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Enter the blue ocean and explore the possibility of putting the game on connected TV From Insight into chess

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The trade desk ™) Calvin Chan, general manager of China

“Forget to go to the island, my turnip is rotten, blood loss T ^ t”

“A new five-star weapon came out yesterday. Did you draw it?”

As a new generation of social currency, games appear more and more in various scenes, and gradually have the trend of national discussion, which also reflects the vigorous development of the game industry in the past year.

Affected by the epidemic, people’s leisure time at home has increased significantly, which objectively promotes the expansion of the scale of active users of the game and the improvement of users’ investment in the game, thus promoting the explosive growth of the game industry. According to the “2020 game application marketing status report” released by appsflyer, in 2020, the installation of game applications in the world jumped by 45% compared with last year, and the growth rate was accelerated; the IAP also increased strongly, and remained high in the late stage of the epidemic, showing the sustainability of the liquidity of game applications.

Taking advantage of the prosperity of the global industry, China’s game industry also ushered in a new growth peak. According to the report of China’s game industry in 2020 jointly released by the game Working Committee of China music and digital Association and China Game Industry Research Institute, the scale of China’s games going to sea continues to expand. In 2020, the sales revenue of independent R & D games in overseas market will grow by 33.25% year on year, and the growth rate will increase by 12.3% year on year.

The following is the further increase of the marketing investment of game advertisers, in which the buying volume has become the top priority. However, the continuous rise of the purchase cost in the late stage of the epidemic has made the already competitive market more intense. Under the pressure of rising costs, money should undoubtedly be spent on the blade, and refined operation has become a new navigation mark of the game. Advertisers can’t help thinking: when the buying pattern is gradually solidified, how to tap new user growth points? Can data and intelligent tools be used to improve purchasing efficiency and return on investment? Furthermore, can we achieve long-term transformation and enhance liquidity?

To try to answer these questions, it is obviously not enough to rely on the familiar games to go out to sea and put in the mainstream playing methods. We want to talk about the possibility of games going out to sea in the field of intelligent large screen today.

Channel change, traffic competition or new battlefield

When it comes to going out to sea, especially in the development of emerging markets, the choice of advertising channels is the first problem to be considered when formulating the buying volume strategy. Although there are some mature channels in the field of game going out to sea, it is more and more difficult for new customers to obtain and refine high-value products due to the challenges of tight traffic and rising costs. At the same time, there are still many unknown areas for advertisers to explore in channel application. In this case, multi-channel expansion has become a new demand, and intelligent large screen is one of the exports.

On the one hand, the game needs image video display. App growing data shows that video is the preferred material form for advertising in the game industry, accounting for nearly 48%. In this regard, the large screen channel with beautiful pictures, strong visual impact and immersive interactive experience undoubtedly has excellent natural advantages. On the other hand, the data value behind the smart big screen and cross platform connection can enable decision-making and help achieve data-driven precise orientation; at the same time, it can give advertisers enough flexibility and control rights to make real-time adjustment and optimization possible; in addition, it can connect user viewing mode with other online and offline behaviors, which helps to get through full link marketing.

In the U.S. and other key markets where games go to sea, smart screens are gaining more and more attention and favor, becoming an important channel to reach consumers. According to the latest report released by Cuiyi, according to the data provided by SMI, a business intelligence company, the advertising revenue of CTV / Ott in the United States exceeded that of all other media from January to September 2020, and it was the only channel that recorded a positive year-on-year growth. In addition, in the survey of 150 American marketing practitioners, 95% of the respondents said that the intelligent large screen channel has successfully achieved the KPI of advertising activities.

It can be predicted that the intelligent big screen will play an important role in the channel strategy of game going to sea in the future, or become a new battlefield for advertisers to compete for traffic.

