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The following is the In November 2020, the monthly Gmv of Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast with bill of lading will reach 520 million yuan recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

After switching to live broadcasting with goods, Luo Yonghao’s “gold absorption” ability is obvious to all. At the final of the talk show in September, Luo Yonghao said that 400 million yuan of debt had been paid off, and the rest was expected to be paid off within a year. Today, Lao Luo’s @ made a friend, and the official wechat released the report card of bringing goods in 2020, which directly showed Lao Luo’s achievements in carrying goods live for more than half a year.

Judging from the report card, the best performance in the eight months from April to November is the last November, with a monthly Gmv of 520 million yuan, which may be related to double 11. The worst month was July, which was 66.182 million. In terms of viewing volume, 78.937 million people started in April, then declined all the way, and rose again in August, and recovered to 69.988 million in November.

In eight months, Lao Luo has made a total of 1000 + brand new friends and more than 3000 SKUs. The top 3 brands that sold best were food and beverage, daily necessities and clothing, accounting for 28.54%, 12.82% and 10.56% respectively.

The number of fans of shaking Luo fan also surged to 15 million 100 thousand people from 1 million people before the tiktok. According to the data, 61.9% of the friends are post-90s, and they like to vote for their favorite products with real gold and silver.

The areas with the most friends were Guangdong (11.44%), Shandong (8.74%), Jiangsu (7.96%), Beijing (6.99%) and Henan (6.55%).

In addition, most of Lao Luo’s fans are male users, accounting for 68.62%, but female users are also expanding, reaching 31.38%.

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