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Cite, the leader of Xinchuang, seeks a new pattern of independent ecology

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2020 is the first year of Xinchuang, and the development of Xinchuang industry will accelerate. The 14th five year plan and the 2035 long-term goal point out that we should take high-quality development as the theme, reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force, accelerate the construction of a modern economic system, strengthen the construction of the domestic market, expand domestic demand, and actively develop strategic emerging industries, infrastructure and digital construction driven by innovation ability. Based on the information technology industry, the construction of the domestic information technology industry ecosystem is an important starting point to achieve the development goal of the 14th five year plan, and also the core content to achieve high-quality development and reform and innovation. The information and creative industry will usher in a phenomenal new blue ocean.

In recent years, the credit and creative industry has maintained steady development, the localization of the party and government fields has been fully launched, the market scale has exceeded 100 billion in a short time, and it has begun to accelerate the penetration into various industries. The market scale of the industry is expected to expand several times. According to preliminary estimates, by 2023, the market scale of China’s information and creative industry will exceed 365 billion yuan, and the market capacity will exceed 1 trillion yuan.

The 9th China electronic information Expo will display the joint exhibition area of Xinchuang, covering five sections of infrastructure, basic software, information security, application software and cloud services, with Xinchuang leading enterprises gathered. At the same time, it innovation and application industry conference will be held, focusing on the discussion of “breaking through core technology, ensuring network information security, creating industrial ecology and promoting innovation and application” of information and creative industry, and fully exploring the development road of “reconstructing ecology and creating a common future”.

Xinchuang ecosystem includes basic hardware represented by CPU, GPU and storage, basic software represented by operating system, database and middleware, application software represented by office software and enterprise software, as well as information security and cloud services. Basic software and hardware are the base and cornerstone of the whole IT industry.

Basic hardware field

The basic hardware includes CPU, server, storage, network equipment and other components. Citechip 2021, a chip company in Tianjin, confirmed its participation in the field of infrastructure. Feiteng CPU is a homemade chip independently developed based on ARM architecture. At present, it has formed a perfect product system to promote the information construction of the industry. The PK ecosystem with Feiteng CPU and Qilin OS as the core is the most mature autonomous and controllable computing ecosystem in China, and has carried out hundreds of desktop application adaptations with many software manufacturers. Shenwei processor is a national processor developed by Shanghai high performance integrated circuit center with the support of national “nuclear high base” major project. At present, Shenwei has formed three series of domestic processor product lines of high performance computing processor, server / desktop processor and embedded processor, as well as Shenwei’s domestic I / O chip product line. Jingjiawei, a GPU exhibitor, is the main participant in China’s domestic GPU market, and its products gradually penetrate into civilian products. Storage is the computer data storage center. Amethyst storage, as a leading enterprise in optical storage in China, will show enterprise level optical storage devices and solutions and consumer level optical storage media in cite2021. AXD AXD will also show military / industrial / embedded solid state storage solutions and products. As a representative enterprise in the whole machine field, great wall of China is committed to building a complete ecological chain of “core end cloud” and strengthening the safety base of network information industry. It has also confirmed to participate in cite2021.

Basic software field

CPU and operating system constitute the foundation of the information and creative industry. As a link between hardware and database, middleware and application software, operating system plays a key role in adapting hardware system downward, giving play to terminal hardware performance, supporting application software function upward and influencing user experience. It is an important part of building domestic IT bottom ecological environment. At present, the domestic operating system is based on the Linux kernel for secondary development. In the field of operating system, Kirin software, which occupies the leading position, has confirmed to participate in cite2021. The two brands are united and open to create an ecological information and creative industry. Database is a large number of organized, shareable and unified data set stored in the computer for a long time. It is widely used in finance, energy, education, transportation and other fields. It is an important part of IT infrastructure construction. Youxuan software, an enterprise level distributed database enterprise, has basically completed the adaptation with the mainstream chips, operating systems and middleware at home and abroad, and supports the steady operation of many application software. It is a “four pillars and eight pillars” enterprise in the field of information and creative industry, and will also display the latest products and technologies at the Expo site. Kingdee Tianyan, the leader of China’s middleware, appeared in cite2021 to display technologies and products with completely independent intellectual property rights. Based on financial application, it integrates big data, middleware and other technologies to promote the construction of innovation ecology.

Application software field

In the information innovation ecosystem, office software can directly and intensively reflect the performance and adaptation effect of the information innovation system, and it is also a tool to test the maturity of the information innovation system. Leading enterprises of Xinchuang office software, such as Jinshan office, Yongzhong software, and pan micro, are taking the lead in participating in the exhibition. They are committed to building an independent and safe Xinchuang office platform, building the capacity of the whole industry chain, and jointly promoting the vigorous development of Xinchuang industry.

Information security

Xinchuang information security is mainly divided into software security, terminal security and cloud security. With the production and life of AI, cloud computing, Internet of things, 5g and other enabling enterprises, network security products are applied to more and more emerging business scenarios, promoting the overall sustained growth of the security software market. According to the definition of IDC, terminal security software, identity and digital trust software, and sairo constitute the main body of China’s IT security software market. As a leading enterprise in the field of network security in China, 360 takes the 360 security brain as the core to build the information innovation terminal security capability system and provide security protection function for the terminal security product system. It is reported that 360 will be on display at the 9th China electronic information Expo.

Industrial “brain” thought collision, blue ocean in the field of information and innovation

Shen Changxiang, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, will personally attend the 9th China electronic information Expo information technology innovation and application industry conference, and deliver a keynote speech on the development of core technology of information and innovation industry and the construction of integrated development pattern of government, industry, University, research and application, so as to further lead the high-quality development of China’s key core technology. In addition, government leaders and representatives of well-known enterprises will also attend the conference to share the new trends of the information and creative industry, promote the technological development of the information and creative industry, and help improve the information and creative ecology. The information technology innovation and application industry conference will also be linked with the joint exhibition area of Xinchuang to display the latest products and technologies of the whole industry chain of Xinchuang, and jointly bring the industry a grand product exhibition and a feast of cutting-edge ideas, which can not be missed.

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