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Amazon cloud technology’s self-developed cloud native processor provides cost-effective computing power for graffiti intelligence

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Recently, a new generation of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance supported by Amazon graviton2 processor has been widely adopted by the world’s leading IOT cloud platform graffiti intelligence. At present, graffiti intelligence has migrated more than 40% of the company’s workload to Amazon EC2 M6G and c6g new generation instances. Compared with the x86 instance with the same configuration, the CPU performance has been improved by 100%, the server unit price has been reduced by 20%, and the overall cost performance has been improved by 2.5 times.

Graffiti intelligence is graffiti intelligence, the world’s leading IOT cloud platform. It connects the intelligent needs of consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers and chain retailers, and provides developers with one-stop PAAS solutions of artificial intelligence internet of things. It covers hardware development tools, global cloud and smart business platform development, and provides comprehensive ecological empowerment from technology to marketing channels . Our customers cover manufacturing brands and OEM manufacturers in the fields of electrician, lighting, sensor, household appliances, pangwu equipment, health equipment, cleaning robot, camera, door lock, gateway central control, energy saving control, digital entertainment, outdoor travel, etc., and provide them with intelligent solutions, which are widely used in smart real estate, smart community, smart hotel, smart security, smart business photo, smart public And other industries. Currently, users of graffiti intelligence are in more than 220 countries and regions, with more than 262000 developers worldwide, supporting 1100 product categories and enabling more than 252000 device SKUs.

According to Chen Yayan, chief architect of graffiti Intelligent Cloud Development Department, graffiti intelligent business poses many challenges to the technical architecture. First of all, the response time of the cloud server must be less than 10 milliseconds to meet the end-user experience requirements. Moreover, graffiti intelligence has a large number of online devices, and it has to process more than 84 billion requests every day in the cloud, reaching 1.5 million requests per second at the peak, which requires massive and cost-effective computing power to provide protection. Especially in the “black five”, Christmas, new year’s day and other holidays, there are often sudden traffic growth, need real-time expansion. In addition, graffiti intelligence as a global IOT cloud platform, the technical architecture to achieve global high availability, if you build a global data center, not only the cost is high, but also the operation and maintenance is difficult, the most feasible way is to use the ready-made global infrastructure.

Therefore, since 2017, doodle intelligence has built its main technical architecture on the cloud platform of Amazon cloud technology, based on Amazon EC2 and network load Balancer network load balancing and other services build a 100 million level IOT gateway platform with global high availability, scalability and real-time response. With the help of Amazon cloud technology’s global high reliable infrastructure network, combined with the best practice of cloud application architecture design, and the escort service provided by Amazon cloud technology’s team at important business nodes, it realizes the intelligent service with quality assurance Able to deliver Internet of things services.

As a heavy user of Amazon cloud technology, doodle intelligence maintains a deep interest in the latest computing examples of Amazon cloud technology. Almost all applications of graffiti intelligence adopt micro service and cloud native architecture, while Amazon graviton2 processor is specially designed for micro service cloud native applications, which avoids the resource overhead caused by traditional x86 architecture processor to take into account the traditional data center multi-threaded applications, thus greatly improving the performance price ratio.

Therefore, when the new generation of Amazon EC2 instance supported by Amazon graviton2 processor went online, graffiti intelligence was tried for the first time. Doodle intelligence compares the new generation instance of Amazon EC2 M6G with the previous generation M5G instance based on x86 architecture, and finds that it is also the workload of 220000 TCP connections. The average CPU load rate of M5G is 27%, while the average CPU load rate of M6G is below 12%, and the CPU performance is improved by more than 100%. At the same time, the unit price of the server of the M6G model is 20% lower than that of the M5G model, which ultimately improves the overall cost performance of graffiti intelligence by 2.5 times.

Chen Yayan said that at present, graffiti intelligence has switched about 40% of the company’s instances to those supported by graviton2 processor, and will gradually migrate more in the future.

In fact, examples based on Amazon graviton2 processor have a wide range of applications, including microservices, game servers, message queues, high-performance computing, batch processing, advertising services, video coding, games, scientific modeling, distributed analysis, and CPU based The application scenarios, such as machine learning reasoning, open source database, memory database and real-time big data analysis, can get very good performance and higher cost performance. China Mobile: cloud native white paper of telecom industry (with download) strategy Analytics: global cellular baseband processor market revenue in 2019 is US $20.9 billion 3% year on year IDC:2010 Vision Mobile: arm, king of Android processors strategy Analytics: global cellular baseband processor market in 2017 was US $21.2 billion, down 4% year on year Research: the global application processor shipment will exceed 1.9 billion in 2017 China Yikang era: 2019 kitchen waste processor dual line market analysis strategy Analytics: the global cellular baseband processor market in 2014 reached 22.1 billion US dollars strategy Analytics: the global mobile baseband processor market in Q1 2014 was 4.7 billion US dollars strategy Apple accounted for 21% of the global smartphone processor market in 2015

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