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Dipu technology was elected as vice chairman of Shenzhen Xinchuang alliance to promote the high quality development of Xinchuang industry

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Recently, dip technology was elected as the vice president unit of Shenzhen Information Technology Application Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Xinchuang alliance”). In this regard, dip technology said that it will continue to promote the cooperation of production, learning, research and application in the field of information and innovation, jointly create a healthy ecological environment, and accelerate the process of enterprise digital transformation and localization alternative development.

Shenzhen information technology application innovation alliance is a non-profit consortium under the guidance of Shenzhen Bureau of industry and information technology, which is jointly responded and voluntarily participated by relevant enterprises, institutions and institutions engaged in the research, product development, application and service of software and hardware key technologies in the information field in Shenzhen. It belongs to Shenzhen Software Industry Association.

The alliance aims to promote the independent innovation and application promotion of Shenzhen’s information technology industry, strengthen the interaction between supply and demand, and further enhance the overall level and market competitiveness of Shenzhen’s information technology industry. In combination with local advantages, prosper the industrial ecology, actively participate in the national information and innovation work, promote basic software and hardware manufacturers, key industry applications and system integrators to seize the market, and help Shenzhen build a demonstration area with information technology application and innovation characteristics.

Information technology application innovation is the cornerstone of the current economic and social development and scientific and technological innovation in various fields, and it is also the new driving force of the development of national digital economy under the current situation. In recent years, China’s information and creative industry is accelerating from Party and government to industry. In 2020, the market scale of information and creative industry will reach 1.05 trillion. As a national innovation center of science and technology industry and a strong city of electronic information industry, Shenzhen has natural advantages in developing and expanding the information and creative industry. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the development of the information and creative industry, and promote the development of Shenzhen’s information and creative industry from the perspectives of formulating work plans, increasing financial support, creating innovation platforms, establishing alliance carriers, and strengthening investment promotion.

As a leading full scene data intelligent service provider in China, dip technology always takes meeting the work demand in the field of information and innovation as an important goal, and continues to cultivate the core technology of original innovation. Based on the leading cloud native architecture and data intelligence technology, dip technology has built datafacts data intelligence product system, Fastdata cloud native multi-mode real-time data warehouse, openkube cloud native technology product system, deepexi DXP and other product systems, from product innovation digitization, production and operation intelligence, user service agility The ecological dimension of the industrial system helps enterprises to achieve a breakthrough in digital transformation. With the internationally advanced, safe and controllable digital transformation technology system, a new generation of agile, efficient and reusable digital technology infrastructure is formed, which helps to improve the “new infrastructure” and social and economic digital level, serves the collaborative innovation of the upstream and downstream of the information and creative industry, and promotes the transformation of new and old kinetic energy.

Among the basic software involved in the information and creative industry, database, operating system and middleware are called the “troika” of basic software. At present, dip technology product system has gradually carried out and completed the adaptation with domestic mainstream chips, operating systems, middleware, as well as the localization compatibility and adaptation of various application software. It has successively carried out a number of national tests in the fields of information industry, public security, security, equipment manufacturing, and major industries such as cloud computing, energy, securities, etc. It has the ability to replace foreign databases on a large scale to meet the needs of industrial upgrading in government affairs, military industry, finance, telecommunications, medical care, education and other industries.

At the same time, during the technology research and development period, dip technology actively participated in the research of industry standards and the establishment and improvement of data intelligence related technical standard system, taking promoting the research and construction of data intelligence standardization as its own responsibility, giving full play to the industry gene advantages of both big data and artificial intelligence, and formulating a number of data intelligence enterprise standards and test specifications.

With the help of its foresight and technology leadership in the information and creative industry, as well as its strong ecosystem, Dipu will actively assume the function of vice president in the process of promoting the information and creative industry, so as to build a platform for Shenzhen’s information and creative technology cooperation and industry promotion, compile a key core product catalog, cultivate more information and creative talents, and promote the development of information and creative industry We will support the formulation of local policies for the development of relevant industries and play an important role in promoting the high-quality development of the information and creative industry. People’s Bank of China: questionnaire survey report of urban depositors in the first quarter of 2019 Infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries, Inclusive rural primary school children’s education cyberpunk 2077 PC version has been unlocked, the peak number of online users has exceeded 700000. Ruian office: goodbye to the cubicle! What is the ideal work space for youth? E-government wechat helps build “Guangdong Zhengyi” officially online, creating a new upgrade of the mobile office platform for public officials in Guangdong Province! Youdao dictionary pen and Youdao dictionary app get through the integration of software and hardware, help more interactive learning, experience intelligent energy-saving energy-2020 China (Nanjing) international intelligent energy-saving Expo! Smart convergence and green development 2020 China convenience store conference: wechat payment promotes the digital transformation of convenience store industry, Huawei’s top 2 million Recruitment “genius” Netease has a way to recruit teachers with a minimum of 500000! Talent recruitment in the autumn of 2021

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