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On January 12, 2021, Deloitte management consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Deloitte”) announced its cooperation with Amazon cloud services (AWS) since August 2018 Since the strategic partnership was established in Greater China, it has helped Chinese enterprises realize digital transformation and continuous innovation with advanced technologies and services such as AWS cloud computing, data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and Internet of things as the breakthrough point, combined with Deloitte’s leading strategy, business, technical consulting ability and Industry practice, and achieved fruitful results in just over two years.

To create a strong service landing ability

Over the past two years, Deloitte has worked closely with AWS to rapidly build a strong service landing capability. Deloitte and AWS have jointly established a cloud accelerated practice platform. Based on the enterprise data and business perspective, Deloitte designs the practice experience process and formulates specific practice content. Through the practice experience, the leaders of all departments of the enterprise can deeply understand the future challenges and the corresponding strategies and solutions, and help the enterprise achieve personalized goals.

Deloitte and AWS have also jointly created solutions for the automotive industry. Based on the rich data service components of AWS and Amazon sagemaker machine learning services, combined with Deloitte’s many years of data business application experience in the automotive industry, and in line with the actual business scenarios, Deloitte has built a digital solution for the production and sales forecast of automotive enterprises to meet the needs of customers’ digital insight and decision-making.

The network security laboratory jointly established by Deloitte and AWS, combined with its leading network security capabilities and rich practical experience, helps users build an efficient digital risk prevention and control system while allowing users to use AWS cloud services, escorts network security in an all-round way, and helps enterprises achieve stability and long-term development.

The two sides also jointly built the best practice of system compliance on cloud in the life pharmaceutical industry, combined with Deloitte’s leading consulting experience and solutions in the life science and pharmaceutical industry, as well as AWS’s global best safety system on cloud for life medical system, and jointly provided the best practice guidance of safety compliance on systematic cloud for Chinese pharmaceutical industry customers, so as to accelerate the digital transformation of industry customers, The application of the latest cloud technology provides practical guidance and suggestions.

Completed a number of industry benchmark projects

The strong combination of AWS and Deloitte highlights the advantages of helping the leading customers in the industry to solve complex problems, and quickly won the trust of customers. For example, in the context of the implementation of China’s network security law and the upgrading of global personal data protection, there are strong regulatory requirements for user and patient data in the medical and pharmaceutical field. AWS and Deloitte have jointly provided the best practice of system security and compliance on cloud in the medical industry, helping local pharmaceutical companies such as tiger medical achieve data security on cloud. AWS also cooperated with Deloitte to help an international famous pharmaceutical technology enterprise to realize the design, implementation and operation of ERP enterprise application system on AWS cloud.

AWS also uses the innovation acceleration platform with Deloitte to actively help and promote enterprise organizational change and digital transformation with the help of cloud technology. For example, both sides have successfully implemented a data-driven organizational change project based on AWS cloud data Lake Technology for a famous British automobile brand. Through this project, the isolated data islands within the enterprise are opened up and revitalized, and the data is truly applied to the daily decision-making process, making it a new organization with data insight ability. For another example, the two sides worked hand in hand to serve a famous international electrical automation manufacturer. Based on AWS data Lake technology, they designed and reconstructed the customer’s supply chain application platform, and provided the ability of analysis and prediction based on big data, so as to help the customer’s business departments make business decisions better and faster.

In addition, the two sides also jointly completed the intelligent financial analysis platform based on AWS for a large international consumer goods manufacturing enterprise, the planning and implementation of SAP EPR system for a large state-owned container transportation enterprise on AWS cloud, the cloud and innovation of traditional it transformation for an international petrochemical enterprise, and the application of SAP ERP system for a new energy material supplier Asia Pacific factory on AWS cloud The design and implementation of cloud, a large multinational logistics supplier based on AWS to build a full cloud logistics warehousing system and so on.

The strategic cooperation between the two sides continues to deepen

AWS, the world’s leading, extensive and in-depth cloud service, grafts Deloitte’s end-to-end solution capabilities from strategy to application landing, and brings very rich value to customers. The strategic cooperation between the two sides is also deepening.

“AWS is one of the most important partners of Deloitte in the world. The reason is that AWS is leading in technology and has great advantages in many aspects. Especially when Chinese enterprises go overseas and multinational enterprises enter China, AWS is one of the first cloud manufacturers to be considered. Therefore, between Deloitte and AWS, we have cooperation in all walks of life and have common customers. “

Wang Yong, general manager of AWS China ecosystem and partner department, said, “we are very happy to work closely with Deloitte to create value for our customers. As a leading global professional service organization, Deloitte management consulting can provide a full range of services to the whole process of enterprise operation, such as development strategy, daily operation, information technology and human resource management. Through the continuous and in-depth strategic cooperation between Deloitte and AWS, combined with the advantages of both sides, we can create leading end-to-end solutions and effectively help enterprises realize digital transformation and continuous innovation. “

Deloitte global has become a core global consulting partner of AWS as early as 2015. Relying on huge ecosystem resources, Deloitte Global provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for cross industry and cross domain customers. In August 2018, Deloitte China and AWS reached a strategic cooperative relationship in Greater China. In 2019, Deloitte China and AWS further deepened their strategic cooperation, jointly established the cloud accelerated practice platform, and jointly released the data insight platform D.Data platform, which was rated as the best global consulting partner of APN China in 2019 by AWS. In 2020, Deloitte was further rated as the big data partner of APN in 2020 by AWS. In the future, the strategic cooperation between the two sides will achieve greater development.

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