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In 2020, the annual revenue will be 486 million yuan, and the R & D investment will exceed 230 million yuan From Financial report of jiakesi pharmaceutical

The following is the In 2020, the annual revenue will be 486 million yuan, and the R & D investment will exceed 230 million yuan From Financial report of jiakesi pharmaceutical recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

As of December 31, 2020, the company’s annual revenue was 486 million yuan and R & D investment exceeded 230 million yuan, up 66% year on year. As a research and development type biotechnology company in the clinical stage, gacos has made a number of progress in its research products in 2020, and the clinical research of SHP2 inhibitor, the core project, has entered the phase II stage.

From the perspective of research projects, garcos has the development of allosteric inhibitors of protein phosphatase, KRAS and other transcription factors around RAS, Myc, Rb, I / O and other tumor signaling pathways, focusing on the independent research and development of the world’s first new drugs. Jab-3068 and jab-3312 are SHP2 inhibitors independently developed by Garth. At present, the projects have entered the second phase of clinical trials, and the clinical trials of combination with PD-1 antibody and MEK inhibitors have been approved. In 2021, patients will be enrolled in phase Ib / IIa clinical trials with different indications.

Gacos and aberway will cooperate in May 2020 to jointly develop and commercialize the SHP2 inhibitor independently developed by gacos. According to the agreement between the two parties, Garth has received a down payment of US $45 million (about 295 million yuan) and R & D reimbursement, and will receive a milestone payment of up to US $810 million (about 5.3 billion yuan) in the future. Garth reserves the exclusive development, commercialization and manufacturing rights of SHP2 inhibitor in China, and will receive a graded royalty based on the total annual net sales amount, with the amount of about 20% Low to medium double digit percentage.

Dr. Wang Yinxiang, founder, chairman and CEO of gacos, said, “as a biotechnology company in the clinical stage, gacos has obtained cooperation income through authorized independent research and development projects in the clinical stage, which reflects the market’s recognition of gacos’s independent research and development ability. Through the first mock exam, we hope to complement the large pharmaceutical factories and bring the products to market at the early stage, so as to realize their medical value and commercial value.

In addition to SHP2 inhibitors, garcos’ clinical projects also include KRAS G12C inhibitor jab-21000 and bet inhibitor jab-8263, which have been submitted for clinical trials. In addition, there are five in-process projects in the stage of ind enabling and five preclinical projects.

Research projects of gacos

At the company’s operational level, the team size of Garth will increase from 130 to about 180 in 2020, and it will continue to expand in 2021. The GMP plant in Beijing, covering an area of about 20000 square meters, is under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. Gacos has a laboratory and clinical operations team in Boston, and the Shanghai Office will be officially opened in the first half of 2021.

It was officially listed on the Hong Kong main board capital index in December 2022, and was listed on the Hong Kong capital index of $1.5 billion.

Dr. Wang Yinxiang stressed: “garcos is committed to becoming an innovative pharmaceutical company with global market share. In 2021, garcos will continue to invest in R & D, actively seek partners on the basis of independent R & D, enhance our strength in all aspects of new drug R & D, jointly open up the global market with partners, and give full play to the medical value and commercial value of our research projects “We will help patients around the world in the fight against cancer.” Read more: socap: how should tourism brands use big data to improve customer experience? E-commerce trend analysis of China, the United States and Japan? Business value: four disadvantages brought by financial transformation and brand extension under big data Insight: it is estimated that the scale of the whole educational game market will reach 8.9 billion US dollars in 2017. DTR: the scale of global family pay TV will reach 772 million in 2012. China is 230 million, the largest in the world. Scientific American: 85% of China’s coal reserves are in the North Water shortage only accounts for 23% of online education’s four “traps” tinder: 50 million pairs of men and women’s power communication in half a year online: you should know 10 key points about the global advertising market in 2014

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