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How Zhongfu information creates a “big security” defense line in the field of network security

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April 15, 2021 is the sixth national security education day for all. It is the responsibility of every citizen to enhance the sense of hardship and thoroughly study and implement the overall national security concept. At present, with the rapid development of 5g, the massive data of Internet of all things is coming to us. There is no doubt that network security is placed in a more important position today.

Only by strengthening network security can national security be guaranteed. With the rapid evolution of information technology and the rapid development of network security industry, the technology of intruder is also iterating. At present, data leakage and other network security incidents occur frequently all over the world. In 2019, the Venezuelan power system was attacked by hackers, resulting in a nationwide blackout, leading to a number of robberies, including food stoppage, water and gas cut-off, resulting in serious economic losses and casualties; On January 20, 2020, in a popular hacker forum, a large-scale remote terminal protocol leakage event occurred, and the accounts and passwords of more than 515000 servers, home routers and Internet of things intelligent devices were leaked

In the information age, network security has become one of the most complex, realistic and severe non-traditional security problems in China. A series of cases tell us that in the face of the changing means of illegal intruders, the alarm of network security should be sounded at all times. Every citizen is like this, and network security enterprises are duty bound. This matter concerns national security and national development, concerns the practical interests of the broad masses of the people, and has a profound impact on the security of politics, economy, culture, society, military and other fields.

The development of domestic network security industry has entered a fast lane

The total market value of listed enterprises exceeded 500 billion yuan, a 50 fold increase

Throughout the domestic network security industry, with the strong support of national policies, it has entered the fast lane of development. In 2020, the scale of China’s network security industry will exceed 170 billion yuan, double that of 2015, and the growth rate will lead the world.

At present, there are more than 20 listed network security enterprises in China. The total market value of listed enterprises has increased from less than 10 billion yuan in 2010 to more than 500 billion yuan, realizing a 50 fold jump.

As one of the 500 billion yuan, Zhongfu information, founded in 2002, has been deeply engaged in the field of network security. Guided by the overall national security concept, focusing on the basic software and hardware of Xinchuang system, the company strives to create a characteristic solution with deep integration of security and confidentiality technology under the system. It has formed core competitiveness in host protection, data security, content detection, intelligent supervision and other aspects.

20 years of goal keeping

Zhongfu information continuously weaves a “safety net”

By 2002, Zhongfu information had just been established. Zhongfu, which is committed to the network security industry, is still in its infancy in terms of the enterprise itself and the overall environment“ In recent years, Zhongfu people have gradually emerged in front of the public.

Today, Zhongfu information has become one of the top 50 domestic network security enterprises, and the market share of the security regulatory platform continues to lead the national market. Continuously update and iterate, drive the development of core technology with “platform + engine + capability”, enable products with big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, continuously evolve its own product system, and form “double compound” products with high standardization and strong specialization. Around the “data security” as the main line, continue to build core technical capabilities, research and development of new products, to add new impetus for the sustainable development of the company.

It can be said that weaving a “protective net” to protect network security has become the need of the times and the call of reality.

One center, three protection

“Zhongfu Great Wall” is about to come out

In recent years, through resource aggregation and product focus, Zhongfu information has gradually built a set of equal protection security solutions covering “one center, three protection” in the information and innovation environment, realizing the functions of security compliance, continuous monitoring, situation awareness, etc., building an intelligent security platform, and improving the network security defense in depth and security operation ability.

Zhongfu security has a Class-A qualification for classified information system integration (system integration / software development), and has accumulated rich industry experience. The company has been actively participating in the network security services of national important activities, providing network security guarantee for the 18th and 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Shanghai Cooperation summit, Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games and other national conferences and events, Product quality and technical services are highly recognized by the relevant departments.

For the secure computing environment, Zhongfu information has launched terminal security and data security products. Terminal security products mainly focus on user behavior monitoring and user identification. Host monitoring and audit products record users’ use of host resources and network resources in detail, effectively control violations and generate alarms, so that managers can review and obtain evidence in the future, and enhance the traceability of internal events. Host file monitoring products are specialized in user file behavior, providing fine-grained access control and important file integrity protection. Identity authentication products provide two factor authentication function to provide identity authorization and authentication management for users of terminal computers.

Data leakage prevention products focus on data identification, deep content analysis, real-time monitoring and protection, covering terminal data, network data, e-mail data, etc., and implementing dynamic data security guarantee in the whole life cycle from generation, transmission, storage, use to destruction. Security check and database check products provide static data security analysis from the two aspects of terminal and database, respectively, to find internal regulatory behavior.

