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The following is the In 2020, the value preservation rate of brand smart phones and the depreciation rate of Android are twice that of iPhone From BankMyCell recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

One of the characteristics of consumer electronic products is that the overall value of equipment will continue to lose over time. If you are deeply interested in the hedge ratio of smart phone models of various brands, please refer to the latest 2020 data shared by bankmycell. It is reported that bankmycell traced the buyback value of 310 popular devices last year. It can be seen that in the first two years, Android smart phones with the original price of $700 or more depreciated almost twice as fast as IOS models.

(from bankmycell)

As a comparison, the depreciation rate of Android is 16.7% / 35.47% in the first two years, while the depreciation rate of Android is 33.62% / 61.50% in the same period.

HTC’s bottom performance last year

However, in the longer term, the gap between the two will gradually narrow. For example, four years later, the value of iPhone has evaporated 66.43%, while that of Android devices is 81.11%.

Value preservation rate of Apple iPhone product line

Subdivided into specific models, it depends on which device is more popular in the market. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra, which has been released only nine months ago, is worth 64.71%.

Value preservation rate of Samsung Galaxy smartphone product line

Obviously, the camera performance, high price and the popularity of the covid-19 make the sales of the galaxy S20 ultra worse. During the same period, the value of Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max also fell by 32.22%.

Preservation rate of LG intelligent machine product line

In the Android smartphone market with a price of less than or equal to $350, the depreciation rates of devices in the first four years were 52.61%, 73.61%, 85.15% and 94.90% respectively.

Value preservation rate of moto intelligent machine product line

Among them, the estimated value of Samsung Galaxy A50 mid-range models from March 2019 to December 2020 has plummeted by nearly 80%, and other brands in the Android camp have similar performance.

Value preservation rate of Google pixel smartphone product line

Overall, Apple’s iPhone has the highest comprehensive value preservation rate, with an average depreciation rate of 22.35% last year. As a comparison, HTC, which has shrunk its battle line, undoubtedly came to the bottom last year, with an average depreciation rate of 53.08%.

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