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At the opening of the 79th education equipment exhibition, Lenovo launched the smart education interactive screen with the goal of top 2

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On April 23, the 79th educational equipment exhibition opened in Xiamen. Adhering to the value concept of “science and technology to be simple, wisdom for learning”, Lenovo has released two new products: M1 pro and 5.0, the interactive large screen of Lenovo’s wisdom education. Wang Liping, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of China’s major business customers Division, shared on the spot how scientific and technological innovation will simplify the teaching mode and reconstruct the next generation of intelligent learning space. In addition, Lenovo also built theme exhibition areas such as Lenovo functional classroom, Lenovo new generation learning space, Lenovo new generation teaching and research space, Lenovo smart cloud classroom, Lenovo smart campus and Lenovo innovative products, presenting 26 kinds of unique smart education solutions.

Intelligent education interactive large screen M1 Pro released, goal top2

In this exhibition, Lenovo released and displayed the brand-new Lenovo intelligent education interactive large screen M1 pro, which is equipped with a new generation of infrared touch technology to bring a smooth touch writing experience. 13 million cameras and 6-way microphone array can support remote inspection and screen recording functions, and the full-featured USB type-C interface meets a variety of teaching terminal scenarios for teachers, 85% NTSC high color gamut can more truly restore the teaching materials. At the same time, the Rhine eye care certified education screen will effectively filter out harmful blue light and create a more healthy and immersive sensory experience for classroom teaching.

As a practical school of smart education, Lenovo has always been committed to enabling education reform with new it, building the next generation of learning space with the technical architecture of “end, edge, cloud, network and intelligence”, enabling new teaching and research, and coping with the new challenges of operating system diversification, application diversification and tool diversification. Wang Liping said at the launch ceremony that, based on long-term cultivation and strength accumulation in the education industry, Lenovo smart education interactive screen will march towards the goal of top 2 in the Chinese market. With open, easy-to-use, convenient, sharing and other technical advantages, it will help teachers prepare lessons, teach and research in a more relaxed way, and enhance students’ participation, Make the future smart classroom more experiential.

In addition, Lenovo has also released a new generation of “teaching preparation solution 5.0”, which supports massive and extensive educational resources. The version of teaching materials covers more than 500 schools. It is easy to use PPT, which is more in line with teachers’ habits. At the same time, preparation teaching 5.0 also realizes one person’s lesson preparation, multiple people’s sharing and collaborative lesson preparation, and uses more than 50 discipline tools to make knowledge presentation more intuitive.

Concept leading: redefine future education with “science and technology to be simple and wisdom to be learned”

Facing the new requirements of building a high-quality education system during the “14th five year plan” period, Lenovo will, under the guidance of the concept of “science and technology to be simple, wisdom to learn”, rely on open and compatible, scene linkage, convenient and intelligent scientific and technological innovation, return education to teaching and learning, reshape education mode and classroom experience, and break through the restrictions of region, urban and rural areas, Let different regions get rich and equal educational resources. Starting from this education equipment exhibition, Lenovo will also fully launch the 2021 “smart China Tour” activity to accelerate the popularization of smart education with the power of digital innovation. Read more: Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold test kit Infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries CCFA: Top 100 supermarkets in China in 2019 Xinsong, tuosida, EFT Midea Group… A large number of famous enterprises will gather at the 10th robot industry conference iprdaily: Top 100 patents of Chinese enterprises in 2020 top 100 smart city top planning to operation How to help the park upgrade its intelligence? Qiniuyun X city science and technology has found the answer. In the eye of the storm, where is the tourist’s military strategist? The 11th China International Software Quality Engineering (isqe) summit will be held in 2020. IOT cloud warehouse: China General warehousing market dynamic report in September 2020

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