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Children’s programming industry creates AI double teacher teaching mode From Creating inclusive sample of science and technology education by walnut programming

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Recently, walnut programming, the leader of children’s programming education industry, announced the completion of a new round of financing, with $200 million in round C series financing. It is reported that the current round of financing of walnut programming will be “all in educational technology”, continuously invest in scientific and technological research and development and high-quality teacher reserve, drive educational innovation with science and technology, focus on the cultivation and improvement of young people’s scientific and technological quality, and promote the universalization of high-quality education.

During this year’s two sessions, “education equity” has become a high-frequency hot word and a focus in the field of education. With the rapid development of online education, the lack of educational resources is sinking. Whether the market can accelerate the realization of high-quality balance of educational resources, how to use AI to enable the development of educational informatization, and how to promote inclusive education are important topics.

AI technology may be the best way to achieve inclusive education. Zeng pengxuan, founder and CEO of walnut programming, said: “since its establishment for 1 325 days, walnut programming has always insisted on using science and technology to achieve large-scale individualized education, and is committed to becoming the most trusted education brand of parents. In the future, we will continue to uphold the original intention of education and make every effort to “all in education technology” so that every child can love and learn, and quality education is within reach. “

Walnut programming is the first in the industry to create an AI man-machine dual teacher teaching mode. Relying on AI technology and the guidance of real teachers, it creates an “irreversible” product experience. On the one hand, large-scale personalized teaching is realized by constructing learner model, teaching paradigm and personalized engine. On the other hand, it greatly reduces the excessive dependence of children’s programming teaching on teacher resources, and uses AI teachers to assist real teachers, which essentially solves the labor threshold and cost threshold of “inclusive”, which has been widely recognized by capital and industry.

Liu Yiran, partner of Yuanjing capital, said: “we judge that online education has gone through two stages: online live broadcasting and online course productization, and is entering the stage of intelligent product. Walnut programming takes programming education as an emerging education discipline as the breakthrough point. It has gained the leading position in the market with its leading products and operating efficiency. At the same time, it constantly explores and iterates the next generation of intelligent education products to break through the problems of limited high-quality supply and uneven distribution of education resources in the education industry, and realize the supply side revolution of the education industry and the substantial improvement of students’ experience “I’m not sure

It is understood that walnut programming actively promotes the popularization of programming education. In 2020, it will enter into strategic cooperation with beautiful China to donate theme courses to schools in remote mountainous areas, and provide supporting teaching research and technical service support, so that children in remote mountainous areas can also have access to high-quality children’s programming education and experience the efficient learning experience brought about by AI man-machine dual teacher teaching mode. So far, it has covered more than 20 schools in remote areas in Guangdong, Fujian and Yunnan provinces.

Education “customization” has become a trend. Walnut programming is committed to providing the most suitable education program for each child with technical means. In the past year, about 150 million yuan has been invested in AI product construction and technology upgrading. At the same time, walnut programming officially released a new independently developed graphical programming tool nuts. Nuts is a graphical programming tool specially designed for Chinese children. Every line of code comes from the walnut programming technical team. Its loading speed, operating efficiency and scalability have been greatly improved. In the future, it will be fully integrated into all kinds of children’s programming competitions. More importantly, nuts enables walnut programming to construct full link learning informatization from the bottom of learning tools.

Not only that, following the first principle of education, walnut programming helps learners give full play to their learning nature, let every child fall in love with learning, and learn something, and comprehensively improve the scientific quality of Chinese teenagers. It is understood that in 2020, there will be more than 30000 winners of walnut programming national competition, with a year-on-year increase of 143%. Among them, in the Ministry of education white list competition NOC competition, nearly 400 walnut programming students won all the grade awards; in the Information Science Olympiad CSP, 9-year-old walnut programming students broke the national record of the youngest age to get the first grade Promotion Award; in the 2020 “China number star” youth Mathematics Conference, 90% of walnut programming students won the gold, silver and bronze awards, and at the same time, as the only editor Cheng’s team won the third place in the national team.

Walnut programming was established in August 2017, focusing on online children’s programming education services for 4-12 years old. It is committed to promoting programming education by means of science and technology. Through the first AI man-machine dual teacher teaching mode, it realizes large-scale individualized teaching. At the same time, the teaching base has covered Jinan, Xi’an and Wuhan. As of March 2023, the number of children’s programming students who paid for the first time in walnut programming industry has been the largest. More reading: Hugo Award author Hao Jingfang guest walnut programming: Children’s programming cultivate children’s general learning ability, focus on science and technology research and development, help inclusive education walnut programming: “all in education technology”, “children’s programming into primary and secondary school curriculum” and other favorable policies appear frequently Walnut programming improves 2 million children’s learning ability, the first RPA + AI forum of world artificial intelligence conference, five new products of cloud expansion technology leading industry innovation Yao Hu, Agricultural Bank of China: Exploration of AI + knowledge map in the field of credit risk management Accurate analysis of remote sensing satellite, UAV and other image information pulse: Duojin young and highly educated, six truths about AI talents, Kuangshi launched facestyle solution, entered the AI make-up field, and deeply interpreted the trend and technology prospect of retail industry in the post epidemic Era AI will be the industry subverter Gartner: technology maturity curve of new technology in 2019

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