For the security zone boundary, Zhongfu information has launched access control products and network audit products. The access control system controls the network access behavior and authority of terminals and devices, and can dynamically review the network access compliance of terminals to ensure the security of network access boundary. Network audit products provide data collection, protocol analysis, event audit and other functions, analyze the data in hundreds of network communication protocols, audit the network security events that hit the rules, and ensure the security of network data boundary.

The hierarchical protection security system also provides network isolation and one-way import products. It adopts advanced one-way non feedback hardware and high ease of use software to realize the safe transmission of data from the external network to the internal network, and can fully ensure that there is no leakage of data in the internal network, so as to assist in the construction of a safe communication network.

Cyberspace security protection involves host, network, application, data, personnel and management system. Zhongfu information has changed from the original model of building city wall and valuing the door to the overall and systematic view of network security. In the future, Zhongfu information will build a security system from the perspective of “dynamic, multi-dimensional, multi scene and overall situation” to realize dynamic protection and refined defense.

On the basis of consolidating the dominant position of the company’s products in the security field, guided by the idea of systematization, intellectualization and practicality, and taking data security as the main line, the company builds a business Scenario Oriented Product and service system covering the whole life cycle of data collection, transmission, storage, use, exchange and destruction. Combined with market opportunities, build a comprehensive data security solution model project to achieve strategic planning objectives.

Embrace the era of digital economy

Leading the “big security” layout of the information and creative industry

In today’s situation, the information and creative industry has become a new function of national economic development. The development of the information and creative industry has become the key to the digital transformation of the economy and the promotion of the development of the industrial chain. As the foundation of the new infrastructure, the information and creative industry is an important development strategy and a new driving force of the national economic development.

At present, China’s information and creative industry is developing rapidly. Some data predict that the information and creative industry will usher in a golden development period from 2020 to 2022. By 2023, the market scale of China’s information and creative industry will exceed 365 billion yuan, and the market capacity will exceed one trillion yuan.

Since 2011, Zhongfu information has been involved in the R & D, adaptive application and product promotion of information and innovation related products, actively participated in the ecological construction of information and innovation industry, and participated in the R & D of information and innovation related products organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2012. It is one of the earliest enterprises to participate in the construction of information and innovation industry. With its outstanding performance in the field of information and innovation, the company won the “2020 special contribution award of information and innovation in the field of E-government in China” at the second China e-government security conference with the theme of “information and innovation based security breakthrough” held in September 2020, which fully affirmed the company’s leading position in the field of information and innovation products and solutions.

In recent years, Zhongfu information has also been committed to building core technical capabilities around the protection, inspection, detection and supervision of important and sensitive data based on domestic platform. It has formed core competitiveness in host protection, data security, content detection, intelligent supervision and other aspects, and launched a series of products and overall solutions to create “independent, independent and intelligent” platform “Controllable” ecological sustainable contribution.

In 2020, Zhongfu’s information related products maintain a rapid growth. The development of the information and creative industry and the construction of the network security regulatory system in the security field are also the main reasons for the rapid growth of Zhongfu’s security performance. Among them, “three in one” and its supporting products as well as the electronic document classification mark management system have maintained a leading position in the national market. The company expects that it will still be in the golden development period of the information and creative industry in the next few years. With the gradual promotion of data security products based on domestic platforms in the information and creative market, the company’s network security products based on domestic platforms will continue to maintain rapid growth.

In the future, Zhongfu information will take advantage of credit to create “Dongfeng”, set sail for data security products, and take a solid step towards the development of “digital security leader”. If enterprises want to maintain sustainable competitiveness, they are bound to work hard on R & D. In 2020, the R & D investment of Zhongfu information totaled 182 million yuan, accounting for 18.35% of the operating revenue, and the number of R & D personnel accounted for 43.23%, reaching 725, nearly double the number of 380 in 2019. In recent years, Zhongfu information has been leading the industry in terms of its business.

The core of network confrontation is people

Grasp the future and grasp the main line of data security

The “fourteenth five year plan” has raised scientific and technological innovation to an unprecedented height, and the strategy of independent and self-improvement in science and technology is irreversible. Driven by many factors, such as the goal has been set, the trend of the situation, and the need for security, the layout and coordinated development of the information and creative industry will accelerate the implementation, and become an important starting point for realizing the innovation and development of the 14th five year plan.

