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China’s new energy vehicle market insight report 2021

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In 2020, under the background of the overall downturn of China’s automobile market, the new energy automobile market will grow against the trend under the joint influence of policy promotion, market guidance, marketing diversification, user acceptance improvement and other factors, and the industry driving factors will shift from policy to market.

With the increasing proportion of C-terminal, how to grasp the needs of individual consumers has become the core of the future growth of automobile enterprises. As new players continue to enter the game and the industry circle continues to expand, market participants are gradually divided into five camps. Each camp has its own characteristics in audience, shape, content, marketing and so on, which can be described as “thousands of sails competing for each other”. Facing the complicated market situation, we can grasp the opportunity only by knowing the trend.

In view of this, juliangsuan cooperates with Gesch Automotive Research Institute to provide insight into the trend of China’s new energy vehicles from the perspective of industrial research, content platform and data-driven, conduct in-depth mining at the level of market, crowd, content and brand, and release the “Breaking Dawn, building a new, competing with a hundred competitors – 2021 China’s new energy vehicle market insight report”, To provide strategic insight and reference for the future growth and development of industry players.

01. Market

The new energy vehicle market is booming, and grasping the user demand becomes the core of growth

After years of rapid growth, China’s passenger car market has experienced a continuous decline in sales in recent years, officially entering the era of stock competition. However, the sales volume of domestic new energy vehicle market does not decrease, but increases, and the market penetration rate continues to rise, reaching a record high in 2020. The market has gradually divided into five camps, and the proportion of individual car purchase has expanded significantly, which indicates that the new energy vehicle market has gradually shifted from policy driven to market driven, and the market maturity has improved.

At present, the market of new energy vehicles is dominated by traditional independent brand players, but in recent years, the share of new power brands has increased rapidly due to the promotion of intelligent technology and innovative service mode. So far, the new energy vehicle market has gradually formed five camps: traditional luxury, traditional foreign investment, traditional autonomy, new forces of foreign investment and new forces of autonomy.

Source: circ

From the perspective of structure, the consumption structure of new energy vehicle market presents polarization, and individual consumers are the main incremental user group. New energy vehicle market policy factors are weakening, brand, service and other factors become the focus of consideration when users buy new energy vehicles.

The proportion of personal consumption has expanded significantly. It is the main incremental user group and the market that needs to be deeply cultivated in the future.

C-end users are the main user group of the current new energy vehicle market growth. The proportion of C-end users in different types of market segments has increased to a certain extent.

Source: circ

02. Users

Users’ preferences are differentiated, and players need to accurately grasp consumers’ heart

Based on the survey of consumer groups and data mining of the massive computing platform, we find that new energy vehicle owners have different characteristics from fuel vehicle owners, and the typical user portraits of different camps have their own characteristics. Overall, the audience and acceptance of different brand camps are related to their product positioning.

Data source: a survey of new energy vehicles in 2021

Considering the multi-dimensional factors such as population size, consumption potential and consumption ability, we selected six typical high potential groups. Among them, there are three groups of people with the consumption tendency of new energy vehicles, namely: free youth, new white-collar workers and new Baoma.

Data source: a survey of new energy vehicles in 2021

With the application of digital technology and the rise of new media, online content communication mode has become the main information channel for users to make car purchase decisions, and the influence of new communication mode on consumers has increased. Consumers are also moving from a shallow level of cognition to a deep level of interest recognition.

Data source: a survey of new energy vehicles in 2021

03. Content

The content of new energy vehicles is ecologically prosperous, forming a good interaction with users

Due to the fragmentation trend of users’ information consumption time, the penetration rate of content users represented by short videos is expanding rapidly. By the end of 2020, the penetration rate of active users is more than 75%. According to the survey data, short video is the most preferred form of car content for users, accounting for more than 36%, and users’ acceptance of watching live broadcast has improved, and the viewing frequency has increased rapidly.

From the perspective of different camps of new energy vehicles, the number of content authors, the number of contributions, the number of broadcasts, the number of finished broadcasts, and the number of interactions all show an upward growth trend. Among them, the content of new force brand is outstanding, the number of contributions is the fastest growing, and the number of user interactions is the highest.

Data source: distribution of users’ preference for content form

Short video user penetration — questmobile

Watching times of live car users and data of five camps: huge calculation

04. Marketing

Content platform creates value for brand link users and becomes an important engine for digital marketing of new energy vehicle market

Enterprises try to diversify online marketing mode, diversified online marketing methods emerge in endlessly, providing consumers with diversified car purchase contacts. Manufacturers need to create targeted delivery content and interaction mode for target customers with different characteristics.

Data source: massive arithmetic

05. Insight summary

The new energy automobile industry is booming, and each role of the industry has its development mission and challenges

With the decline of subsidies, new energy vehicle enterprises will face the competition with fuel vehicle enterprises in the future, and will also rely more on the endogenous development mode. Cost reduction and efficiency increase will become the only way for them. As the new energy vehicle industry chain is longer than before, it is difficult for players to form an end-to-end industry chain full coverage in the future, and we are likely to see more cross-border cooperation modes emerge in the future. The system, production capacity, channel and brand reputation formed by traditional car companies for many years are still their advantages, while the advantages of new forces in terms of intelligence and innovative service system are also what other players need to learn. For different roles in the industry, there are tasks to be faced and missions to be undertaken in the future.

In the future, in the development of new energy vehicle industry, more and more new players will continue to enter the market, compete with each other, and new marketing methods will emerge one after another. There are variables in the future development pattern of the market. New technology and new products will continue to emerge, and the struggle of industry players will create a new world for the lifestyle of the next generation of cars. More reading: People’s Bank of China: questionnaire survey report of urban depositors in the first quarter of 2019 Infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries, Promote the online development of more than 6000 stores in Shijiazhuang. The 10th Annual Conference of digital retail and e-commerce logistics entrepreneurs will be held in 2019! Qiniuyun won the title of “China’s leading video cloud enterprise of the year 2020”: English Enlightenment is the key to cultivate children’s interest. 2020 China convenience store conference: wechat payment promotes the digital transformation of convenience store industry. Huawei can recruit up to 2 million talents. Netease has a way to recruit up to 500000 teachers! The 2021 autumn recruitment competition for talents opens the 2021 school recruitment. Netease has a way to recruit “online teacher” with a minimum salary of 500000: Top 50, the most profitable company in the United States

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