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Flash data: a case of Arden book

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Xiaohongshu is a well-known grass planting base in China. It’s no exaggeration to say that xiaohongshu occupies half of the beauty market. According to the data of xiaohongshu, 80% – 90% of the domestic users of xiaohongshu are female users, aged between 20-30, and most of the users are white-collar workers, civil servants and international students. They all pursue the quality of life and are willing to share.

Elizabeth’s share in the small red book beauty market also plays an important role. Under the little red book data, Arden orange extract is one of the cream of grass growing in the user and KOL notes. This orange orange essence 2 is a brand new upgrade. Through the flash data platform, Elizabeth provides a large volume of small red book data for reference comparison between the Arden orange extract essence and the Arden. Let the upgraded Arden citrus essence 2 be effectively put into operation. The following is the 2021 report of Arden red orange essence:

Arden citrus essence 2 new upgrade, four times anti oxygen freeze, young light!

In the spring and summer season, in order to solve the problem of seasonal worry and skin aging, Arden launched the new Arden 2.0#, which is specially designed for Asian skin, which is full of oxygen resistance from inside to outside, giving the skin a good state of daily hidden vitality.

The brand side invited star @ Zhang zhehan madman as the brand skin care ambassador. Due to the star effect of the spokesperson, the brand won high fan support and achieved good promotion effect.

Among the other 28 KOLs invited by Weibo, except one dermatologist and popular science blogger, in order to meet the positioning of the product line, the rest are head and waist beauty experts and some plain people, who are promoted by means of evaluation and trial. The 167 KOLs invited by xiaohongshu are mainly vertical publicity of small KOLs with large number of shops.

In the choice of KOL, we can choose a few more large-scale KOL to achieve better publicity effect.

@Hongmen Arden’s large-scale lottery “Baifen new product trial officer” has attracted a large number of user experience forwarding, with high media value.

At present, the total amount of brand content is 33 on Weibo and 33 on xiaohongshu, but the media value of xiaohongshu is three times that of sina Weibo, 11610 and 26172 respectively.

Up to now, the topic Arden.20# has gained 9153.6 reading volume.

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