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Futurecar week’s fourth China Summit on unmanned and intelligent cockpit will be held in Shanghai in May

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With the development of intelligent and electronic vehicles, driverless has become an inevitable trend in the future. Since 2020, affected by the epidemic situation, the market has generated rigid demand for unmanned distribution, non-contact distribution and unmanned sanitation vehicles. Companies at home and abroad, such as nuro AI, Zhixing technology, Xiaoma Zhixing and Argo AI, use driverless technology to provide driverless distribution service or disinfection service for residents or hospitals, which has greatly accelerated the popularization and implementation of driverless technology. At the same time, Robo taxis, self driving trucks and other L4 level driverless companies began to promote the pilot. More and more star enterprises of automatic driving begin to adjust the landing time planning of SAE L4 and above “full automatic driving”.

With the development of driverless technology, new forces of car manufacturing and traditional car companies have started the research on intelligent driving technology. The intelligent cockpit with multi screen integration such as speech recognition, LCD instrument, DMS, head up display, central control screen and rear seat entertainment can bring users more intelligent and safe interactive experience. Intelligent cockpit has become the key interface of new era technologies such as ADAS, autopilot and artificial intelligence.

What are the factors limiting the landing of driverless technology? How to accumulate technology maturity? How to solve the development pain of intelligent cockpit? How can car manufacturers create a better user experience through Ethernet technology? After four consecutive years of successful polishing and development, futurecar week, sponsored by tans labs, will be held in Shanghai from May 20 to 21, 2021. Futurecar week’s driverless vehicle innovation week has two meetings, a total of four days of complete high-quality summit content, and more than 40 top industry experts share the wonderful experience on the same stage. The activities are respectively the 4th China Summit of autoai 2021 driverless and intelligent driving cabin and the 2nd China International Automotive Ethernet summit of AES 2021. The two summits are held at the same time, and a professional exhibition area is set up on site to facilitate further communication and exchange among guests and expand new opportunities for the intelligent automobile industry.

The conference will invite global manufacturers, one or two tier suppliers, electronic and electrical suppliers, autopilot developers, vehicle software and gateways, automotive Ethernet solutions, semiconductor design and manufacturing companies, telecom operators, vehicle network communication companies, test solutions suppliers, automotive network security companies, human-machine interaction, central control panels and central control vehicle information. 400 professionals, including information terminal, human-computer interaction interface, car chip, intelligent touch control, intelligent display HUD test, all LCD instrument, automotive cockpit electronic products, auto parts enterprises, government, industry alliance, etc., discussed the current situation and future development trend, technical difficulties and challenges of global autopilot, intelligent cockpit, automotive Ethernet technology market, as well as the current rules The compliance path and suggestions for the landing of automatic driving technology under the system. It is estimated that more than 40 domestic and foreign leading automobile manufacturers will come, and more than 100 domestic and international first and second tier suppliers will participate. It is a large-scale automobile science and technology event that can not be missed in the first half of 2021.

Highlights of the 4th China Summit of autoai driverless and intelligent cockpit

– global auto driving technology market status and future development trend

-Key driving factors of intelligent driving in the future: Vehicle Road collaboration in 5g / c-v2x environment

Mass production technology and application of -L4 grade automatic driving vehicle

-AI chip escorts the landing of L3 intelligent driving technology

-Real driving behavior simulation and test data transformation

-Integration of super ar HUD and high precision map HDM navigation

-“0 physical button era” – the development trend of user centered intelligent cockpit

-Internal perception and human-computer interaction, gesture perception and intelligent assistant

-Biometric technology application, biometric entry and DMS, image sensing

-Domain controller enabling intelligent cockpit system

Some highlights of the second China International Automotive Ethernet summit of AES

-Development trend and market demand analysis of vehicle Ethernet at home and abroad

-The latest standard and practice of vehicle Ethernet

-Advanced, safe and reliable conformance testing scheme for automotive Ethernet

-Case analysis: practical application sharing of automobile Ethernet

-Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and construction of vehicle Ethernet network

-Mass production of China’s vehicular Ethernet solutions

-Ethernet Application of vehicle information and entertainment (IVI) system

-Ethernet communication and adaptive design

-Design and implementation of IDS in AVB / TSN network

-How to realize the demand of automobile backbone network from 100m to Gigabit?

Some vehicle manufacturers attending the previous conference:

BMW, Mercedes Benz, Dongfeng commercial, Geely, Chang’an, BAIC, GAC, icornike, FAW, Ford, Nissan, Fiat Chrysler, GM, Volkswagen, Volvo, skyline, Audi, Chery, JLR, SAIC, great wall, Weilai, singularity, Renault, Foton, Yutong, Peugeot Citroen, Iveco, BYD, Xiaopeng, etc.

Speech, sponsorship and Exhibition

Ms. Xu

Mobile: 13601679417

Wechat: taaslabs02

37038;202144;6530666666666668; gina quarters. @ taaslabs.

Market and media cooperation

Ms. Zhao

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Wechat: taaslabs01

E-mail: amanda.zhao @

Official website link: Read more: industry change| In depth Research Report on driverless industry chain of automobile industry: the future has come, time does not wait for me to redefine driverless technology cognition: in addition to vehicles, there is the father of robot win8 sinovsky: driverless subverts automobile industry, why giants are focusing on driverless technology, and what is its future potential? What is generation Y thinking about? Who will be the winner of the future automobile industry? Can artificial intelligence and driverless stop the “ghost of traffic jam” in the future? Dubai: expected to achieve 25% driverless travel by 2030 Nikkei BP: IBM Japan joint local motors to develop self driving bus prospective industry research institute: it is estimated that the global driverless car market will reach 7 billion US dollars in 2021 economist driverless special report: you can get freedom, But there is a price to pay: Jaguar Land Rover will hire 5000 new people to develop driverless and electric vehicle technology McKinsey: China will become the largest autopilot market in the world, and the revenue of autopilot and travel service will exceed US $500 billion in 2030

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