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Awe awarded the first epland juui social system for Ott system and won the Intelligent Technology Award

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On March 24, awe2021 held the epland award ceremony and announced the award-winning results of 246 shortlisted products. Juui social system of jumeihao technology has won the intelligent technology award, becoming the only award-winning Ott large screen system in this year’s epland and the first award-winning Ott large screen system in the history of awe epland.

It is worth noting that throughout the list of all previous applan awards, the situation of home appliance hardware “dominating the world” has been gradually broken in the past two years. This year, the first applan award was awarded for Ott large screen system, and “enabling technology to lead industry change” has become the consensus of home appliance industry. It is committed to building a family Internet cloud platform with AI to enhance family well-being, focusing on technology innovation, launching AI interactive series products and large screen education series products, creating a “smart center” for family scenes and giving interesting soul to the screen.

It is reported that juui social system is the first and only complete and mature TV large screen social system in the industry. When it was first released in 2019, it took the lead in providing 6-way video calls, chatting while watching and other functions. Based on the humanized scene demand, it endowed the screen with social attributes, connected individuals, families and families with large screen, and re endowed the living room with human and social flavor The sense of ceremony has epoch-making industry significance.

The award-winning juui social system is the optimization and upgrading of the original system after a year of research and data analysis. It retains the core function of “social” and expands the original 6-way video call to 1000 people cloud video. Based on the powerful and stable audio and video transmission ability, it can open up the multi scenes of meeting, teaching, entertainment, fitness and so on with social as the core, and realize services everywhere. More reading: Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries CCFA: Top 100 supermarkets in China in 2019 New Media Research Institute of Communication University of China & Sina AI Media Research Institute: China’s smart media development report (2020-2021) FCA: young investors buy cryptocurrency mainly for “stimulation” [countdown 1 day] OFweek invites you to participate in this automotive electronic technology event! Huya financial report: in 2020, the annual net revenue is 10.914.4 billion yuan, and the net profit is 884.2 million yuan. Yichaton technology will establish a joint venture with Volvo cars in Gothenburg Jointly develop a new generation of vehicle intelligent operating system applicable to the world. Ali health released “sleepless report”: 30% of insomnia people or fake insomnia Hisense gathered good-looking Engineers: “embrace slow walker” with science and technology, 100 Wanda Plaza fully launched “pay as points”, and “Zhihui business circle” led the new business form change. Swire Coca Cola and Tencent reached in-depth strategic cooperation, with a total of Create a new digital benchmark for FMCG beverage industry FBI annual report: more than $4 billion of cyber crime losses in 2020 unit 42 blackmail software threat report: the average ransom for blackmail software nearly tripled to $312493 in 2020

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