upgrading of local industries. Fourth, help partners improve their business capabilities and technical level, enrich and enhance China’s cloud industry chain, so as to better serve customers. Fifth, build a “industry university research” Trinity cloud computing talent training system to help China cultivate future cloud computing talents. Amazon cloud technology officially announced in 2020 that it will provide free cloud computing technology training for 29 million people by 2025, and China will also actively participate in it.

High end Dialogue Forum

For customers going to sea, Amazon cloud technology’s global infrastructure, leading security and compliance concepts and practices, extensive and in-depth cloud services, and strong support of Amazon’s global business integration have built a solid technical bridge for Chinese enterprises going to sea.

After years of hard work, Amazon cloud technology has been widely recognized by Chinese local customers and overseas global customers. CIMC group, Wenyuan Zhixing, Beijing new century medical, Sany Heavy Industry, Zhongke cloud Valley, new hope, Hunan Satellite TV, Zibo thermal power, Beijing No.4 Middle School online school, Bank of Qingdao, Pfizer, Siemens, Toyota Internet, Softbank robot, canva, Amway, huami technology, I love my family, mobvista, Netease games, Chuanyin, oppo, Hisense Jumei, coin an, app Annie, shellfish and other customers from all walks of life at home and abroad, of all sizes, are taking advantage of the services and solutions provided by Amazon cloud technology in China or around the world to accelerate digital transformation and innovation.

Founded in 2013, huami technology is a cloud based health service provider with the world’s leading intelligent wearable technology. It is rapidly moving towards globalization, with 54.1% of overseas shipments in 2019. Fan meihui, co-founder of huami technology and rotating president of global innovation center, said, “Amazon cloud technology has strong global infrastructure, industry-leading cloud technology and services, as well as security and compliance capabilities. Choose Amazon cloud technology to make users trust us more and ensure the security and privacy of their personal data, just as they trust Amazon cloud technology. “

About Amazon cloud technology

In the past 15 years, Amazon Web services has been famous for its rich services and wide applications in the world. Amazon cloud technology has been expanding its service portfolio to support almost any workload on the cloud. At present, it provides more than 200 full-featured services, including computing, storage, database, networking, analysis, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Internet of things, mobile, security, hybrid cloud, virtual reality and augmented reality, media, and application development, deployment and deployment In terms of management, it covers 80 zones (AZ) in 25 geographical regions, and has announced plans to build 5 new zones and 15 new zones in Australia, India, Indonesia, Spain and Switzerland. Millions of customers around the world, including fast-growing start-ups, large enterprises and leading government agencies, rely on Amazon cloud technology to strengthen its infrastructure, improve agility and reduce costs through its services. For more information about Amazon cloud technology, please visit: .

About Amazon

Amazon adheres to four principles: customer first, innovation first, excellent operation and long-term thinking. The company has created many innovative services, including customer evaluation, one click order, personalized recommendation, prime member service, Amazon distribution, Amazon cloud technology, Kindle direct publishing, Kindle, fire tables, fire TV, Amazon echo and Alexa. For more information, please visit . Read more: Amazon cloud technology announced that it will provide low-cost storage level for Amazon EFS. AWS appointed Zhang Wenyi as global vice president and executive director of Greater China. Rong Yongkang will take another new position. Digital China has officially become a strategic partner of Amazon cloud services (AWS) in China. Amazon graviton2, a self-developed processor, is launched in China Amazon cloud technology enriches ecological diversity Amazon cloud technology self developed cloud native processor provides cost-effective computing power for graffiti intelligence Amazon cloud service (AWS) and formula 1 jointly announce six new racing performance statistics in 2020 season, and Star Alliance, the world’s largest aviation alliance, fully uses AWS Move all data, platforms and key business applications to AWS. AWS announced the opening of three Amazon cloudfront sites operated by Western cloud data. Bubba murarka: the history, present and future of mobile advertising. Web power: 2011 China email marketing industry data report direct capital: 2014 US brand map results unexpected Market Wired: Apple tweeted more than 560 million tweets in 2013 digital content ecology and disruptive innovation in publishing industry Honeywell: released global business aviation outlook report in 2013 common software tools and application scenarios for big data research

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