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Iote 2021 15th International Internet of things exhibition held in Shanghai

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In the digital transformation of global industry, the Internet of things, as one of the important frontier high-tech fields, is an indispensable link. In 2021, at the beginning of the fourteenth five year plan, China will cultivate seven key industries of digital economy, including the Internet of things, and carry out pilot demonstration in key fields such as intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, intelligent energy, intelligent medical care and intelligent city, so as to further promote digital transformation and accelerate digital development.

However, 2021 is also an extremely unusual year. The decoupling between China and the United States shakes the global semiconductor industry, and the reality of technology “sticking neck” also affects the future development of many industries“ What impact and how deep will the “chip war” bring to the trillion level Internet of things industry? What is the situation of the chip market in the Internet of things industry? All of these can be found at the 15th IOT 2021.

On April 21, iote 2021, the 15th International Internet of things exhibition Shanghai station, after careful preparation, finally opened in the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall on the 111th day of 2021.

Since 2009, iote has developed into a well-known professional exhibition in the Internet of things industry, covering the whole industry chain of the Internet of things, including the perception layer based on RFID and sensor technology, the network transmission layer based on communication technology, the operation and platform layer based on big data, cloud platform and cloud computing, and the application layer.

Iote 2021, the 15th International Internet of things exhibition, is a joint venture with Nepcon China Electronics Exhibition, with an exhibition area of 50000 + m2 and 700 + participating brands. Through joint efforts, IOT 2021 is deeply integrated with the upstream and downstream of the IOT industry chain, presenting a grand event of IOT industry brands to the audience.

The exhibition is sponsored by China Internet of things industry application alliance and Shenzhen Internet of things industry association, CO sponsored by Internet of things associations all over the country, and organized by Shenzhen Internet of things Media Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Yixin Internet of things Network Co., Ltd. with the theme of “connecting everything with the core, endowing the world with wisdom”, it is application-oriented and focuses on new infrastructure, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent transportation, intelligent transportation, intelligent transportation, intelligent transportation, etc Smart logistics, smart energy, smart city and other multi-dimensional scenarios, build a large platform of Internet of things for resource exchange, benefit sharing and cooperation, and boost the prosperity of Internet of things industry.

As the common choice of thousands of Internet of things brand enterprises, iote 2021 15th International Internet of things exhibition presents the following highlights:

Highlight 1: focus on the core chip and show the technology breakthrough

In fact, the most basic physical part of the Internet of things is the perception system, communication system and operating system, and the integrated circuit wakes up the vitality of these physical systems and becomes the soul of system application.

The iote international IOT exhibition gathered many well-known brands in the field of IOT chips, such as:

RFID tag and reader chip field:

STMC, Mingsi micro, Zhihui Xinlian, Yilian, Kunrui electronics, Huayi micro, Nanjing Zhongke micro, Zhongke Yanxin micro, fashion technology, Huicheng Xintong, Guoxin IOT, Dongxin Yuanxin, etc;

Sensor chip field:

Feiju microelectronics, Yuehe, Bosch, Hanwei, Minyuan, Sifang optoelectronics, Huiwen, etc;

Communication chip field:

Orange group micro, Mou Si technology, Xinyi, nuoling technology, kilometer electronics, Zhixin micro, panqi micro, Zhilian an, Yixin, etc.

They will present the chip work with great efforts for the audience.

*   The above is only part of the on-site exhibition of enterprise booths

Highlight 2: focus on 5g application scenarios and industrial ecology, and show the communication password of Internet of things

As the transmission layer of the Internet of things, the communication industry always pays attention to technological breakthroughs, and never stops on the road of pursuing the latest communication technologies such as 4G, 5g and 6G. Now, after the start of 5g business, 5g networks are being built all over the world. China’s 5g penetration rate has also reached the first in the world, and is building multi-dimensional applications such as new infrastructure, smart city and industrial interconnection based on 5g networks.

This IOT international exhibition brings together many brands of 5g, cat. 1, Nb IOT, Lora, satellite IOT and other technical solutions, including:

MEG intelligent, Yike, boantong, Vialli, Kunpeng, yunken, Xingzong, Shibo network, rongshitong, Codex optoelectronics, Huachen Zhitong, Heima IOT, Juying, Dida information, Tashi IOT, leader technology, Sanhui information, Sixin, Jixun IOT, Xiaoqiang cloud, Zhijian, zhuolan, Guanglian Zhitong, Huatong JIAYE, Dandi, Yeyou electronics, shuobaid, anzhibo Asia is electronics, hailianxia, Tiyun IOT, gaoshida, Broadcom, Zhixin, digital China, youyou Internet, China Mobile, qinai, Xinghang IOT, Shide technology, century Guoke, etc.

