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EMQ x cloud officially supports the Microsoft Azure Platform and helps enterprises go to sea

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In the era of digital economy, with the continuous growth of Chinese enterprises, more and more enterprises choose to go abroad and open the global market. Overseas cloud services have become an important bridge for domestic enterprises to go to sea. If the iterative upgrading of products and services is an important force to help enterprises conquer cities and territories overseas, the quality of overseas cloud services directly affects the experience of overseas users when using their products and services.

With the increasing number of customers of EMQ x cloud, we found that the number of customers who need to go to sea who choose to deploy on the Microsoft Azure Platform has increased significantly. On the one hand, azure has more than 100 data centers in more than 60 regions and a global network of more than 130000 miles, which can meet the needs of overseas enterprises to carry out business in many countries. On the other hand, due to azure’s excellent data security, it can provide 90 security compliance certifications, and Gartner’s security score ranked first in 2020.

Therefore, following Huawei cloud, Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and AWS, EMQ x cloud has officially completed the deployment support of azure recently, hoping to help overseas enterprises solve the needs of overseas data cloud and easily carry out their overseas business in a simple, reliable and scalable way.

As a fully managed mqtt cloud service native to the cloud, in addition to fully automated environment creation, service deployment, on-demand scaling, service monitoring and alarm notification, EMQ x cloud also has the following advantages for offshore enterprises:

1. After supporting the azure platform, enterprises that choose azure as an overseas cloud service provider can easily connect and easily deploy and manage mqtt services on the azure infrastructure.

2. The problem of regional time difference increases the difficulty for the operation and maintenance of enterprises’ sea going business, and problems have to be solved in the early morning of China from time to time. EMQ x cloud provides up to 7 * 24 hours of professional technical support services. In case of any problem, you can deal with it as soon as possible, eliminating your worries.

3. Strictly guarantee data security. Due to the high sensitivity of overseas users in data security and the strict requirements of gdpr and other laws on enterprise data compliance, compliance and data security are the top priorities that enterprises need to pay attention to when they go to sea. Each VPX server can be isolated from the public and private database via cloud EMQ to ensure its own data security and stability.

How to quickly deploy in azure?

After registering on the official website, you can deploy fully managed mqtt 5.0 services in azure with one click.

1. Select version

2. Select azure and related configurations

3. Deployment and validation

Whether it is exploring at sea or operating locally, enterprises in various industries and types can realize the business innovation of the Internet of things through the Internet of things message engine provided by EMQ. In addition to the Azure Platform updated this time, more mainstream cloud platforms have also been included in our R & D plan and will meet you one after another. EMQ is willing to work with users to build competitive IOT platforms and applications and jointly “connect the future”. More reading: NetCraft: in April 2014, Microsoft IIS server market share was 33.04%, approaching the Magic Quadrant ranking of Apache Gartner IAAs. Amazon topped the top 10 industries affected by Alibaba. Deloitte: in 2016, TMT industry predicted that offline mobile payment would become a “super battlefield” security certificate: Panoramic study of the depth of the Internet of things series (with download) Gartner: it is expected that the world will be in 2013 The expenditure on information industry is 3700 billion US dollars. British lancet magazine: research shows that one-third of young men in China will die from tobacco. Ericsson: 2016 Mobile Communication Market Research Report (with download) 2019 annual report of Huawei Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. waste recycling & in-depth research on second-hand transactions (I) Gartner: it is expected that 75% of the databases will be hosted in the cloud “algorithm” by 2022 What new model and trend will the “economy” create app Annie: it is estimated that the global mobile phone users’ spending on apps will be twice the box office of movies in 2019. Flickr: the proportion of mobile phones taking photos of the world’s top ten photos in 2017 will exceed 50%. Ministry of industry and information technology: by the end of May 2021, there are 3.02 million apps in China, down 13% compared with before the rectification

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