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[countdown to 1 day] OFweek invites you to participate in this automotive electronic technology event!

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On this side, multi field giants are flocking to build cars, but old car companies are suffering from supply chain problems and are stopping production everywhere. In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone manufacturers with boundless scenery are also hearing that they are going to end up or deeply cut into the automobile industry

On the other side, the continuous increase of production capacity of Fab manufacturers still can’t meet the market demand, and the technology conflict between China and the United States has triggered super hot spots such as industrial transfer, supply chain security, neck problems, and major investment failure

From 2020 to now, the automotive and electronic / semiconductor industries have attracted the most attention in the field of science and technology, and continue to contribute hot topics to all observers from professional to gourd eating.

Specific issues in the era of great change

However, for the practitioners in the industry, especially the engineers who have close contact with technology, what they have to face more is how to solve the surging, typical or remote technical problems in this historical period, which is a combination of multiple and profound changes in the transformation of traditional fuel vehicles to new energy, intelligence, Internet of vehicles and the great development of automatic driving.

In order to help the practitioners in the automotive electronics industry better understand the above problems, keep up with the current and future trends of the industry, and have targeted exchanges with more industry experts and technical colleagues, or macro industrial development, or specific detailed solutions, OFweek, together with dozens of automotive electronics related enterprises, has launched a special forum for electronic engineers and technicians Engineer technology online forum (phase I) automotive electronic technology online conference “.

In this “automotive electronics technology online conference” to be held on March 25, OFweek electronic engineering network invited technical experts from such well-known automotive electronics related enterprises as Anson Mae, Xilinx, EDX, Texas Instruments, Ames semiconductor, and NavInfo to go online to OFweek studio to discuss automotive electronics design, intelligent cockpit scheme, and electric drive system with you Testing, automotive battery management technology and other hot or precisely focused related issues.

Many celebrities have gathered for discussion

Reveal the ideal solution of automotive electronic design in the future?

With the development of electronic, multimedia and intelligent automobile, more and more electronic technology has been introduced into automobile electronic system. Automotive electronic design is not only the most important step in the process of car manufacturing, but also one of the most concerned fields of automotive engineers.

In the past, automotive engineers used to design automotive electronic systems based on MCU and ASIC products. However, with the increasing complexity of the whole electronic system, the increasing number of components, the shortening of product development cycle and the improvement of product performance, as well as the comprehensive consideration of reasonable price and the reduction of design risk, the electronic design based on MCU and ASIC is gradually difficult to meet the requirements of customers The demand of consumers.

In contrast, FPGA can provide higher performance and more functions with lower cost, less risk and higher flexibility FPGA is considered by some experts to be an ideal solution for automotive electronic design in the future.

Mao Guanghui, automotive electronics system architect of Xilinx

In this technical forum, Mao Guanghui, automotive electronics system architect of Xilinx, will give a keynote speech on “automotive electronics system design based on FPGA / SOC”. As the inventor of FPGA, Xilinx has been developing steadily in the business of automotive electronics, and can provide flexible vehicle level products and solutions that meet or exceed the functional safety and quality standards required by the industry.

How to guarantee the operation status of new energy vehicles?

In addition to intelligence, new energy has become one of the most focused directions in the automotive industry. The test of electric drive system, which provides power for vehicles, is very important for the safety of new energy vehicles, which is directly related to the operation safety of vehicles.

In the detection of new energy vehicles, the motor, which is composed of stator, rotor, position detection device (such as rotary transformer and grating) and temperature sensor, needs more testing signals than the traditional fuel vehicles, which leads to longer testing time. The traditional test method needs to use the single menu manual wiring measurement operation, manual recording of data, the test efficiency is very low, the data error rate is high, far from meeting the needs of modern production line.

Song Chenchen, product application engineer of IDEX

Over the years, IDEX has been committed to the research in the field of power supply and power test, specializing in the development and production of high-performance automatic test system, power supply and electronic load and other high-power electronic test instruments, providing advanced and comprehensive test solutions for the new energy industry. In this technical forum, song Chenchen, product application engineer of idex, will give a keynote speech of “test solutions for electric drive system of new energy electric vehicles”, to share with you the development experience of test solutions for electric drive system of new energy electric vehicles.

