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China Institute of information technology will soon release “credible digital evaluation system”

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Digital wave is coming. This year’s government work report clearly pointed out that it is necessary to “accelerate digital development, create new advantages of digital economy, promote digital industrialization and industrial digital transformation, and accelerate the pace of digital society construction.” At the recent closing of the national two sessions, “digital transformation” has also become a hot word for representatives and members.

With more and more enterprises and industries speeding up the digital transformation, the relevant pain points also began to appear. Where should the digital transformation of enterprises start? Are there any “loopholes” in the implemented digital scheme? How to choose a truly credible digital solution? At the “2021 Digital Transformation Development Summit Forum” to be held on March 31, China information and Communication Research Institute will officially release the “trusted digital evaluation system” to help enterprises find the answers to the above questions.

Covering nearly 400 indicators

Drawing enterprise digital “capability map”

“Trusted digital evaluation is a complete system, which can not only help enterprises to systematically evaluate themselves in the process of digital transformation and find out their weaknesses and loopholes, but also evaluate the digital services provided by third parties and help enterprises make scientific purchasing decisions.” Li Wei, deputy director of cloud computing and big data Research Institute of China Academy of information and communication, said.

It is understood that the trusted digital evaluation system is composed of enterprise digital platform, business operation capability maturity model (iomm) and digital trusted service. Iomm is mainly to evaluate the digital capability of the enterprise itself, while digital trusted service is to evaluate the digital services and solutions of the third party.

Iomm is the industry’s first enterprise digital operation maturity model launched by China Institute of information technology. It is a set of industry-leading enterprise digital methodology with nearly 400 capability indicators. In practical application, iomm can provide a wealth of digital reference models for enterprises, help enterprises accurately draw digital “capability map”, quickly find short boards and loopholes, and develop “accurate power” solutions to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading.

According to Li Wei, in terms of specific capabilities, iomm at this stage is divided into two parts: one is the construction and operation and maintenance capabilities of integrated cloud platform, and the other is the ability to carry out the digital transformation of upper business units based on integrated cloud platform, such as the digitization of human resource management and financial management. In practical application, iomm can evaluate the enterprise from the strategic level, management level, execution level and other management dimensions; from the infrastructure level, platform level, capability level and other technical dimensions; from the organizational personnel, process specification, service operation and other element dimensions. It can be seen that iomm evaluation covers all aspects of enterprise digital transformation, and can provide comprehensive and systematic transformation perspective for enterprises.

Precise power

Create a customized “operation guide”

Where is the pain point of enterprise digital transformation? Where is the short board? After finding out the problem, what the enterprise needs to do most is to work out the solution.

Iomm is not only a perfect evaluation system, but also an “operation guide” for enterprise digital transformation. It is understood that iomm can not only find the card points and weak points of enterprise digitalization in cost reduction and income increase, but also provide effective gap analysis and rectification suggestions for enterprises. At the same time, enterprises can also know the digital construction effect of their industry and the ranking of relevant capabilities through iomm.

It is worth mentioning that enterprise digital transformation is a systematic project. While finding the ideal path of digital transformation through self-evaluation, how to find reliable digital products and services in the complex market information and avoid “detours” are also the difficulties faced by many enterprises.

At present, digital transformation has become one of the hottest areas. There are a wide range of digital transformation products and services in the market. How to quickly identify credible, high-quality and truly suitable digital services among these massive products and services? Obviously, it needs a pair of “insight”, or a set of rigorous, scientific and efficient tools – Digital trusted service assessment.

Digital trusted service series standards aim at digital platform services such as digital infrastructure integrated cloud platform, research and operation digital governance platform, customer service digital platform, supply chain digital platform, financial management digital platform, etc., and make a comparative analysis of the third-party digital products and services from the six capabilities of digital scene, trusted compatible ecology, and digital service operation Comprehensive and accurate evaluation to help enterprises make decisions.

What else can “trusted digital assessment” bring to enterprises? Which enterprises are using trusted digital assessment, and what effects have been achieved? Li Wei, deputy director of cloud computing and big data Research Institute of China Academy of information and communication, will officially unveil the veil of “credible digital assessment” in his speech at the “2021 Digital Transformation Development Summit Forum” to be held on March 31.

2021 Digital Transformation Development Summit Forum

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