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Deal with problems live, offline illegal video From Station B and douyu

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Source: People’s daily microblog

According to the official micro news of the Ministry of culture and tourism, in order to further strengthen the protection of minors, the Ministry of culture and tourism has continued to strengthen the law enforcement of the Internet cultural market, deployed special law enforcement inspection actions, supervised and dealt with typical cases of the Internet cultural market, strictly investigated the Internet cultural products with illegal contents, and standardized the operation order of the cultural market.

In February this year, the Ministry of culture and tourism launched a nationwide centralized law enforcement inspection on the Internet culture market, focusing on the prohibition of vulgar and vulgar content, showing off wealth and money worship, and harming social morality. According to statistics, the government has sent over 3 law enforcement officers in the cultural market to check over 2.9 websites, APP and official account numbers of Internet cultural products, and found a number of clues for illegal cases. So far, 54 cases have been settled, 2163 violations have been rectified, and some cases are being handled.

In this operation, all localities carried out targeted work according to the actual situation to improve the effectiveness of inspection. Beijing has strengthened the guidance of law enforcement, urged all network culture business units in Beijing to conduct self-examination and rectification, cleaned up more than 1.59 million pieces of bad information, and closed more than 150000 illegal accounts. Yangpu District of Shanghai has interviewed Shanghai Kuanyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (station B) for many times to urge the online animation products and Related videos with illegal offline content to properly handle the controversial issues. Jiangsu Province and Guangdong Province organized the provincial law enforcement backbone to carry out centralized inspection, found 108 illegal clues, and deployed the investigation work. Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, organized law enforcement officers to carry out special investigation on 18 webcast enterprises, and strictly investigated and punished Jinhua Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (“meow broadcast” app), which found 15 anchors violating the regulations. Wuhan city of Hubei Province urged Wuhan Betta Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Betta live broadcasting) to carry out self-examination and clean-up work, deal with 356 problem live broadcasting rooms, ban 27 related accounts, intercept and delete more than 360000 illegal barracks; Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region made a special rectification of the vulgar live broadcasting problem of “wanghong village” in ningtan Town, Bobai County, Yulin City, and carried out a comprehensive investigation.

In addition, according to the clues of 12318 national cultural market reporting platform, the comprehensive law enforcement bureau of the Ministry of culture and tourism also supervised the Beijing Cultural market comprehensive law enforcement team to investigate and handle the case of shangkeqi (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. providing network animation products with prohibited content.

According to the investigation, the “animation home” platform operated by the company secretly provides network animation products with illegal content through the way of “collecting and saving on the website, watching and downloading on the mobile app”, in an attempt to evade the law enforcement supervision of the competent department, and the plot is bad. In the investigation, the cultural market comprehensive law enforcement officers found a total of 22 illegal online animation products, all involving bloody violence, naked porn and other images, seriously endangering the physical and mental health of minors. Beijing Cultural market comprehensive law enforcement team ordered “animation home” to go offline immediately, all illegal online animation products, and in accordance with the “Interim Provisions on Internet culture management” and other relevant provisions, the company was given the administrative penalty of high limit fine.

In order to further standardize the market order of online culture, the Ministry of culture and tourism will also carry out centralized investigation on major domestic online animation, online music, online performance websites and apps, and strictly investigate prohibited contents including obscenity, pornography and vulgarity, advocating violence, abetting crime and violating social morality. Once the network cultural products containing prohibited content are found, the relevant regions will be deployed to investigate and deal with them as soon as possible, so as to effectively protect the physical and mental health of minors.

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