Break through the core problem of battery management system innovation

The trend of zero emission is the source of promoting the development of electric vehicles. Providing stable, reliable and excellent endurance for electric vehicles is one of the most important technical problems. The innovation of battery management system will officially break through the core of the problem.

Wireless BMS can reduce the complexity of the design, provide reliability and reduce the weight of the car, thus extending the mileage. Ti’s wireless BMS solution can realize short-range wireless communication on 2.4GHz broadband. At the same time, using the latest generation of cell sampling monitoring chip, it can achieve ASIL D level in cell temperature and cell voltage measurement, and achieve the optimal cell management requirements.

Dong shuangbing, system engineer of Texas Instruments

Ti’s wireless BMS solution is fully developed in accordance with ASIL D design standard of iso26262, and has been certified as ASIL D level functional security concept. The system has reliable wireless communication performance and can ensure information security.

In this technical forum, Dong shuangbing, system engineer of Texas Instruments, will deliver a keynote speech – “Ti wireless BMS leads the technological innovation of automotive battery management”, to explain the development story of wireless BMS battery solution for electric vehicles.

How to solve several typical challenges in the process of intelligent cockpit design?

Intelligent cockpit industry is growing rapidly, including the development and design of driver monitoring system (DMS) and passenger monitoring system (OMS), which is also paid more and more attention by enterprises and industry authorities in various countries. In this process, the design challenges include the limited space in the car and the size of the camera, the stringent requirements of light conditions on car imaging, and the system cost.

Anson semiconductor application engineer Kai Lijun

In this conference, Kai Lijun, an application engineer of Anson semiconductor, will focus on how Anson semiconductor’s intelligent cockpit solution can face and solve these challenges, and provide a complete solution and ecosystem for the intelligent cockpit.

How to better monitor the status of automotive batteries?

How to use position sensor to improve vehicle safety?

Electric vehicles need to measure the state of charge and health of traction battery very accurately, so as to accurately estimate the driving distance of the vehicle. Ames semiconductor’s zero bias battery detection solution based on shunt resistance supports automotive battery management system, which can measure the current and voltage required in this application very accurately.

Morris Li, FAE manager, Ames semiconductor

Position sensors are designed to ensure safe driving through the use of non-contact sensor solutions. Mr. iris, the manager of semiconductor automotive applications, will introduce how to meet the most challenging safety requirements.

Can the domestic vehicle specification level MCU take on the responsibility of replacing and realizing independence?

At present, the shortage of global semiconductor industry is becoming more and more intense, especially the serious shortage of MCU is rare for decades. The large area shortage of automobile MCU even leads to the production line shutdown or reduction of many automobile factories. In this context, the topic of localization substitution is hot again. However, the characteristics of this field are: high technology access threshold, large investment, long return cycle and so on. Therefore, at present, there are few domestic standard MCU.

Wu Songying, technical manager of Navitas

With the increasing demand of vehicle specification level MCU, there is a polarization. Domestic manufacturers should focus on controlling the quality of products when making MCUs of vehicle specification level, and should not take advantage of consumer products. At the same time, they need to strengthen the construction of ecological system, so that engineers can get started more quickly. At this meeting, Wu Songying, manager of four dimensional new technology, will take “the current situation and future prospects of domestic automobile MCU” as the theme to help you sort out the current situation of the industry. At the same time, it will also introduce the situation of the first functional safety grade MCU in China, which is currently being developed and designed. It is worth paying attention to.

Automobile safety, automatic driving, Internet of vehicles

We invite you to discuss more topics

In addition to the above topics and speakers, there are more hot topics, cutting-edge technology sharing and topic discussion about intelligent cockpit design, vehicle specification level MCU market analysis, vehicle safety, automatic driving, Internet of vehicles and other automotive electronics industry. We sincerely invite you to pay attention to the conference which will be live broadcast online in OFweek on March 25, 2021.

Note: the above agenda is for reference only. The detailed agenda will be updated continuously. Please look forward to it.

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