Accurate attack, deep communication has gradually become one of the main lines

In the environment of gradual fading of traffic dividend and overall entering the era of stock competition, the original aggressive and extensive strategy is difficult to continue to work. The key to success is to accurately target and tap the value group. On the premise of combining the characteristics of games and channels, advertisers can determine the target users and high-value users through data-driven method, and carry out accurate advertising for them. Practice has proved that this is more effective for obtaining core users, and also helps to further improve the subsequent conversion, retention and payment rate.

Of course, compared with the LTV (life time value) of game users, customer acquisition is only the first step. Maintaining and improving user loyalty through in-depth communication with users requires a long-term battle. In this process, in addition to the update and iteration of the game product itself, the normal means such as re marketing are also indispensable. According to the data of appsflyer, re marketing has a significant effect on attracting users to retain and improving users’ payment. For example, in mature markets such as South Korea, North America and Western Europe, the proportion of paid users of games with re marketing can reach 1.5 times of those without products.

From this point of view, in view of the leading development of intelligent large screen channel in overseas marketing market, its solid data and technical foundation can help game advertisers to attack accurately, even in the market that has not been fully understood or mastered. At the same time, the deep communication and link transformation it can achieve with users will also be a powerful helper for advertisers to grow and cash in the future.

Upgrading monitoring and grasping the course need “know yourself and know your enemy”

Although the global game market is still expanding, it is undeniable that it is also facing many uncertainties. After the frenzy of explosive growth of the game, we need to return to rationality, accurately grasp and timely adjust the course. From the aspect of delivery, it needs effective measurement and optimization, so advertisers should strive to “know themselves and know each other”.

The “black box” problem of advertising measurement is a dilemma that many game advertisers often face. In addition to simple and crude purchase volume figures, it is often difficult for them to get more transparent and in-depth data feedback on “what exactly they have bought” – such as what user groups are actually behind the purchased traffic, how the conversion and cashing effect are, etc.

According to China Digital Marketing Trends 2020, advertisers believe that advertising visibility is the most important factor affecting traffic quality, and the use of advertising monitoring and abnormal traffic filtering services is the main measure to reduce abnormal traffic. Therefore, it is one of the important demands of advertisers to be able to monitor and track the advertising effect in real time and obtain transparent data, that is, to be a “confidant”.

The so-called “know the other” is based on data feedback to further understand the interest, behavior and other key portraits of the core users of the game, and on this basis, make real-time adjustment and optimization, and also provide accurate direction guidance for subsequent material production and run volume, so as to help realize the long-term link transformation. At the same time, we also need to deepen the grasp of the local market and industry trends, so as to provide a think tank for long-term strategy formulation.

Compared with the traditional TV channels, the advantages of intelligent large screen in measurement are obvious. Advertisers can not only obtain multi-dimensional data, but also flexibly adjust the delivery, which is bound to meet the requirements of refined operation and uncertainty to a great extent.

After setting up the growth myth, many people are paying attention to whether the game industry can continue the momentum of rapid development in the new year. It may be difficult to reach a final conclusion on this issue at present, but I believe there must be an opportunity to attack the future, which lies in the blue sea. Read more: the trade desk ™) The trade desk, the white paper of global smart big screen consumption trend and marketing insight ™) The trade desk ™) Chen chuancha, general manager of China, and Calvin Chan, CO chairman of MMA China Marketing Innovation Alliance? The trade desk released its financial report for the second quarter of 2020, with the customer retention rate still over 95% ™) Benson ho appointed as senior vice president of North Asia the trade desk: subscription based streaming services may face the risk of “sacrificing” nearly 100 million pounds Desk: the survey shows that American users lose interest in cable TV. November 2018 cool cloud big data monthly report Zhijing Technology & Ovi Consulting: 2014 China smart large screen media data report – Smart TV. 2015 LETV smart large screen application distribution report (with download) Ali Research Institute: it is estimated that China’s cross-border E-commerce transaction scale will reach 12 trillion yuan in 2020. Ali Research Institute: 2016 China’s cross border e-commerce development report (with download) is digital media advertising soft text OK? Fortune Chinese: digital media advertising soft text in the end OK?

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