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Door to door professional care for the elderly to share their worries for their children From Alibaba Health launched “inch grass heart” service

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“I’m most afraid that the phone rings suddenly. It’s the news that my parents are ill…”

For the middle-aged people who work outside and lack skills, it is undoubtedly a kind of hidden pain that their parents are sick and even need to stay in bed for a long time. In response, Ali Health announced on May 10 that on the eve of the international nurses’ day, it officially launched the “inch grass heart” service, which provides professional nurse home-based care services for the elderly or disabled, to share the worries of children who can’t be around.

According to the data of the National Commission on aging, in 2020, there will be more than 42 million disabled people over the age of 60 in China, which means that one out of every six people will be unable to take care of themselves. On the one hand, the middle-aged people who have stepped into the stage of “the old and the young” can not accompany and take care of their parents for a long time. On the other hand, under the trend of aging society, the new generation of only children will face similar difficulties in the future.

The Chinese government has been concerned about this social problem in a timely manner. In 2019, China has identified Internet plus nursing services in 6 provinces and municipalities in Beijing, and has achieved some success. Last year, the state once again decided to expand the pilot work to multiple provinces across the country to benefit more elderly people.

Under the guidance of national policies, Ali has launched the exploration of Internet plus care services, cooperated with professional institutions and nurses registered in medical institutions, and adopted online booking and on-site service to provide professional nursing services for those aged in the elderly or disabled elderly, rehabilitation patients and end-stage patients. Service items include door-to-door injection, door-to-door dressing change, PICC maintenance, colostomy nursing, puerperal nursing, pressure sore nursing, etc.

At present, Ali health door-to-door care services have covered nearly 40 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Nanchang, Shenyang, Jinan, Hohhot, Xiamen, Chongqing, Chengdu and Qingdao.

Users can open the Yilu app, click or search “on-site nursing”, enter the special page to select the required nursing service items and make an appointment. Open Alipay APP, search “door-to-door care”, or check the “door-to-door care” in physical examination / check can also make an appointment service.

It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the professionalism and accuracy of the service, in addition to clarifying the scope of nursing services that nurses can provide on-site, Yilu app also needs patients to upload historical medical records and accept on-site service evaluation. At the same time, nurses are equipped with work recorder, mobile app positioning and tracking system, one button alarm, delay warning and other devices, and have purchased medical liability insurance and personal accident insurance for them. The service process can be traced to ensure the safety of patients and visiting nurses.

In addition, the on-site nursing service launched by Ali health has strict requirements on the qualification examination of nurses. On site nurses should have more than five years of clinical nursing experience and technical title above nurse, and can be found in the national nurse electronic registration system.

“Who said inch grass heart, reported three Chunhui.” Dong Yu, director of Ali health professional medical services, said, “it’s not easy for middle-aged people to work outside. Only when the elderly have professional nursing services can they work at ease. This is also the original intention of our service.”

It is understood that in the future, home-based care services will cover more cities, supplement more types of professional services, and relieve worries for more families. Read more: Yilu app opens door-to-door appointment channel for nucleic acid detection team, covering 10 cities nationwide in the first phase. Ali health upgrades “rare disease center” to find drugs for 20 million patients with rare diseases. Quark joins hands with Yilu to upgrade medical search “content + service” and goes deep into industrial ecology, soaring 286.48%! What is Ali’s confidence in turning losses into profits? Giant figures in the big health industry: the pattern has been set, But business innovation has just begun. Ali health released the latest report on women’s health consumption: 80% of women buy contraceptives. Ali health released the report on sleeplessness: 30% of people with insomnia or fake insomnia. Ali health’s “rest assured” platform: upgrade and create a new clinical drug research and development “electronic ID card”. Ali health: 2019 white paper on eating habits and oral health (attached) (in) Ali health: environment, environment and health in 2018 Social and Governance Report (download attached) Ali health: 2017 annual health consumption report post-90s become the main group of health consumption Ali health: 2015 China sex consumption report Ali health: 2015 China sex consumption report Ali health: 2016 China Health New Year map Ali health: during the air red warning period, the daily average sales volume of masks is 9.3 times of normal

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