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Data analysis report of lamer sea blue puzzle From Sparkle

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LAMER La Mer is always the brand of handmade cream. LAMER La Mer cream is highly praised in China and also a concern of luxury goods in China. The existence of this kind of fairy grass, of course, is indispensable for the small red book. From the feedback of the red book data, LAMER La Mer cream is highly praised by the little red book KOL.

In order to allow more users to know this cream, La Mer invited the flash red book data analysis platform, with the mature social media data analysis platform of artificial intelligence, to conduct a professional assessment of the bloggers’ fans’ quantity and carrying capacity, and get the real fans data with purchasing power, to evaluate the market value of the bloggers and the actual benefits for the brand. So that the benefits of promotion can be seen at a glance. The following is the data release report of little red book of the mystery of sea blue:

Five kinds of cream texture, deep repair, excellent anti aging, La Mer light cream invites you to shine the youth miracle.

There is strength in the flow, light and brave to pick up self-confidence. After experiencing the wind and frost, I still have the soft expectation that moves people’s heart. The cure of @ lamer sea blue mystery is not only the appearance, but a real soft power.

Unlike in the past, only professional beauty KOL was invited for publicity, @ lamer sea blue mystery created a unique publicity plan, not only from the product performance, but also from the three test questions in the short film “soft power, it’s worth seeing” to smooth out the story behind, and interpret the deeper meaning of “soft power” to the extreme. The technique is advanced and unique.

@Lamer’s mystery of sea blue has invited famous stars such as @ Wang Ou Angel @ Wang Ju @ Wu Qian mine4ever to speak on behalf of the company, and beauty talents such as @ kakakaoo – @ senior amo to promote drainage, with a total of 517 KOLs.

“The art of expressing emotions is the real art”. Publicity is integrated with the artistic elements of films and invited hundreds of millions of bloggers @ Xinhua news agency to publicize it. Soft power can withstand time, disease and cultural differences, and make people have more courage to live well.

Microblog volume reached the peak of obvious volatility on 2.6, 3.1, 3.23 and 3.29, and the volume of small red books concentrated on 3.2-3.9.

So far, topics, the power of softness, have received 1.21 billion readings.

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