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Baby trees become the first choice of scientific parenting for new mothers and infants of generation Z From BigData

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Recently, bigdata research, a third-party data mining and market research institution, released the “2020 China Internet maternal and child Market Research Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”). The report found that in 2020, the scale of China’s maternal and infant market will exceed 4 trillion, and the user stickiness and online consumption of maternal and infant Internet platform will be greatly improved and increased; generation Z will become the main force of new mothers after taking over the post-80s, who tend to obtain professional breeding knowledge through online channels such as maternal and infant app, and share social interaction; among them, the baby tree breeding app of baby tree (1761. HK) Most recognized, leading the industry in terms of user coverage, next day retention rate, monthly activity, brand awareness and user trust, with the latter two accounting for more than 90%.

Z generation becomes the main force of new mothers and drives the development of mother infant Online

In 2020, the number of pregnant mothers in China will be 12.89 million, of which nearly 70% are mothers under the age of 30. Generation Z will become the main force of new mothers after replacing 80 / 85. As Internet aborigines, generation Z mainly relies on online for information acquisition and consumption. The outbreak of the epidemic has also promoted more families’ health awareness and led to more online health attention and consumption.

With the upgrading of consumption and the rising cost of parenting, the maternal and infant industry is following the trend of online live broadcasting. In 2020, the market scale of China’s maternal and infant industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan. For the first time, the per capita ARPU of maternal and infant Family Parenting will exceed 5000 yuan, reaching 5207 yuan, with an annual growth of 11.9%. Due to the epidemic situation, the scale of e-commerce market will also increase by more than 10%. In the early stage of the epidemic, live broadcasting has become a new way for many businesses to sell goods, but in the middle and late stage of the epidemic, live broadcasting has become a necessary means of commodity sales. Generation Z mothers not only hope to purchase products that meet the personalized and refined needs of their children, but also hope to learn correct and effective parenting knowledge at the same time.

At present, the concept of scientific pregnancy is becoming more and more popular, especially recognized by the new generation of new parents. Most of them are high-income groups, but as novice parents, they lack experience and hope to obtain authoritative, professional, systematic and high-quality pregnancy content. Therefore, professional mother and child app has become the most important channel for them to obtain mother and child information.

According to the report, nearly 70% of Baoma’s pregnant knowledge is mainly acquired through maternal and infant app, and the penetration rate of maternal and infant app is close to wechat. Taking the domestic well-known mother and baby app baby tree breeding as an example, its contents range from the health theme from pregnancy preparation to pregnancy period, to the theme of education, lifestyle and fashion, comprehensively covering the wide needs of young families. In 2020, baby tree breeding also launched the baby tree pregnancy preparation version, which provides a one-stop solution for the Z generation of young people preparing for pregnancy; upgrading the father version, which helps more father groups learn professional knowledge and deeply participate in parenting.

Baby tree, the only one-stop maternal and child full service platform in China with Mau over 20 million

With the continuous upgrading of content and services, baby tree has become the preferred platform for scientific parenting among mothers and infants, especially for Z generation mothers and infants. According to the report statistics, baby tree is not only the app with the highest coverage of pregnant people, but also the app most commonly used by pregnant mothers of generation Z, with brand recognition as high as 93.3%, leading the industry in an all-round way.

According to the report, baby tree has launched a global flow ecological layout and built a one-stop service system of “content + community + Tools + e-commerce + local services”, which is more trusted by mother and child users. Therefore, baobab tree breeding app not only leads the industry in terms of retention rate, user stickiness and reputation, but also is the only mother and child app with more than 20 million monthly active users in China.

With generation Z mother and child population gradually becoming the new driving force for the development of mother and child industry, scientific parenting and mother’s own health management will be the core content of mother and child market. The trend of fine and specialized consumer demand categories for mother and child will be highlighted. The phenomenon of online consumption will be accelerated, and the development trend of brand sinking market will also be stronger. In terms of Internet mother and child platform, in order to gain the wide recognition of z-generation users, we need to make more efforts in providing more comprehensive and refined comprehensive services. More reading: Garter: 2012 emerging technology hype cycle report baby tree: 2019 China family breeding mode survey baby tree: 2018 China family breeding mode white paper (with download) baby tree: 2017 China 0-3 years old infant growth and development status white paper (with download) big data, small data, which is your dish bigdata research: 2015 China third party mobile The total transaction scale of the payment market is 9.31 trillion yuan. Baobab tree: 55.24% of the total amount of maternal and infant products purchased through e-commerce channels. Information chart: big data enterprise ecological map Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to demand Gen in dozens of countries CCFA: Top 100 Chinese supermarkets in 2019 China Tea Circulation Association: production and sales of Chinese black tea in 2019 Accenture global enterprise executives survey: 70% of Chinese enterprises interviewed believe that China’s market will be V-shaped recovery Index: full text of 2020 white paper on new energy passenger vehicles

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