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On December 14, “architectural iteration × digital empowerment × community happiness, helping housing consumption” — the 17th future human settlements development forum sponsored by Jingrui human settlements Award Committee was successfully held in Beijing. At the meeting, Chen Jiangen, Secretary General of Jingrui Habitat Award Committee, on behalf of the Award Committee, shared the prediction of the future development trend of human settlements and the preparation and implementation of new industry standards in 2021 on behalf of the Award Committee.

The picture shows Chen Jianggen, Secretary General of Jingrui Habitat Award Committee

Chen Jianggen pointed out that 2021, the first year of the fourteenth five year plan of our country, is also a year when our country has entered a stage of high-quality development. Under the new development pattern, we should strive to achieve high-quality development. The real estate industry needs to promote the urbanization with people as the core. The real estate regulation should adhere to the principle of “stability first, and adhere to the positioning of” housing without speculation “, so as to promote the stable and healthy development of the market. These will certainly have a profound impact on the development of human settlements in the next five years, as well as the development of enterprises in the field of human settlements, including strategic adjustment and the changes of human settlements products in the future.

In view of the future human settlements market space, enterprise development and human settlements development, Chen Jianggen released the eight major trends of human settlements development in the “14th five year plan”, including:

Trend one, the market is stable. In 2019, the per capita area of urban residents in China is 39.8 square meters, an increase of 15 square meters compared with 2002. Urbanization will continue to accelerate in the next five years. It is estimated that the urbanization population will increase by 84.33 million, and the per capita housing area will gradually increase at the rate of 0.8 square meters per year. After five years, the per capita housing area will increase to 44.5 square meters per capita. There will be more than 7 billion square meters of new housing demand for the main improvement type, which will become the key support for the future housing consumption demand.

The second trend is urban differentiation. Under the new pattern, consumption, scientific and technological innovation, transportation and other factors will seriously affect the development pattern of the city. Obviously, in cities with large consumption potential, strong industrial vitality and perfect transportation network, the future development space will be greater. In the medium and long term, the central city, including the urban agglomeration market, will develop better as a whole. Different development cycles among different urban agglomerations, different cities within urban agglomerations, and different urban planning aspects will affect the development direction, and the performance of each city will be more differentiated.

The third trend is to improve the quality and reduce the speed. After the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic, we have noticed that the transaction volume of units with an area of more than 144 square meters in many large cities and key cities has increased a lot compared with that in 2019. On the whole, the transaction rate of large units is increasing. Maybe in the future, people will put forward higher requirements on the living environment and the degree of green livability. The three red line policy and the speed of industry development will slow down. In the future, we will pay more attention to the internal attributes of products, and the iterative upgrading of products will be further accelerated.

Trend four, digital empowerment. The scale of the residential stock market is expanding, the service value is highlighted, and the rapid development and application of new technologies are superimposed. The trend of digitalization and intellectualization is more obvious in the future. Enterprise digital technology and tools promote intelligent products and services, effectively improve product quality and operation efficiency, strengthen core competitive advantages, and comprehensively enable enterprise development.

Trend five, architectural iteration. In the post epidemic era, people’s rethinking of health style and concept brings new challenges and opportunities to reshape healthy living environment. The new generation of buildings will organically integrate the factors of culture, aesthetics, environmental protection, intelligent IOT and community cultural life, and will certainly add the strength of community residents to participate in the architectural iteration together to build a high-quality harmonious livable urban agglomeration and urban building unit.

Trend six, community intelligence. Smart community service for people’s livelihood has gradually become the mainstream. Smart community uses a new generation of information technology to integrate various data resources such as people, things, places, things, emotions and organizations in the community scene, so as to improve the intelligent management and service level of the community, and provide more convenient, fast, safe and high-quality life services for residents.

Trend 7, people-oriented. In the future, human settlement is not only a single functional living, working and learning space, but also a carrier of harmonious coexistence between people and nature, and a new field for people’s life and social interaction. In the future, all people in the community should be able to participate in it, guide innovative lifestyle and life aesthetics, and jointly create a living style.

Trend eight, harmonious coexistence. With a land area of more than 9.6 million square kilometers, the “14th five year plan” clearly proposes to reduce the occupation of natural space by human activities. In the process of realizing the modernization of urban construction with human settlements, there should be both green water and green mountains, and gold and silver mountains. The basic needs of 1.4 billion people for blue sky and white clouds should be maintained, so that human settlements and nature can coexist harmoniously.

Based on the current situation, continuous standard leading, enabling and supporting the development of the industry and enterprises, the establishment and preparation of new industry standards in 2021 will also be promoted in an orderly manner. Chen Jiangen disclosed at the meeting that in the next year, the all union real estate chamber of Commerce, together with Tsinghua University and Futian Xingye group, will jointly prepare and establish a three-dimensional ecological health standard applicable to China’s national conditions – “3S three-dimensional ecological innovative building evaluation standard”; in addition, he will cooperate with the field group to prepare “full scene digital community evaluation standard”, which will further accelerate the development of community The process of scene digitization and the construction of intelligent community have important milestone significance. More reading: Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries CCFA: in 2019, top 100 supermarkets in China demand Gen: manufacturers expand digital conversion to sales and marketing reports, and favorable policies such as “children’s programming into primary and secondary school courses” are frequent Walnut programming improves 2 million children’s learning ability AWS and arm show production level cloud electronic design automation the total pre purchase volume of cyberpunk 2077 exceeds 8 million, and the pre purchase volume of PC exceeds 4.72 million, breaking the world of Warcraft record of 83% of the praise rate of “cyberpunk 2077” steam! The number of online users has exceeded 900000. The PC version of cyberpunk 2077 has been unlocked, and the peak number of online users has exceeded 700000. In November 2020, Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast with bill of lading monthly Gmv will reach 520 million yuan. Amazon re: invest global online summit opens with 43 new services and functions. AWS releases a new generation of Amazon Aurora serverless, which is more convenient for SQL Server migration NPD: Americans of all ages spend more on video games than ever before. Latest sales of next generation hosts: xsx / s North American anti super ps5cfo leaves yunmi in 2020 Q3 net profit is 34.9 million yuan, down 52% year on year. Tuniu financial report: revenue of Q3 in 2020 is 124 million yuan, with a year-on-year decrease of 85.46%

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