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The following is the And Bili Bili have reconciled From Maimai issued a statement in response to webpost’s “station B wins the lawsuit against unfair competition” recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: social networks, Industry information.

In the evening of January 15th, in response to the announcement of the “B station’s prosecution of unfair competition”, the WeChat official account issued a statement that it had been reconciled with beep, and there was no false user’s false opinion and unfair competition.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

A few days ago, the network spread that “station B sued pulse for unfair competition”, which aroused the attention of pulse users and friends from all walks of life. In this regard, we make the following statement: Maimai and BiliBili (hereinafter referred to as “station B”) have reached a settlement under the mediation of the court, and Maimai does not use false users to publish and disseminate false bad opinions, which constitutes unfair competition.

On March 28, 2019, a pulse user releases information in the workplace as a BiliBili employee. Since then, station B has used “false users to publish and spread false and bad comments It is necessary to bring a lawsuit against Maimai on the ground of “unfair competition behavior constituting commercial slander”. Maimai failed to submit the user information without receiving the “investigation letter” from the court, and was sentenced to compensate the plaintiff 300000 yuan. After the first trial, Maimai appealed. After mediation by the court, Maimai submitted the information of the publisher involved in the case to the court according to law, compensated 80000 yuan, and finally reached a settlement.

The real workplace information generated by real employees is the user value that pulse always adheres to. Here, I would like to declare to our concerned users and friends from all walks of life:

As the platform side, we will not use the identity of “false user” to release and disseminate false information against any enterprise or event;

Under the premise of strictly abiding by the relevant national laws and regulations, we will not provide any third party with post user information in any form;

At the same time, we are not completely anonymous. We will not let the content of the zone be untrue. We will cooperate with law enforcement departments to investigate rumors, slanders and malicious remarks against individuals, enterprises and industries.

As a content community with the genes of emotional connection and emotional maintenance, the professional speech area needs professionals, enterprises and platforms to respect and maintain each other. We don’t want to see each other estranged by over emotional communication. We call for responsible and rational dialogue among employees, companies and platforms on the basis of “authenticity”.

We will treasure every user as always, and continue to spare no effort to protect the truth. Soon, we will optimize some functions of the professional speech area to better protect the authentic and more responsible speeches. More reading: Pulse & CTR & GroupM: 2019 China workplace social report pulse: 2019 China workplace social report pulse: 2014 entrepreneur network survey report (with information chart) station B: active users reached 120 million in 4q19 Pulse: 2019 future career travel prospects China Institute of Information Technology & Pulse: 2018 digital economy talent flow report (attached with download) chezhibao & Pulse: analysis report on the demand for car change of working population (attached with download) pulse: 2018 spring popular recruitment position pulse & Ping’an Hao doctor: 2017 China Women’s health survey in the workplace 65% have psychological problems pulse: Spring 2017 top 10 most popular positions pulse: 2019 graduate growth Guide (attached with download) pulse: Contemporary career marriage pulse: career women’s three views report pulse: 2020 talent attraction report (attached with download) coming and coming meeting & Pulse: 2015 survey report on outbound travel mode of young people in the workplace

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