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Crowd selection + technology efficiency: red and blue buffs for overseas brand growth From Chen chuanqia

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Under the great navigation, Chinese game master Qianfan leaves the country. How prosperous is the scene?

According to the industry report released by the game Working Committee of China Audio Digital Association and China Game Industry Research Institute, in 2020, the actual sales revenue of China’s independent R & D game overseas market reached 15.45 billion US dollars, an increase of 3.855 billion US dollars over 2019, a year-on-year increase of 33.25%, breaking through the 100 billion RMB mark for the first time. In the first quarter of 2021, the actual sales revenue also increased by 1.97% on a month on month basis, reaching US $4.064 billion. The two sets of data show that the game has continued to grow.

Figure: actual sales revenue and growth rate of China’s independent R & D game overseas market, report of China’s game industry in 2020, game Working Committee of China Audio Digital Association and China Game Industry Research Institute

Among them, the rapid growth of mobile game is remarkable. First, the mobile terminal technology is changing with each passing day, which lays the foundation for the realization of terminal effect. Second, the competition in the domestic mobile game market is becoming more and more fierce, and the conversion cost of customers and users is increasing. Therefore, China’s mobile game has gradually become the choice of strategists.

But everyone is at sea. Where are your krypton users? Whether going out to sea, will we be able to highlight the encirclement and realize the transformation of customers and KPI?

Looking at the income distribution of China’s independent R & D mobile games overseas in 2020, the income of the United States is the highest, accounting for 27.55%, and the United States, Japan and South Korea together account for more than 60%, and the United States has been an important target market for Chinese game companies to go to sea in recent two years.

Figure: the proportion of income of overseas key regions in China’s independent R & D of mobile games, China’s game industry report 2020,

The game Working Committee of China Audio Digital Association and China Game Industry Research Institute

Chinese game manufacturers are competing to optimize their virtual game mainland for users, whether it’s a new customer or a retained one. However, how to make the target users accept the product information in an efficient way and successfully transform it? In the digital era, the fragrance of wine is really afraid of deep alleys. If you don’t pay attention, the attention of users will be ruthlessly divided.

The first step in the road battle is to broaden the marketing funnel, increase brand exposure through user segmentation and grasping marketing contacts, and add high-quality media resources to enhance brand awareness. Share of voice will directly affect the share of market. In the past practice, we found that if the continuous exposure is not enough, product downloads and user growth will be reduced accordingly.

Therefore, how to broaden the marketing funnel, and then efficiently expand the volume? If the game marketing is also a game match, it depends on who can win the red and blue buffs first to help the growth of overseas brands. In this regard, I think red and blue buffs can be considered from two aspects of “optimization” and “optimal effect”.

The first is “optimization”, that is to select high-quality media resources in the global market, identify core users, and formulate accurate targeted delivery strategies. In addition to the traditional head overseas traffic platform that some Chinese overseas advertisers are already familiar with, there are many additional high-quality blue ocean traffic that advertisers should pay attention to and explore. Among them, there are many top-quality head resources to help advertisers achieve large-scale reach and maximize crowd coverage. At the same time, we should carry out precision marketing, identify the core audience, find the appropriate media and the best delivery time, and use the language familiar to the audience to effectively convey information.

As for audience optimization, compared with user tags based on age, gender and interests, I think we can use the third-party delivery platform to build a full-scale crowd portrait and find high-value audience groups with the help of objective third-party data; At the same time, according to different user groups, generate different advertising programs, real-time monitoring which part of the transformation is the best.

The second is “excellent effect”, which mainly refers to the transformation of Omni channel and omni funnel, improving the efficiency and efficiency of delivery, and creating a higher return on investment (ROI) or return on advertising expenditure (ROAs). I think the following points should be noted:

First, the accuracy of purchase, the implementation of audience based “audience purchase”, the whole link research on the impact of user purchase and transformation nodes, not only tracking the final attribution, but also the “impression effect” of link front-end marketing on users. Second, “one-stop” coverage of advertising contacts and head resources, including smart large screen, mobile phone and outdoor programmed advertising. Among them, intelligent large screen advertising can bring impact visual effect, which is a high-quality channel for game advertising with high requirements on visual content presentation. At the same time, intelligent large screen content has strong credibility, and breaks through the difficulties of traditional TV, such as data, accurate pricing, audience positioning and so on. At present, the intelligent large screen advertising is not simply limited to the previous brand launch, but to create a new generation of media form of game product differentiation, sustainable user growth and service for the final effect.

Although digital marketing has been talking about data and delivery, its attribute is more than that. What’s more important is to help advertisers know which channel and strategy to choose in each stage of the funnel to achieve the goal of the enterprise, establish a comprehensive brand building evaluation system, and drive the healthy growth of the brand with digital means. Read more: the trade desk insight: enter the blue ocean and explore the possibility of putting the game on connected TV ™) The first time in the Expo, the white paper of global smart big screen consumption trend and marketing insight is released? The trade desk ™) Chen chuancha, general manager of China, is reelected as co chairman of MMA China marketing innovation alliance. Toshiba is going to become the overseas brand with the best understanding of Chinese families by carrying Jumei AI system ™):《 The trend of intelligent large screen is coming ™) Benson Ho was appointed as senior vice president of North Asia. The trade desk released its financial report in the second quarter of 2020, and the customer retention rate still remained more than 95%. How should game advertisers seize the traffic and make a big money? CCFA: Top 100 supermarkets in China in 2019 Infrared thermometers and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries. Trustdata released its first quarter report. Sina News Mau rose 26.9% to enter the industry for the first time. Didipu technology was elected as the vice chairman of Shenzhen Xinchuang alliance to promote the high-quality development of Xinchuang industry. Omdia: Enterprise Service forecast for the Asia Pacific region from 2020 to 2025

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