The relevant person in charge of Zhongfu information said that in the future, the company will adhere to the established strategic planning, pay close attention to the main line of data security, give play to the traction role of the market, and further promote the development of products, R & D and supply chain to data security.

In addition, strengthening the research and development of network security key technology, accelerating the innovation of artificial intelligence security technology, enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of network security industry, and strengthening network security publicity and education and personnel training are also the development path clearly pointed out for network security enterprises in the 14th five year plan.

After all, the core of network confrontation is people. No matter how advanced network security technology is, people need to grasp it. This is an industry with strong practicality. As of September last year, the number of network security talents in China was 700000. At present, with the accelerated pace of national personnel training, although it has been alleviated, the talent gap is still very large, and there is still a gap of about 1 million, “said Tang Wei, general manager of Zhongfu information solutions center. At present, Zhongfu information and Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology Co build Zhejiang security technology training center and Zhongfu Fengze university are also committed to solving this problem.

In the future, in terms of talent team, Zhongfu information will promote the strategic adjustment of talent structure and create a “spindle” talent structure. We will continue to promote industry university research cooperation, improve the personnel training system, and constantly improve the overall quality of personnel. Deepen the cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, and build a multi-level and multi-dimensional talent pool. Strengthen the introduction of high-end talents, and promote the realization of high-quality development of enterprises.

In addition, at present, Zhongfu information has relatively perfect R & D institutions, R & D investment mechanism, innovation infrastructure and innovation system. The company will track market demand in time, increase investment in talent support and other aspects of the company, and strive to maintain market competitiveness.     At present, relying on the research institutes and R & D capability centers set up in Beijing, Jinan, Nanjing, Wuhan and Hangzhou, we should strengthen the “industry university research” cooperation with universities and other scientific research institutions, integrate internal and external R & D forces, establish a joint research mechanism, focus on the R & D of industry technology and products, and pay close attention to cutting-edge technology trends, Continuously create competitive products and technologies that meet the needs of customers.

Overall safety industry layout

Towards “industry recognized digital security leader”

“By 2025, the company will realize collectivization and comprehensive security industry layout, and become a recognized digital security leader in the industry.”.

As a leader in the field of information security and confidentiality in China, he has accumulated a lot in the field of network security. Since 2011, he has been involved in the R & D, adaptive application and product promotion of information and innovation related products, actively participated in the national strategy, and participated in the R & D and standard formulation of information and innovation related products organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2012, becoming one of the earliest enterprises to participate in the national information and innovation cause.

Especially in the future localization substitution process, Zhongfu will also play a more important role. Recently, Zhongfu information won the “2020-2021 IT application innovation excellent solution Award” at the “2021 information technology and Application Conference” sponsored by China Information Association.

In the future, the information and creative industry is bound to usher in a period of rapid development. With the boost of “new infrastructure”, the whole industry has ushered in an opportunity period of big step development. Zhongfu information will guarantee the network security of Xinchuang with the most comprehensive product system in the field of network security and the service support capability with the widest coverage and the deepest technology accumulation  , And build a more perfect security ecosystem to help the rapid development of the information and creative industry.

Independent innovation is the only way for us to climb the summit of world science and technology. Only by mastering the key core technology in our own hands can we fundamentally guarantee national security. Zhongfu information will always have the awareness of “born in trouble”, consolidate the independent innovation of technology, and promote the sustainable prosperity of Xinchuang ecology. Zhongfu information has never stopped! Read more: the latest panorama of China’s network security industry is coming! Zhongfu information has been listed as one of the four categories of first-class security fields with a history of free Internet from scratch: music, movies, games and security Mobile and big data are the three top priorities of enterprise it in the next three years F5 networks: half of Asia Pacific users think that security is very important to application experience imt-2020: 5g smart city security requirements and architecture white paper (with download) Experian: Asia Pacific identity and fraud report in 2019 ACI worldwide: trust and security report in 2017 global consumer survey Tencent: Q3 China smart city in 2014 Mobile Security Report readwrite: 2012 smartphone industry three key words: patent payment security (ISC) 2: 2019 Cloud Security Report PaloAlto: 2020 cloud native security report Washington Post: research finds that video games make society safer McAfee: 2017 global cloud computing security report juniper research: it is estimated that there will be about 300 million smartphones supporting NFC function in 2014, accounting for 20% of the total

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