*   The above is only part of the on-site exhibition of enterprise booths

Highlight 3: gather many RFID brands to show the advantages of the whole chain

Since the establishment of iote, the whole RFID industry chain enterprises have gathered together. Iote has become an annual hot activity in the RFID industry, including RFID tag chip, reader chip brand, RFID antenna enterprise, label packaging equipment, composite equipment, detection equipment, printing equipment manufacturer, label, reader, intelligent cabinet, handset brand, and RFID system integrator, It’s like we get together for an important festival.

For example:

RFID tag field:

Rongzhixing, Nitai electronics, Bing electronics, Yukai intelligent, Yongyi technology, Qinye IOT, yitaisi, Vinson snow, Zhenzhi electronics, yuanwanggu, Ousi IOT, Ruichi IOT, Meisheng intelligent, Lixin, Huaguan, sailui, Meister, tengcai technology, anzhibo, Jianhe smart card, Shuodao IOT, Aopu IOT, Yaofu, jielairui, Zeyang business card printing Huapin Internet of things, China smart card, Juncheng smart card, Yuehe, etc;

Label production equipment and testing equipment field:

Jiuyuan electronics, yuanmingjie, Niubao, Chuanqi intelligence, Weiju intelligent control, hadesheng, Aida, Haiyuan Xinsheng, Juxing instrument, Sinotech / voyantic, Zhilian, Xuhong, liandian, Juxin, jusi, nilong, etc;

Label and card printing equipment field:

Cheng Cheng, Sato, boside, zhimingxing, aiserwa, redan technology, luodanbei, Baobi Wanxiang, Detong electronics, Jianhe smart card, Aibao Wenyi, Guanyuan, Lanma, serrui, haoka, Kede smart, dingfang electronics, etc;

RFID tag antenna, tag material, reader antenna field:

Keyu, jinzhongkai, qiruitian, Yunzhen IOT, maizong, Ruide Aidi, AoXin, etc;

Reader / writer, intelligent cabinet, handset field:

Cheng Cheng, Yongyi, Junwei electronics, Guoxin IOT, Jin Ruiming, Xinsi IOT, Xinlian Chuangzhan, sko information, yuanwanggu, Yilian, andI electronics, Ruide IOT, Lixin, luodanbei, Lanhai kuanke, Kunpeng information, Jietong technology, puyue, Wanquan intelligent, Ruide Aidi, Honglu, shenzhoudun, handeholl, Heyi, Xiaobang, junmeng intelligent, Yingzhong Qianhai Gaole, etc;

RFID system integration field:

Leju technology, Anyi, double speed technology, Hongzhang network, etc.

*   The above is only part of the on-site exhibition of enterprise booths

Highlight 4: sensor, cloud platform, positioning and other technologies, presenting the integrated application ecosystem of the Internet of things

The Internet of things industry is very large, involving a complete chain from the underlying components to the overall solution and then to the terminal landing application. All of these technologies ultimately provide intelligence for the scene application, and continue to pay attention to the possible or upcoming application scenarios.

For sensors, every application scenario of the Internet of things that needs data detection, as an information detection device, sensors almost always exist. At this IOT exhibition, feijuwei, Bosch, Hanwei, baoankang, feirste, Kunlun coast, Zhixin, Yuanjian sensor, digital China, tihe electronics, Huiwen nano, Bazhi technology, NANDA Wuwei, jingkexin, Yuanben magnetoelectricity, Minyuan sensor, Sifang optoelectronics, Dianmu technology, Fushen electronics, gaoshida, Boda Guangtong, topsol, Wanke intelligent Many sensor brands, such as Bogan, Fusheng electronics, Yuanqing Huihong and Yuanxiang technology, bring various sensor products and solutions to the application of biological detection, indoor and outdoor environment detection, infrastructure / industrial equipment condition monitoring, underwater / aviation detection, etc.

*   The above is only part of the on-site exhibition of enterprise booths

The Internet of things industry, which is supported by data, must have accurate control of location data. At this iote exhibition, high-precision positioning enterprises such as all things digital, scene information, Hangzhou Zhongxin micro, Bosch, quppa oy, woxu, Duyi, blue Chuangyuan, pinpt, Ruichi Bofang, fanxingweihang, Jingwei technology, Quanji technology, nuclide Internet of things, etc. brought UWB, Bluetooth AOA, Beidou, Wi Fi and other positioning solutions in industrial manufacturing, tunnel mining, warehousing and logistics Smart medicine, prison management, construction and other fields.

