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How should game advertisers seize the traffic and make a big money?

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With the accelerated pace of domestic games going to sea, in the increasingly fierce competition in the overseas market, how to seize the traffic entrance, enhance brand exposure, expand the user pool, has become a common proposition of many game manufacturers.

On April 1, cuiqi, together with mobile monitoring service provider adjust and blue standard media’s madhouse experts, launched an offline seminar to gather game advertisers in the industry to talk about the latest trend of 2021 game going to sea, deconstruct the current hot smart big screen marketing game, break through the creative dilemma with the help of data, and help the brand achieve the “flow + IP” two pronged strategy.

With the rise of streaming media service, advertisers aim at the new track of intelligent large screen

“With high-quality video content and more flexible and convenient viewing forms, streaming media services attract users of all ages around the world, and the viewing content is no longer limited to short and concise content and micro video, but the whole episode of TV series, programs and complete movies. This also brings new opportunities for advertising marketing, “Yu Silang, senior customer success manager of adjust Greater China, said at the meeting.

In recent years, the number of subscribers of global streaming media services is growing rapidly. More and more consumers choose to terminate their cable TV subscription and turn their attention to streaming media services. Statista predicts that the number of subscribers to streaming media services will reach 650 million in 2021, and the profit of streaming media video advertising will increase by 18%.

“The change of users’ consumption habits has accelerated the rise of large smart screens, bringing more interactive and more diversified marketing modes,” Yu said. The major brands have also adjusted their budgets one after another to increase their smart big screen marketing. ” According to emarketer, the US will spend $11.36 billion on smart large screen advertising in 2021. As a data tracking service provider, adjust will strive to optimize product functions, deepen the partnership of streaming media channels, and help advertisers better measure the marketing effect of smart large screen.

Jason Wang, senior business development manager of Cuiyi China, also said that the intelligent large screen advertising with “combination of quality and effect” has become a popular choice for game brands to go out to sea for marketing. Compared with traditional TV advertising, intelligent large screen advertising has data-driven media purchase mode, accurate frequency control and flexible crowd orientation function, which brings more imagination space and value for sea marketing.

Break the traditional marketing ideas, break through the bottleneck of buying volume

In the actual game advertising, Jason Wang believes that the intelligent large screen advertising is not simply limited to the previous brand advertising, but to create a new generation of media form of game product differentiation, sustainable user growth and service for the final effect.

Cuiyi’s intelligent large screen advertising relies on huge and high-quality traffic resources, such as live events, head streaming media platform, etc., to help advertisers break the media environment and constantly expand the coverage of target groups. At the same time, with the help of data analysis, intelligent large screen advertising provides fine-grained audience insight, accurately realizes crowd targeted delivery, and effectively improves advertising transformation.

Wu Zhiyi, deputy director of customer growth service of Yidong advertising media at sea, shared: “at present, many game customers often encounter difficulties in buying volume, such as unit price increase and flow restriction, in the process of going to sea. In this regard, we put forward a closed-loop marketing strategy from “brand grass planting” to “effect harvesting”. One of the core of this mode is that we, based on data analysis and combined with the red local creative content of KOL, launch the advertising creativity that the target audience is interested in, and at the same time, combine the traffic resources of the intelligent large screen head of Cuiyi to plant grass for the brand, so as to feed back the effect and improve the whole case closed-loop overseas marketing service. “

When it comes to the final measurement of advertising effect, field experts said that with the help of cross device tracking and key performance indicators, we can monitor and evaluate the effect of intelligent large screen advertising activities in real time, continuously optimize promotion activities, and improve the return on investment, retention rate and user interaction experience.

Jason Wang added: “Cuiyi has joined hands with many advertising monitoring partners in the industry, and has summed up a set of effective measurement methods. By using different tools and data at different stages of advertising, we can see the real effect of smart large screen advertising in an all-round way.”

In the future, the game marketing mode of win-win product effect will become the focus of marketing personnel. Cuiyi is also constantly promoting more intelligent advertising solutions through technological innovation and industry cooperation to help Chinese advertisers achieve high-quality transformation at more controllable cost and lead the brand to a new era.

About Cui Yi

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