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Deeply cultivate “Ai + education”, Netease Youdao brings two star products to China brand day

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On May 10, it was jointly sponsored by the national development and Reform Commission, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Shanghai municipal government; The 2021 “China brand day” activity with the theme of “gathering strength, double circulation, leading new consumption” opened in Shanghai. On this China brand day, the Beijing Pavilion, with the theme of “Beijing brand, Beijing Smart manufacturing”, has created four exhibition areas, namely “Beijing smart health, Beijing Smart creation, Beijing Smart Life and Beijing smart office”, with a total of 56 exhibitors. Netease Youdao, as a representative enterprise of Beijing exhibition area, participated in the online exhibition of “Jingzhi life” exhibition area. It is also one of the only two online education companies participating in Beijing exhibition area.

China brand day in 2021

Being selected as the representative enterprise of China brand day comes from Netease Youdao’s deep cultivation and innovation in the field of “Ai + education”, which is affirmed by many learners. By 2020, the monthly active users of Youdao’s products will exceed 120 million.

As a leading intelligent learning company in China, Netease Youdao has always taken the achievement of “efficient learning” as its mission. Relying on powerful Internet AI and other technical means, it has built a series of word-of-mouth learning products and services around learning scenarios, including online education courses for children, K12 and adults, as well as software and hardware learning tools leading the market, such as Youdao dictionary and Youdao dictionary pen.

The products of Netease Youdao include Youdao excellent course and Youdao dictionary pen. Among them, Youdao excellent course is the famous teacher online live course brand of Netease Youdao company, which has created many popular courses IP. In November 2020, Youdao excellent course was awarded the 5A certificate of “online education service certification” issued by China Quality Certification Center. Youdao dictionary pen is a fist type intelligent hardware product polished by Netease Youdao for many years. It is embedded with neural network translation, optical character recognition and other industry-leading AI technologies independently developed by Netease Youdao. With efficient and accurate word search and rich authoritative content, it has become a model of AI technology in the field of learning.

For this exhibition, Netease Youdao said that in the future, it will strive to make more learners realize efficient learning, continue to take quality as the guide, innovate products around the needs of learners, and make China’s online education brand light up the world. More reading: Japan: popularize AI education and Robot Revolution Youdao dictionary pen enters key middle schools in Inner Mongolia AI helps students learn English efficiently cheetah mobile Q3 business profit soars 303.4% focus on AI hardware and software integration landing dialogue deepmind founder: how will AI reshape our world? CCFA: in 2019, China’s supermarket top 100 Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries? Ali Damo Institute released AI earth, which can accurately analyze remote sensing satellite, UAV and other image information. GMIC online Pro held in September to interpret the new trend of ultra cutting edge technology“ Jin Jing, an opera master, joined Hisense’s traffic workshop and was held “blushing” by the AI group. He deeply interpreted the trend and technology foresight of the retail industry in the post epidemic era: Duojin is young and highly educated, six truths about AI talents, how to get twice the result with half the effort, AI interactive learning enables children to learn independently. Amazon cloud service (AWS) expands the circle of machine learning and touches every AI worker

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