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Data analysis report on the 2021 Little Red Book launched by Fulaishi

The following is the Data analysis report on the 2021 Little Red Book launched by Fulaishi recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

Under the influence of the epidemic in 2020, the sales of all walks of life have suffered different declines, promoting the in-depth development of marketing channels of brand businesses. With the increase of major brands, all kinds of social platforms are gradually recognized by the majority of user groups, among which little red book is quite trusted by user groups.

Fulaishi is also one of the famous brands that has put a lot of money into xiaohongshu, in which Shanhuo platform plays an indispensable role. It provides Fulaishi with high-quality and reliable xiaohongshu data analysis report. The purpose of Shanhuo data is to make the brand avoid detours and save money. A real-time and effective xiaohongshu data report can let the brand know and effectively promote, Let’s greatly improve the rate of return. The following is the data analysis report of Fulaishi’s little red book in this issue:

No fear of aging, fresh ancient white drill truffle mask to activate the skin’s strong repair ability.

@Fresh Fu Lei Shi first started in the spring of 2021, the world’s riches and honor, white truffle, the main source of anti aging, accurately capture “Fu” expensive active energy.

The number of KOLs of microblog and xiaohongshu are evenly distributed. The number of KOLs of microblog is 137, and that of xiaohongshu is 127. The content of xiaohongshu’s KOL is slightly higher than that of microblog, 79 and 115 respectively.

Because the product is mainly targeted at [anti aging] and priced slightly higher, it is invited to promote the brand spokesperson @ Tang Yan and @ Annie Yi and famous magazine @ELLE, using the popularity of the people and the fans’ breadth. The head also has @ Laurinda Laurinda @ @ master’s master’s master. The use feeling of plain people after purchase accounted for 32.26%.

Xiaohongshu is to improve the publicity breadth through the evaluation and trial comparison of small and medium-sized or grass-roots KOL.

The publicity video taken by the brand adheres to the characteristics of simplicity and nature, smooth and clear. The main dark tone of video color echoes with the sense of research, which is very aesthetic.

So far, we have read 170 million books.

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