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Evergrande Auto’s intraday decline expanded and fell by more than 13%. See the title of the soft article to see how prosperous the new energy vehicles are

The following is the Evergrande Auto’s intraday decline expanded and fell by more than 13%. See the title of the soft article to see how prosperous the new energy vehicles are recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

On March 25, Evergrande held a press conference, announcing for the first time a series of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, such as intelligent cockpit, supercomputing platform, intelligent ecosystem, etc., especially the h-smart ﹣ OS hengchi intelligent networking system, which has been developed for one year and 11 months with Tencent and Baidu. Stimulated by the release of smart Internet connection by hengchi automobile, on March 26, Hengda automobile (0708. HK) opened high and rose 11.41% to HK $63 at the end of the day.

Looking at the recent smart Internet market, there are many articles touting hengchi’s smart Internet system. It can be seen that the public relations cost of this round of Evergrande is not low. The titles of these articles make people feel like Evergrande has occupied the leading position in China’s intelligent network industry. For example: “hengchi intelligent network appears, which is expected to subvert the pattern of new energy vehicles”, “the future has come, hengchi” intelligent network “black technology is comparable to science fiction film”, “hengchi automobile intelligent network appears Smart car meets the real leader, how good is hengchi’s intelligent networking technology? From latecomer to leader, IOS of automobile industry: hengchi’s intelligent networking debut, top intelligent networking debut! Hengchi wants to build iPhone in automobile industry, gather the world’s top black technology to build a new benchmark of hengchi’s intelligent networking, and black technology is just the foundation of hengchi’s intelligent networking After watching it, I’m happy with it and so on.

The development of automobile science and technology also needs to follow certain rules, including technical reserve, strategic route planning, and personnel training. Google, apple, Baidu, Ali and other international and domestic giants have been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent Internet connection for many years. Up to now, they are still focusing on the development of basic technology and cutting-edge technology, and pragmatic promotion.

If exaggeration prevails in the field of automobile technology, the final harm is not only the industry itself, but also the interests of consumers.

Previously, the media commented that Evergrande was “only inferior to cars”. I hope Evergrande will be more pragmatic and benefit China’s automobile industry. (this article synthesizes sina science and technology report) read more: the global battery industry will be dominated by China, and the market value will reach 240 billion US dollars. China: in 2017, the proportion of coal energy consumption will drop to below 65%. In the future, clean energy will account for 80% of the global energy Internet matrix. Moore’s law will not end, and the world’s energy will not be enough for computers PwC | China clean energy and Technology Industry Investment Research Report Situation Research | from policy driven to technology practice, big data to open up new ways of sustainable development research, energy saving situation | China’s energy consumption trend has increased significantly, energy structure needs to be optimized and adjusted urgently | economist | China’s coal consumption dropped by 2.9% in 2014, and will reach the peak of consumption in 2030, electric vehicles Refined understanding of the development status of China’s new energy vehicles in the first half of 2015 and patent analysis of the industry in the future? Exclusive interview with Peng Xinyu, the leader of Alibaba data, 2015 global new energy development survey Ministry of industry and information technology: in June 2015, the output of new energy vehicles reached 25000 units, PwC | 2014 China clean energy and Technology Industry Investment Research Report (34 pages)

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