*   The above is only part of the on-site exhibition of enterprise booths

In the platform layer of Internet of things, cloud platform enterprises will pay more attention to the application breakthrough of vertical industry. At this IOT exhibition, many cloud platform and data security enterprises demonstrated the application of PAAS platform, SaaS application scheme and IOT security system in smart agriculture, smart home, smart security, industrial Internet and other smart industries, including huitai, Yundan network, hande, aitos, Zhongtian Netscape, Chenghan network, Guagua IOT, Kaixuan Technology, Pod Group China, yunken electronics, Bosch, Jinghe star, itatelun, Chaoju network, Dida information, Taosi data, zhixinwei, shufrog technology, danweisi, chaopre network, Mantu technology, Zongping technology, digital China, GAODA computer, gaoshida, Guanglian Zhitong, Qizhen information, Maochang electronics, Binji, Tianfang security, Eucalyptus technology, Qihu technology Security of all things, deep trust, instruction set, etc.

*   The above is only part of the on-site exhibition of enterprise booths

In a broad sense, smart city is the epitome of IOT technology application. IOT integrates big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and goes deep into all aspects of people’s production and life, such as urban lighting, fire protection, water supply, heating, gas, electricity, construction, Park, community, building, transportation, residence, medical treatment, manufacturing, catering, payment, etc, Bring them intelligence. In this iote exhibition, Guangzhou metropolitan area, Zhiyang network, code full information, shovel information, huasuda, Feiyi technology, Dayun Internet of things, Suzhou State Grid, Hanwei technology, felst, Kunlun coast, NANDA Wuwei, topsol, Yuanqing Huihong and other enterprises have brought solutions in urban intelligent application, Zhuoyu, Bashi technology, shunlei electronics, juxiaohui Weibang technology and other enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence have brought application solutions in the fields of urban remote control, smart home, smart retail, catering, payment, etc.

*   The above is only part of the on-site exhibition of enterprise booths

In addition, the IOT exhibition also gathered a number of IOT industry supporting suppliers, such as hangtianlongmeng, PICC intelligent, CLP Optical Valley, Mir electronics, AXA, Bicheng culture, Jinbang ribbon, 3M, jingkexin, liangzuan technology, etc., to provide necessary equipment support in the fields of electronics, industry, power, energy, retailers, etc; As well as the key brands of miloc, Yiling, soft nano, Mingsheng energy, sogaki electronics, Yiwei lithium energy, coenser, Rongtian electronics, Chuhan optoelectronics, Hongli energy, Jieshun, fuante and other battery fields to provide the necessary energy supply for the equipment.

*   The above is only part of the on-site exhibition of enterprise booths

Highlights: Ten summits of the same period, the essence of cohesion Internet of things thinking

The “fourteenth five year plan” has clearly strengthened the innovation and application of key digital technologies, promoted the collaborative transformation of the whole data enabled industry chain, and the Internet of things industry with data as the core thinking will also prosper. If the products appearing on this IOTE IOT exhibition mean the vitality and richness of the Internet of things industry, then the nine summit + press conference held during the same period will bring together the essence of the thinking of practitioners of the Internet of things.

At the 2021 China IOT CEO conference and “IOT star” award ceremony held on April 20, the industry’s celebrities not only shared the hard-working technical goods, but also analyzed the wonderful landing applications. All the guests also witnessed the glorious trophies.

In addition, there are eight other summit forums and a press conference being held or to be held to focus on the current hot applications and key technologies of the Internet of things, such as:

Iote · 2021 Shanghai International Internet of things sensor Summit Forum

Morning of April 21, 2021

Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall No.3 venue 1

Iote · 2021 Shanghai smart Park & Community Innovation Application Summit Forum

Morning of April 21, 2021

Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall No.3 venue 2

Iote · 2021 the 18th RFID World Congress and “IOT star” RFID special award ceremony

Afternoon, April 21, 2021

Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall No.3 venue 1

Iote · 2021 5g Internet of things industry ecological Conference

Afternoon, April 21, 2021

Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall No.3 venue 2

Iote · 2021 Internet of things new infrastructure standards Integration Innovation Development Forum

Morning of April 22, 2021

Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall No.3 venue 2

SMIC IOT RFID reader chip Conference

Morning of April 22, 2021

Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall No.3 venue 1

Iote · 2021 Shanghai international high precision positioning technology and Application Innovation Summit Forum

Afternoon, April 22, 2021

Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall No.3 venue 1

Iote · 2021 Shanghai International Industrial Internet of things application Summit Forum

Afternoon, April 22, 2021

Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall No.3 venue 2

Iote · 2021 Internet of things identification technology and Application Forum

Morning of April 23, 2021

Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall No.3 venue 1

*Click on the forum theme to view the detailed agenda and live entry

At present, the global market demand for innovative technology is growing rapidly, and the trillions of business opportunities of the Internet of things are also rising rapidly by means of the digital wave. How to grasp the development trend of Internet of things and grasp the pulse of digital era? In the next three days, I believe every guest who comes to iote will find the answer they want.

Don’t worry if you can’t come to the scene. Identify the QR code below or click to read the original. See you in the live room!

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