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Huawei releases good hope cloud service

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Today, Zhou Yuefeng, President of Huawei’s data storage and machine vision product line, released Huawei’s good hope cloud service. Huawei said that the service has realized the overall layout of the “1 + 3 + n” strategy, better meeting the needs of government and enterprise customers at all levels of machine vision in the digital transformation.

Haowang cloud service, focusing on security prevention, production management, intelligent operation and other scenarios, provides intelligent original end cloud collaborative industry video cloud service solutions for government, enterprises and other users through Haowang video management, Haowang video intelligence, Haowang development platform, Haowang mall and other intelligent cloud services, and helps government and enterprise digital transformation.

Huawei said that the release of good hope cloud service has realized the overall layout of Huawei’s machine vision “1 + 3 + n” strategy, “1” means software defined camera; “3” means light edge, micro edge, good hope cloud service; “n” means intelligent algorithm, intelligent application and other software and hardware ecology. Through the “1 + 3 + n” strategy, Huawei machine vision can meet the needs of the government, large enterprises, small, medium and micro enterprises for machine vision, and help the intelligent transformation of production, operation and management.

Duan Aiguo, President of Huawei machine vision, delivered a keynote speech on “end cloud collaboration, difference”, which further elaborated on Haowang cloud service. Good hope cloud service can help government and enterprise customers effectively cope with multiple cloud challenges and provide four values:

First, video experience. Through super coding technology, it can provide clearer video quality under the same bandwidth; relying on Huawei’s thinking and long-term accumulation of network (full link QoS) technology, it can make the video experience smoother when the network is congested; in addition, Huawei cloud has 2500 + edge cloud nodes, sinking edge, shorter link and faster video loading.

Second, data security. Hopewell cloud service has 80 + global security compliance certifications of Huawei cloud.

Third, intelligence is native. Good hope cloud service has an architecture system around the whole life cycle management of visual intelligence algorithm. It provides end-to-end closed loop for the application, transaction and development of intelligent algorithm.

Fourth, open ecology. Good hope cloud service provides rich algorithm ecology and application ecology. Through the rich intelligent scene API, it can help ISV flexible docking, according to the actual scene of customers to achieve a variety of needs.

With the release of Haowang cloud service and the full penetration of “end, edge, cloud and ecology”, Huawei machine vision said that it will go deep into more industries and cover more scenes through Haowang cloud service in the next step. More reading: Huawei: China’s 14th global connectivity index in 2014, Tencent game is taken off the shelves. Huawei: Tencent unilaterally makes major changes in cooperation. Tencent: does not renew the contract as scheduled. Huawei: in 2013, 4G equipment revenue will exceed US $2 billion. Huawei has a maximum of 2 million recruits. Netease has a way to recruit teachers with a minimum of 500000! Huawei’s daughter of Ren Zhengfei officially debuts in the autumn of 2021: white paper on the methodology of digital transformation in the industry in 2019 SWOT analysis of Huawei’s global DC business all China Federation of industry and Commerce: 2016 top 500 Chinese private enterprises annual report of Huawei Investment Holding Co., Ltd. in 2019 In depth analysis of Huawei’s revenue growth of 13.1% in the first half of 2020 Huawei: by the end of 2019, the total number of Huawei employees in the world will reach 194000, and R & D will account for 49%. What does Huawei mean to China Semiconductor?

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